New Reliance unlimited Broadband plan – Thunder 549,Thunder 699,Thunder 899,Thunder 1099

Reliance brings high speed 4 new unlimited broadband plans – Thunder 549,Thunder 699,Thunder 899,Thunder 1099.New broadband plans offer unlimited downloading with the speed between 1mbps to 4mbps.

Save money by simply using affordable Quarterly Rental,Half yearly Rental,Annual Rental schemes.

Reliance facing tougher competition with other ISP which are providing cheap broadband plans with speed more than 1mbps.

Reliance unlimited THUNDER broadband plans

New postpaid thunder plans- 549,699 provide 1mbps  without FUP in speed and plans-899,1099 provide 4mbps speed.

reliance postpaid broadband plans

Thunder 549
Thunder549 comes with advance rental of Rs.549 offering unlimited download with the speed upto 1mbps.Save more money by adopting Quarterly Rental of Rs.1379,Half yearly Rental Rs.2749 and Annual Rental Rs.5499.

Thunder 699
Plan comes with advance monthly rental of Rs.699 which offer unlimited download with the speed upto 2mbps.It has Quarterly Rental of Rs.1749,Half yearly Rental Rs.3499 and Annual Rental Rs.6999.

Thunder 899
Thunder899 comes with FUP in speed after 20GB.It has advance monthly rental of Rs.899 offering downloading upto 20GB with the speed upto 4mbps.Post 20GB uses can download unlimited but speed will be limited to 1mbps. It has Quarterly Rental of Rs.2249,Half yearly Rental Rs.4499 and Annual Rental Rs.8999.

Thunder 1099
Its the truly unlimited plan with 4mbps download speed which comes with advance monthly rental of R.1099.There is No FUP in speed, download unlimited with speed upto 4mbps. Quarterly,Half yearly and yearly Rental worth Rs.2749,Rs.5499 and Rs.1099 respectively.

Installation charges Rs.599 extra for all above postpaid Thunder plan.
reliance thunder broadband plan


  1. Qd says

    Hello friends, I am Qadir from baroda, Gujarat.

    I have subscribed a new Reliance Thunder plan 699 – 2mbps , three days ago.

    Yesterday @evening it was been activated. i have checked my speed via speed test – it was perfect 2mbps. , i had used till late night with same 2mbps speed.

    But from today @morning i checked my speed, it showing me only 500kbps to 600kbps, i shocked and called to customer care, firstly they said wait for 4-5 hours it will be resolved.

    i did wait for 6hrs with same problem and then i called to CC – now they are saying, the 2mbps speed is divided to 10 people as per TRI Rules. and they said Minimum 20%speed your getting so we will not take any complaints for you.

    So this is biggest cheat by this Company Reliance. You all guyz are getting perfect speed but that will be no more if more then one people will get same plan in your area ur speed will be divided.

    So guys just do confirm with this. and also give me any solution for this….

    • panday says

      dude better choose for BSNL if u wish to ….. confirm with some people about BSNL then choose….. its good i'm using ………….. think and proceed… good night…

    • abhijeet says

      set the speed type in to kbps(kilobytes) then what is the speed u get tell it……also ankit is correct… in every broadband download speed is always divided by 8. 1 mbps or 2 mbps whatever it is it is just the connection speed not the download speed.

  2. Sam says

    Heyy guys, Sam from baroda, gujarat as well
    ii was going to suscribe 2Mbps plan.
    ii know reliance always cheat in billing system but they give good speeds as i've heard till.
    Tell me what else problems you have been thru.

  3. rahul jain says

    Qadir is correct… its just the other … like ankit dont understand what is being said….

  4. Ayush says

    Hey Ayush from Vadodara

    Installed you broadband. same problem. The speed reduces during the day time. I have a 1 mbps connection.

    I think the problem is that there is no competition here.

  5. DIPEN SHAH says


  6. Anil says

    reliance is biggest cheater in broadband i have a 2mbps plan after plan activated here is 2.05mbps speed but 15 days after it us 800-1200 kbps

  7. Mohsin says

    plz tell me, what plan i choose i want unlimited data to download and want yearly plan so what i choose i am confuse between YOU Broadband and Reliance i want reliance papa said YOU but he tells me that u can take reliance so plz tell me what i Choose…?

  8. Rajeev says

    Hi guys,

    First of all you must understand that all broadband companies are cheat in India. They always advertise “upto xx mbps” means they will give you maximum xx mbps at any given point of time. You should always ask for in written (if they agree) the minimum (not maximum) speed you will get any given point of time. Secondly there is a word called latency which is very important for broadband. For example a broadband of 2mbps with latency of 300ms will be slower as compared to a broadband of 1mbps with latency 45ms. So you must always also check the latency before buying the plan. Thirdly ask them how many users will be there in the shared pool, means how many users will share the connection with you. Anything they commit should be in written otherwise they (customer care) wont listen you. I have my broadband plan with all the things said above in written and I have no problem of speed as I have no one to share my speed. My broadband latency is around 40-45 ms with 2mbps speed.

    I hope the above makes sense.

  9. ayush chaturvedi says

    Dude itz a fact dat ur downloading sleep will b always divided by 8…….so,check dat out….nd bsnl sucks dude dey dun have any customercare help….nevr opt bsnl…….

  10. Sumit says

    DUdes !! Bttr to go for Airtel Broadbands ! They r costly bt they got speed and very effective using it frm last 1year and you know what ! DSL nvr goes down !! Soo ..nvr opt Bsnl .. It sucks.. and Always remembr Speed is not download speed whch u gt.. Its alwayas divided by 8 or 12 ! .. thats ur actual download speed !

  11. Abhineet Awasthi says

    wow how dumb is that i have been using 1099 thunder plan from last 6 months in terms of speed i get never slow speed so but there customer care services is the poorest if it is running no other broadband can’t compete with it………..if your connection is down for some reason they harass you like no other company but top speed

  12. Vikram Singh says

    Check whether Speed is in kbps or KBps .. Mbps is Megabits and MBps is Megabytes .

    Companies mention speed in Megabit per second . To convert it into Megabyte ,divide it by 8 as Ankit Kamal mentioned the 8 Factor .

    1024 kb=1mb
    1 mbps = 1/8 mbps = 128 KBps
    therefore 2 mbps = 256 KBps

  13. nitin says

    Hello friends, I am nitin from kharar, punjab.
    I have subscribed a new Reliance Thunder plan 699 – 2mbps from last month.

    Yesterday @evening it was been activated. i have checked my speed via speed test – it was perfect 2mbps. , i had used till late night with same 2mbps speed.
    But from today @morning i checked my speed, it showing me only 500kbps to 600kbps, i shocked and called to customer care, firstly they said wait for 4-5 hours it will be resolved.
    i register many complaints but they never bother it is a very critising and wast comp. ltd

    • raul says

      it Raul

      hey friend i also use the same don’t call to customer care just call to the local area connecter he is one who solve your problem area connecter mean who came your home for wiring of your connection

  14. Aditya says

    hey anybody can teell me about relliance plane 699 – 2mbps, what the download speed in torrent or in idm i needed to know…that

  15. Deepak says

    Hi,friends i will get new conntion for broadband. but i am confuesd. pls give me advise about that i will get realince broadband 549 pack speed 1 mb and unlimtad or connect broadband 849 pack speed 1 mb for 15 GB and after 15 GB give only 512 mb unlimtad…

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