Save & Share Blood:Vodafone India blood donation through SMS

Vodafone India launched a special and kind of service through SMS by which Vodafone subscribers can find blood donor and also can share blood in blood bank to save a precious life.

How to become an donor or donate blood:
Just sms BLOOD to 55444 at Re1/SMS and it will give you a Menu Based system which will give you 2 options to Search Donors City Wise and Search Donors Area-wise. Reply to 55444 with the correct option will give you a Blood Donors Name and Telephone Number.

Subscribers also call Call 07961907766( is our Interactive Voice response system helpline in Hindi and English. You just have to call this number . It will ask you for your STD Code and your Blood Group. It will give you a Donors Number. It will also send a Email to the Donor with you Number. You can just give this number to anybody needing blood donors

“This latest initiative is in line with its commitment to achieving highest standards of health, safety and well-being in and around its operating environment. As part of its customer connects initiatives, Vodafone intends to make a small and meaningful contribution to saving lives of the needy” officially Vodafone said.

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