Top 5 Mobile Antivirus & Security software

Data theft protection and mobile security are two most important issue in today’s high tech world.Don’t neglect this areas if you want to make yourself secure from online threat,data loss,virus,malware and many more online security concern.A large number of people surf internet,check mail,use social sites,even check banking related staff through the mobile devices and hackers simply targeting these mobile devices to access private information like mail id,contacts,banks username & password,login info and more we can’t even imagine due to low security or no security environment.So make sure you are using good mobile security software in your smartphone and update it regularly.
mobile security
We will discuss about most popular and trustworthy Mobile security software.You can use in your Android,Blackberry,Windows or Symbian from the following list to protect your Smartphone and mobile devices from security breach.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus


Real-time protection from viruses, spam, malicious programs, and unwanted calls and SMS texts, plus an instant, cloud-based scanning of downloaded apps.Unique privacy mode controls access to contacts and communications.Advanced anti-theft protection remotely disables, cleans, and finds your missing phone

»Scans for viruses, spyware and more
»Blocks dangerous and phishing websites
»Filters unwanted calls and SMS texts
»Hides private contacts, calls and SMS texts
»Locks your missing phone, locates it and wipes data from it
»Optimised for low impact on battery life

Support: Android,Windows,Symbian,Blackberry
Kaspersky Mobile Security

F-Secure Mobile Security
F-Secure Mobile Security effectively protects your mobile devices from all common threats. It guards against loss and theft, protects your children with powerful parental control functions, keeps your device free of malware and lets you browse the web safely.

»Ensures safe browsing and safeguards your identity online
»Protects your children from unsuitable web content and applications
»Blocks unwanted calls and SMS/MMS messages
»Helps to locate a missing device
»Helps to lock and erase your lost device
»Protects against harmful apps, malware and viruses

Support: Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile
f-secure mobile security

Avast Mobile Security
An invisible security app that gives you both mobile antivirus and mobile tracking/controls – at any time, remotely – with no indication on the phone itself.

»Mobile Security:Antivirus,Privacy Report,SMS/Call Filtering,App Manager,Web Shield,Firewall
»Anti-Theft:App Disguiser,Stealth Mode,Self-Protection,Battery Save,SIM-Card-Change Notification,Trusted SIM Cards List,Remote Settings Change,
»Remote Features:Remote Siren,Remote Lock,Lock Phone Settings Access,Remote Display,Remote Locate,Remote Memory Wipe,Remote Calling,Remote Forwarding,Remote “Lost” Notification,Remote SMS Sending,Remote History,Remote Restart,Low Battery Notification,Remote Settings Change

Support: Android
avast mobile security

Norton Mobile Security
Protects your privacy and the important stuff on your phone.Prevents strangers from using your phone if it’s lost or stolen and even helps you find it.Detects and eliminates mobile threats before they can infect your phone.

»Remote Locate,Remote Lock,Remote Wipe,Web-based Lost Notice,Web-based Sneak Peek
»Call & Text Blocker,Buddy List,Anti phishing Web Protection
»Download Threat Protection,Norton Community Watch,“Scream” Locator

Support: Android
Norton AntiVirus Security


NetQin Mobile Security
Scanning and deletion, with Cloud + Client Twin Engine Technology and real-time protection.Also included is an Anti-lost feature, which runs on GPS tracking and full cross-server contacts backup system.

NetQin Mobile Security

»Anti-virus-One-touch scan, Full scan, Scheduled scan, Real-time protection

»Traffic Monitoring- real-time info of data usage on your device and cap a maximum data usage limit to make sure you never go over your limit.
Performance Optimization- optimize device performance in memory, CPU, and battery increase device efficiency by closing apps not used by the users
»Contacts Backup-Backup and restore contacts to an SD card or to the antivirus server.
»Mobile Anti-lost-‘Anti-lost’ allows users to locate a lost phone, sound an alarm on it, and trace where exactly it is.

Support: Android

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