How to run Android apps on PC ? Full tutorial step by step

We bring a simple tutorial to inform you how to run Android apps on PC. if you don’t have Android phone or still stick to Symbian series, you can run all latest apps and games in your Windows or MAC, even in Windows 8 devices.

There are a number of applications available in software market but BlueStacks is better which can fulfill users expectation and it supports more than 750,000 mobile apps for PC or Mac.

BlueStacks is an Android emulator software that you can install on your PC to use Android apps and games.It has simple, flexible UI to run apps on full screen or Tablet size mode and it’s a free version software so you don’t need to worry about any payments.

bluestacks android emulator

So let’s see how to run Android apps on pc

1. Download Bluestacks latest version which is around 9mb in size, from You need to keep internet connection active as software will download around 100mb run time data at the time of installation.

2. Software will create two shortcut 1. Bluestack launcher and 2. Apps: installed apps directory.

3. After installation software will auto launch. We marked shortcut: 1Back Button or press Esc button 2. Menu button 3. Home button: any time go back to home screen. 5.Snapshot button: take screenshot to share 6. Screen Toggle button: to switch window firescreen mode, same task can be done by using F11 key and 7. Search button: Find any apps

bluestacks emulator

4. Lets install one application, click on the search button and type Kingsoft office for Android and find, choose 1st option Kingsoft Office 5.3.3(free) and click to Install.

search apps on bluestacks

Software will search app from apps store and prompt you to select one you desire. If app is not available in market you can download from web. For Kingsoft app just click on 1st option from ‘1 Mobile Market’ to download around 13mb data.

After successful installation a balloon will pop up on taskbar, click ‘Home button’ and then ‘My Apps’ and click to start Kingsoft office app.

apps installation in bluestacks

5. Settings and Apps uninstall: To manage software or apps behavior just go to ‘Settings’. Various tasks including Language change, cloud back up, Keyboard setting, data & time, account managements and more can be done through settings.

For example, add a new account and phone number,  go to Settings > Manage Accounts > Add Account > Twitter or Corporate or Facebook.

add account in bluestacks

To uninstall go to Settings > Manage Applications > select apps and delete to uninstall.

apps uninstall on bluestacks

6. Those who already own Android phone can sync their installation details into BlueStacks by using “1 Click sync button (home screen icon) or Cloud Connect (icon in setting option).

sync data on bluestacks

We used bluestack Apps player for Windows beta-1 version in How to run Android apps on PC tutorial.

If you found any problem just comment, we will try our best to solve.

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