Maintain Rs 20 or above to stop Mobile numbers deactivation due to Non-usage

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released a new rule on the issue of Deactivation of Mobile numbers due to Non-usage for a long time.

Telecom operators has taken rapid action to stop the mobile numbers which remain unused for a period of time.

Mobile users are not fully aware of the terms and conditions of such disconnections and there is no clear notification in carrying out such disconnections. TRAI issued new rule to make things more transparent to customers.

According to TRAI new rule, “There shall be no deactivation if the balance in prepaid consumer account is Rs.20/- or more” and “The mobile connections of prepaid consumers shall not be deactivated for any period of non-usage less than 90 days

Mobile numbers supposed to be active if any of following activities happen

  • a voice call/ video call (incoming or outgoing)
  • an outgoing SMS or a data usage or usage of Value Added Services,
  • Payment of rental (in case of post paid connection)
  • Provider may prescribe any other activity
  • And more

good news
Mobile numbers shall be given a grace period of 15 days within which she/he can reactivate the same number and an Automatic Number Retention Scheme shall be implemented for prepaid consumers on payment of reasonable charges.

TRAI also recommends telecom operators to communicate customers with transparent terms and conditions for any deactivation of SIMs due to non-usage.

According to TRAI, Safe Custody Scheme should be implemented for the postpaid consumers on payment of a reasonable charge and consumers don’t have to pay monthly rental during the custody period.

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