Microsoft next operating system Windows Blue image leaked

Microsoft next operating system Windows blue the successor of Windows 8 images leaked online. Microsoft has added a number of new features in security, interface and it would be more stable and faster than the previous one.

Windows kernel is updated to v6.3 and Latest built version is 9364. First public release is expected in six months.

New version designs with more personalization options and apps size become smaller compared to previous one and gesture feature is added for the touch users to quickly switch between different Windows and share button is also improved.

For Windows accessories apps like Calculator, Alarm a new “snapped apps” views has been added to make access more easier.

Windows Blue image 1


Microsoft is actually going to make a more lighter and faster operating system enriched with so many mobility features. Windows users don’t have to wait only for desktop or laptop system but they can use it in tablet too.

Windows Blue image 2

windows blue images

Windows Blue is going to shipped with Intel-based light and thin Ultrabooks that powered by Haswel – next generation power-efficient Intel chip the successor to the Ivy Bridge architecture and able to deliver a longer battery life to Windows Blue system.

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    They always just re-brand the same old windows and increase its price there is no use of releasing completely new Windows after couple of years