Nokia losing market share in India rapidly over Samsung mobiles

Nokia failed to attract new customers by its Windows 8 Lumia mobiles in India which helps Samsung to acquire leading position in terms of smartphone sale and production. Samsung has already secured the top position in China, the largest mobile market.

According to new reports from Singapore-based mobile research firm Canalys, in 2012, Nokia has transfer around 170 million handsets in India which helped them to gain 26% market share, Samsung is not far more behind from this chart, Company has secured a 22% market share.

India remains very successful market for Nokia, Company shipped around 336 million handsets in Global market out of which 170 million handsets were shipped in India but company is losing its market share gradually after the huge increment of popularity of Android device of which maximum of market share is dominated by Samsung mobiles.


Android operating system is becoming very popular due to its large number of apps and huge numbers of low cost high spec devices availability and it’s very user friendly.

Samsung has about 14 galaxy mobiles under the price range of INR 5,900 ($110) to INR 36,500 which are very stunning in get up and also packed with the specifications the Indian users actually need.

Samsung also released Rex series (4K to 6k price range) low cost Android mobiles recently which are the big rival to Nokia’s Asha series( 3K to 7K price range) mobiles.

Finnish mobile company Nokia has already finished its Symbian market in India earlier but also remains failed to refresh the smartphone market with its new Lumia series handsets and now question is what’s next to them ?

Market won’t be saturated only by the Apple mobiles or Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 or such kind of high priced gadgets but the demand for low cost high spec Android mobiles and tablets are very high and Samsung, the biggest Android mobile manufacturer in the world has successful managed to grab the maximum of Indian mobile market.

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