Solved: Install BSNL EVDO Modem in Windows 8 step by step

To day we will discus about how to install BSNL EVDO modem in WIndows 8 OS, BSNL users who are using EVDO service will always face a installation problem or connecting problem in Windows 8 operating system.

This is a very simple and clear tutorial tested on BSNL EDVO Prithvi UE100 data card. Users who are using any other cdma data card can also follow the step by step process to configure EVDO data card. Following method is also working in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Install BSNL EVDO Modem in Windows 8

Before proceed to installation make sure,
1. Windows 8 or 8.1 or 10 is updated with all its device drivers.
2. No issues found in Device Manager.

Step 1# Even if after a successful installation in normal way, most of the users face ‘Device Not Detected’ Problem. This happens due to unavailability of modem’s device drivers.

Step 2# Let’s start the installation, Insert EVDO Modem into the USB port in Laptop or Computer and go to ‘My Computer’, you will find a CD Drive named ‘BSNL EVDO Data Card’. Back up the modem installation files and folders (required): Right click on the icon and copy paste it in any drive except C partition.

copy evdo modem data

Step 3# Now go to backed up data folder or CD Drive in My Computer and click Setup file icon to start the modem installation.
click setup file to start install

Step 4# Whole installation will take few minutes or seconds to complete depending upon the Computer or Laptop configuration, Don’t worry just take a cup of Cold Coffee and wait.
installation started in windows 8

Step 5# After successful installation open BSNL EVDO Dashboard just by clicking on the Desktop’s BSNL icon, What happen ?? same ‘Device Not detected’ issue!!!
Unsuccessful installation

Step 6# Ok Here is the solution for EVDO connecting issue in Windows 8.

Right click on My Computer Icon and select ‘manage’ option, it will open ‘Computer Management’ Window,

Now select ‘ Device Manager’ and find out the the devices on right pane which have not been updated with proper driver software. It may be INTF0 or UE100 USB ETS or Win_Mux_Device_01/02 etc
computer management

Right click on the device and select ‘Update Device Driver Software’ option. In next windows which ask to select option to search for software drivers: just select 2nd option- ‘Browse my Computer for driver software’.

Now installation will ask to browse the drivers software location in your computer, Don’t worry just give the ‘Driver’ location in the backed up folder then ‘Ok’ and ‘Next’.
evdo modem driver

Now watch following Window:’ Windows has successfully updated your driver software’.
vdo modem drivers installed

Now you have successfully install BSNL EVDO modem in Windows 8.

Step 7# Woh noh, One again error found: ‘Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device’
bsnl evdo driver problems

To solve this issue: Go to C Drive and search ‘VIA_USB_MDM’ and Delete two files Via_USB_MDM.inf_amd64… and VIA_USB_MDM_a64 located under C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\ directory and again follow the Step 6#.

In case any of the following device error occurred in device manager just follow the step 6# to manually update the driver software.

1. VIA Telecom Bus Emulator
evdo via telecom bus

2.Win_Mux_Device_01 or Win_Mux_Device_02
evdo win_mux_device

3. UE100 USB ETS
bsnl evdo ue100 usb ets

2nd method:

If you failed to configure properly or getting some error after successful install or Dashboard not opening even after you double-click on desktop shortcut then follow step below:

1. Download BSNL Connection Manager installation folder
2. Extract and move folder to C:\Program Files
3. Now go to C:\Program Files\BSNL Connection Manager\BSNL Connection Manager and right-click on ‘BSNL Connection Manager’ icon and select ‘Send to’ then ‘Desktop (Create shortcut)’
4. Go to desktop and open EVDO Dashboard using this newly created shortcut
5. Once Dashboard is loaded, Now follow from ‘Step 6′ given in 1st method.

If you find any more issue regarding EVDO data card just comment, We will try to find out the solution.

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    • Atharva Tare says

      actualy when I try to install the evdo ,the installation doesn’t gets stops after sometime and says ‘installation overtime’..then I have to manually close the installation window.

      • says

        ‘installation overtime’

        OK just uninstall the whole things i mean EVDO dashboard software using control panel or any uninstaller software like cleaner or Revo uninstaller and then manually remove the related item (in Device Manager’) what we told in Step 7, all those EVDO related files only.

        You have to manually find those files and don’t remove any extra files from Device manager, OK.

        Then, if you are using Laptop then switch off Bluetooth and WIFI in BIOS or any any shortcut option located in task-manager toolbar then proceed again and reply.

        • says

          I tried the above procedure many times but the same error repeats. Also the error while updating software says the system cannot find the path specified

          • says

            Hi Juthin,
            Follow step:6 carefully ! You should select path carefully to avoid any further error !

            Please contact us with all screenshots and system details by mail (Check contact page) or direct contact BSNL Customer care for proper details & real-time assistance.

    • says

      You can find file: via_usb_mdm_a64 under Driver Folder of EVDO USB Modem.

      Did you back up the modem software at first step ?

      Just browse the folder just like Image no. 4 in step 6 and select Driver folder and press NEXT.

      Sorry my mistake….

      Find both files and remove,
      just enable”Show hidden files” to un-hide the files “Via_USB_MDM.inf_amd64″ and “VIA_USB_MDM_a64″
      If you don’t find any of the files then it might be deleted at un-instillation time.

      • Atharva Tare says

        No..its still not getting completed..
        i have deleted the said files and also switched off WIFI and bluetooth..

        • says

          It’s mandatory to reboot system after modem or any other drivers software install or uninstall process.

          Did you re-start machine before started the next installation ?

  1. Atharva Tare says

    ohh!..OK..I’l restart the laptop and will try once again..
    Anyways..ThAnKS-:) it was really helpful..

  2. Bala says

    In step 2# ,. Any drive except C partition means which drive? In my laptop there is only one drive..

    • News Telecom says

      You can place folder wherever you like, it’s recommended to put file anywhere except C drive. As you have only one partition i.e C, then you can copy Modem folder on desktop or My Documents.

    • News Telecom says

      Kindly check Username and password in EVDO Dashboard ..
      default is 165:165

      And reply.

  3. Rudradip Saha says

    Dear Sir,

    First time I used your trick it worked perfectly well. After that I had uninstalled the modem and was using mblaze for some time. Now when I try to re-install again nothing happens. I click the setup.exe and it doesnt open. I guess the program is getting terminated for some reason before even a dialogue box comes in.

    • pinku mukherjee says

      I have the same problem…bsnl evdo was working fine for a while
      alongside my mblaze (I was using mblaze and bsnl prithvi evdo card
      alternately)…then suddenly the bsnl evdo stopped working…whenever I
      plugged the bsnl data card in it would show “device not detected.” I
      thought this was a driver issue and wanting to reinstall the evdo
      dashboard I uninstalled the whole thing…but since then I have been
      unable to install it even in compatibility mode…when I double click
      the setup.exe (or right click) the user account permission screen would
      come on…I would click yes…and then nothing further would happen…no
      installation…I tried everything I could think of…registry cleaning
      etc…to no avail…does anyone have a solution…thanks in advance.

      • says


        Please scan PC with a good antivirus ! We have tested both modem in same system buy never found any such type of issue ! BTW problem may happen.

        Please check netwrok properties, it may happen due to some leftover entries in network panel.

  4. babu says

    I am using EVDO for last 1 year in my lenovo laptop with windows 7 windows 7 evdo is working fine.

    But 2 days before i buy new sony laptop with windows 8 64 bit,i cnt able 2 install the evdo driver fully.before finishing installation a error showing “setup overtime occured”,so we cnt able to install setup fully.
    and also i tried with the evdo driver from net also.the samething happening….

    Anybody face this problem please reply….

    • News Telecom says

      Don’t worry we have already faced this problem and here is solution:

      Fully remove/Uninstall BSNL Dashboard from control panel and follow step 7 where you have to delete those two files and then reboot system,

      you can also use CCleaner or Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2013 here:

      And clean system then proceed to re-install and panel will be installed in just few seconds.

      Try and reply…

      • sreehari says

        same problem . sony win 8 . i cant complete the step 7 . because i cant find the files to uninstall in device manager. pls help me

        • News Telecom says

          If you did.t find anything in Device Manager then kindly delete following two files:

          Go to C Drive and search ‘VIA_USB_MDM’ and Delete two files Via_USB_MDM.inf_amd64… and VIA_USB_MDM_a64 located under C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\ directory and again follow the Step 6#.

          You have to delete all driver files in Device manager those have been included after BSNL dashboard installation to successfully complete the further process.

          Send us error screenshot via contact page.

        • sreehari says

          its working i contacted service provider and they sent me a patch file. now i flashed the evdo with it and its working . thanks

          • News Telecom says

            Happy to hear…

            Kindly share the file with us so that no more users will face such type of error.

    • News Telecom says

      Hi Sibasish Roy
      Kindly inform the message showing at deletion time…or Add error-message screenshot at Newstelecom’s Facebook Fanpage…

      So that we can help you properly…

  5. sunny kumar says

    sir , thanks a ton ….. i can’t explain in words …. really it works osm… but i deleted only one .inf file and it’s working .. sir but i have one problem bsnl evdo prithiv modem start disconnecting due to excessive heat .. what to do .. for this i intall win 8 .. but same problem.. is there any huwaie modem that works with bsnl evdo

    • News Telecom says

      @Sunny Kumar

      We know overheating is a big issue in BSNL EVDO modem but there is no official information whether Sim works on other EVDO cards.

      One solution to this problem:
      1> Remove Sim and Memory chip from EVDO card.
      2> Open screws and plastic cover carefully and always keep modem near cool Air.
      3> DO above two process on your own risk; We are not responsible for any damages.

  6. Sumith says

    I purchased BSNL EVDO card and using in XP, I changed my OS to Win7,I installed the software and it completed smoothly but when I clicked the BSNL Connection Manager.exe instead of starting the application I am getting an error message it’s as follows
    “C:\BSNL Connection Manager\BSNL Connection Manager\BSNL Connection Manager.exe is not a valid Win32 application”
    Later I tried it at my friends system but there also the error was same,
    Pls help me sir give some idea what wrong is happened.

  7. News Telecom says


    Clean your PC using AVG (with 374 days license): or Kaspersky (1 year genuine license):

    > Then use any system cleaning tool(Specified above).

    > Right click on EVDO shortcut and open with “Run as Administrator” option.

    > If you find any problem later > just re-install and check again.

    Comment or add screenshot of error report.

    • Sumith says

      I scanned my pc the problem remains, while now there is new problem since I uninstalled the software, now I am not able to install the software again, when I click the programe nothing is happening.
      So I again tryed in my friends Pc the problem remains the same.
      So I got new EVDO software in installed it it work fine but when I connect the inter net following error is shown
      Connect Failed-: “The remote connection was denied because the user name and password combination you provided is not permitted on the remote access server.”
      Pls povide me some help, and can u tell me how to get the username and password..

      • News Telecom says

        EDDO Modem default username and password is

        Username: 165
        password: 165

        Go to settings > ‘Edit’ under default profile > put username and password specified.

        • Sumith says

          This time I got it sir, the software is installed and I can use internet,but now i getting a new error this is serious one.
          After connecting the device when I use internet it work only for around 1.6 min. it suddenly connection is lost and the Connection Manager show
          “Device Not Detected”
          To reconnect I have to remove the device and reconnect it again,
          What should I do?

          • News Telecom says

            Problem may happen for any of the following reasons.

            Just try to fix following issues:

            > Update Windows 8.

            > Always open “Run as Administrator” option.

            > Turn off Bluetooth and WiFi before start the Dashboard.

            > Check Antivirus or Internet Security

            > Check RAM usage for Modem Dashboard in Task Manager, it will take around 4.2 MB of RAM.

            > Check number of available Tower, place modem where tower if full or almost full.

            Don’t worry device will be working fine…

            If still problem persists, then contact us via Contact page we will try to resolve problem as much as possible via Google Talk.

  8. yash giridhar says

    I am unable to find the file named via_usb_mdm.inf_amd64 even on turning on “show hidden files”….pls help…

  9. sunny kumar says

    sir, really you are great by knowledge and as a person… because without taking anything you are helping to so many people . And you helped me too.. Ya thanks for help … NOW I GET RID OF OVERHEATING PROBLEM OF MY PITHIVI UE100 EVDO MODEM. NOW I AM ENJOYING MY INTERNET FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. I AM GETTING ACTUAL DOWNLOAD SPEED AROUND 250 TO 375 KBPS.. 250 CONSTANT SPEED ….But one problem is there i have deleted only one file .inf file only and … sometimes i get problem like “Your device is on another use or not installed correctly ” but tower showing … Then i apply my mind and … restore my system then it working .. and again happen and this time ..i am careful and i have created restoration point when it is working good.. and it again’s start working … I want to know what is the problem ..please

    • News Telecom says

      Welcome Sunny, We are here to help our readers.

      As soon as problem: “Your device is on another use or not installed correctly ” happens just check Task Manager whether more than one “Dialer MFC Application” is active, if this happens just stop process by > Right click on “Dialer MFC Application” > “End task”.

      Also check how many internet connection is here: Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections, a connection with uer and pass: 165:165 can also auto connect the internet and above message will appear, so just delete unwanted connection shortcuts.

      And follow the ‘reply’ added in Sumith’ question.

  10. pawan says

    i faced same problem—“Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device”
    after deleted following two files “Via_USB_MDM.inf_amd64… and VIA_USB_MDM_a64″
    in update of “INTF0″ plz tell me solution as soon as possible.

  11. News Telecom says

    Hi Pawan,

    Kindly clean the system by optimizing tool and start re-installation and always open installation file via “Run as Administrator”.

    Add error screenshot in Facebook Fanpage, we need more info.

  12. aqsa says

    When I  Insert EVDO Modem into the USB port in Laptop, I can’t find ‘BSNL EVDO Data Card  in CD Drive’. But when I insert the same evdo card in another laptop it worrks

    • News Telecom says

      Hi Aqsa,

      Go to  “Another laptop” and insert EVDO modem and as soon as you found the modem setup in My Computer just copy full setup folder to a USB device and later insert the USB device in to the computer that’s facing the problem and start installation.

  13. shaji mathew says

    Iam using bsnl evdo old model modem on xp.Now i bought anew laptop with windiws 8 iam unable to use it on windows 8 message appears ass modem not installed or not ready to work Modem isEV DO AC5700 800 M WHAT SHALL I DO TO INSTALL IT AND WORK ON WINDOWS 8?

  14. sureshkumar says

    hi sir
    iam using bsnl evdo T-U500 firmware updated
    windows 8 good working but
    windows 7 not working .please my old firmware softwar version;3.3.2

  15. Bharath says

    Hello sir,
    I am using Capitel connect modem but not evdo.I have tried foolowing your steps and when i try to install the drivers ,it throws an error msg”Device diagnostic interface”.Kindly help on this issue.I have tried locating the files “via_usb_modem” but i am not able to find such files in my c dive.Is it located by some other name in case of other than EVDO modems?Plz help..

    • Admin says

      Kindly inform me what the version of driver you are using…
      It may take sometime but we will try to solve your problem,,,

      • Bharath says

        I tried to install it with windows 7 drivers and also tried to do it with vista drivers. But couldnt make it. Where do i find the Version of drivers ???! And which drivers??

  16. chetan says

    I have a dell inspiron laptop with windows 8… i was unable to update the driver “int0″ as it gives the error as “system cannnot find the path specified”
    please help…

    • New Telecom says

      Re-installation may help you…Kindly add a screenshot of error to News Telecom Facebook page.

  17. mukul says

    sir… i was tried all thease steps you are told us..but now i cant install the driver…when i was start installing software after some times i see problem installing overtime..please help me what i do

    • Admin says

      While you get “installing overtime” issue start updating drivers in Device Manager and just ignore the message…

  18. hasib says

    I had the problem” Windows encountered a problem
    installing the driver software for your

    as u said I was able to update all of driver except INFO driver

    kindly help me

  19. Admin says

    Kindly update your Windows system first then try to install BSNL EVDO modem and also check Task Manger if any “high resource consumption” program is whether going on or not.

  20. vino says

    I am not able to find the VIA_USB_MDM in my system. Please help me to sort out this issue. And also, I want driver for MAC os.

    • says

      Kindly search the file via Explorer. We have no information of MAC driver of EVDO Modem. Keep visiting we will try our best to solve your issue..

    • says

      It’s the big problem of BSNL EVDO Modem Only one solution to this problem: Kindly switch off Bluetooth and WiFi before start the modem.

      • krish says

        this has caused me great I can’t use wireless headset..because the application crashes..when we on the wi fi. Are you sure there is not solution ?

  21. Supriya deb says

    I could not able to install my Prithivi EVDO modem in windows 8 as per your guidence.

      • Rajdeep Dey says

        when i m going to update the driver through your process i get the following message

        Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device’

        also i cant find VIA_USB_MDM in C

        plz help me to solve dis prblem

  22. Rajdeep Dey says

    when i m going to update the driver through your process i get the following message

    Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device’

    also i cant find VIA_USB_MDM in C

    plz help me to solve dis prblem

    • says


      First of all, check whether your PC’s drivers are updated or not, use any “online driver update” software and scan to check current driver state and don’t forget to start installation using “Run as Administrator”

  23. says

    Didn’t do any of the steps mentioned above,just right clicked the set up.exe and troubleshoot compatibility to windows 7 and worked fine in windows 8 and 8.1 without any problems still now.

  24. Ganesh says

    Hi sir same problem in windows 8 with different issue. device is not deducting even in my computer. as u mentioned above, i backup and try installing but i got over time error. I went to device manager but there is a different name under other device “CDC modem”. I cant find via enumerator file under system device. Also i deleted those two via_usb_mdm in c drive. i gave Run as administrator only while starting installation and i changed compatibility also to windows 7. please help me

      • Ganesh says

        Hi sir my problem resolved :) Actually ITunes was problem in my case. ITunes is not allowing the drivers to works properly, DVD drive and other drivers. After uninstalling ITunes i can use it without any problem. It may useful for you to help others. Anyway thank you so much for your quick response.

  25. Supriya deb says

    I am not able to find the VIA_USB_MDM in my system. Please help me to sort out this issue.

    • says

      Have you tried it to find using default search option ?
      Kindly enable ‘show Hidden files and folder’ feature… Install again and find the location, then uninstall modem and check again that particular location for whether entries are left of not.

  26. Rajdeep Dey says

    I am not able to connect my laptop with internet even through broadband. so online driver update is not possible.Please suggest any other idea.

  27. khursheed says


    THANK U for this post i was not able to install the app early. with help of this post i did. but there was some problem with evdo and i uninstalled the app and when i tried to re install it is not installing driver INTFO . i followed your suggestion and o find those tryed to find those two files in the driver store folder i was not able to. (C:WindowsSystem32DriverStoreFileRepositoryvia_usb_mdm.inf_x86_11aa23568d5468bc )

    i deleted two relevant file and tried to install, it gives msg cant find the specified location. and when i restore these files i get the msg cant install file already exists.. so i am in a fix kindly help we plz..

  28. Vimal says

    Hello i m using BSNL EVDO while installing setup i faced similar problem and fixed some using update driver method….In updating INTF0 i found this problem attached image kindly give me solution….It says path not find even i give correct path….

    • Abhay says

      Even I’m facing exact issue on windows 8..
      I’m afraid if it is related to the folder/files we deleted… any idea??

  29. puspa says

    my EVDO model ue100, i follow yours plans but dont show the other device ,INTFO so how it possible and how to update that driver…..pls ans me

  30. ldkllr says

    when i try to find file name Via_USB_MDM.inf_amd64… and VIA_USB_MDM_a64. instead of file i found a directory name “via_usb_mdm.inf_amd64_11aa23568d5468bc” …. “VIA_USB_MDM_a64″ file present in this dir along with other files name …. “via_usb_mdm.inf” and via_usb_mdm.PNF …. now i dont understand … which two files i have to delete to solve this issue ….. plzz help

    • says

      Only delete these two files: Via_USB_MDM.inf_amd64… & VIA_USB_MDM_a64, for any further issue, try to delete rest of the files too..

  31. sandeep says

    you can download the setup through internet and don’t worry about overtime because after it also work fine

  32. Arijit says

    i got everything to work..only the inst thing is not updating. i have deleted the via_usb files but now it shows couldnt find specified path… need help …

  33. Mohit says

    T H A N K S alot for directing us. I had the same problem repeatedly of ” installation over time “. I deleted ” via_usb_mdm_a64 ” but I was unable to delete ” Via_USB_MDM.inf_amd64 ” from C drive. Nonetheless it is working .. :)

  34. Ashish Sharma says



    • says

      Just turn off WiFi & Bluetooth of your PC/Laptop before starting modem dashboard panel. It will be solved immediately.

  35. Devashish says

    My installation is not getting completed, it simply goes to a limit (about 95%) and then freezes and after sometime the dialogue box says installation overtime. Although the quick launch icon and desktop icon is created on the screen. What should i do????

  36. Jitu says

    I am unable to find “Via_USB_MDM.inf_amd64″. The directory C:WindowsSystem32DriverStoreFileRepository directory is also not available.only available is C:WindowsSystem32DriverStoreFileRepository
    but the file with .inf is not there.
    Please help

  37. ukya says

    can u plz tell me how to roll back to win 7 support dongle after conversion of evdo to win 8 support..plz help..

  38. Rajesh Vasudevan says

    i done all these process but VIA Telecom Bus Enumerator have yellow symble. i try to update the VIA Telecom Bus Enumerator is updated but the symble not went. I have device not found issue come again please help me.. i have hp laptop windows 8.1

  39. Abhinay Thakur says

    hello sir i have 1 problem, 1st day my evdo card works really very fast with 170 to 290 kbps then when ever i use it windows 8.1 gives an unexpected kernel mode trap error and system restarts…and now its gives speed of 30 40 50 kbps which is very loww..sir plz help me to remove this error and to increase the speed of device..plz

    • says

      First of all tell us your system type: Desktop or laptop ?

      If it’s laptop then check system power plan: High Performance or Low Performance or battery Saving. For issue, Please switch it ti high performance and check what happens.

      And reply.

  40. vishwendra singh says

    hi, i have BSNL EVDO Card (teracom)
    last night it was working now it is saying “no UIM”
    Installed the driver many times even your way.
    Using windows 8.1 pro.

  41. prasad rao says

    my ue100 prithvi disconnecting everytime 5 to 10 min use
    (windows7 64) . is that modem defect or drivers error ?

    • says

      Now-a-days TP-Link TL-MR3020 is also not working. It seems these modems need futher firmware upgrade. Please check Tp-Link website for latest firmware update & try once again.

  42. prasenjit says

    I am still having the same problem…i have windows 8.1 & I’ve followed your steps word by word…not working….please help me

  43. Jhon D'slave Subbie says

    i get unexpected kernal mode trap error when i connect to the internet via bsnl evdo card.. please help it comes with a blue screen n restarts…

    • says

      Unexpected kernal mode trap may come, don’t worry but from next time please don’t forget to eject modem before starting system from sleep mode !

    • ukya says

      My model name is tu 500 ..after upgrading my windows to 8.1 64x these dongle doesnt support nymore..i have done evrything mentioned above..but pz help me admin..m helpless

  44. Muhammad Danish says

    I installed the PTCL EVO 3G (ZTE) succesfully in windows 8 but after that when i open any internet explorer or outlook there is a pop-up generated for user id and password. I entered the user name: XXXXXX and password: XXXXX and tick out the check of remember my credential but it after certain period of time the pop-up again generated.
    Kindly facilitate as i want to come out from this trouble

  45. aditya rao says

    Thanks a lot with the installation any idea how to make it work for more than one user on the same pc?

  46. indrajit says

    every time I am going to install UE 100 bsnl prithvi evdo modem results shows that Dialer MFC application has stopped working. plz give me a solution. thanks.

    • Rahul says

      Hi Indrajit,

      Kindly, Open BSNL EVDO dashboard via ‘Run as Administrator’ option to bypass such issues..

  47. Akee says

    Sir i have problem. I am using right now windows 10, evdo is not searching signals. only show detecting.(in windows 7 , its perfectly working)
    how to solve it ?


  48. Abhishek says

    Can some one help me please, my system is HP 3330 mini tower, 4 gb ddr3, 500 Gb HD,
    Problem : i am getting error 633 during connect of my BSNL EVDO Teracom U 500 modem
    even after applying the whole process of modem setting where is as below
    Profile Name BSNL EVDO
    number #777
    User Name : cdma
    Password: cdma
    my device is working in my other computer win7 perfectly even in my lappy Sony win8 it working fine.
    i got this Error Message: Error 633 Modem Is Already in Use in my PC mentioned above.

    I follow all above steps to rectify the error, its not happening i don’t know why, drivers installed successfully, any one here to solve this issue.

    • Rahul says

      Hi Abhishek,

      Please follow this:
      1. Go to Control Panel
      2. Select ‘Phone and Modem’ option
      3. Switch to ‘Modem’ tab
      4. Now remove evdo modem
      5. After completion of removal, Select ‘Add’ then ‘Add Hardware Wizard’
      6. Now follow further steps until ‘Installing device driver’ popup comes front
      7. Now follow ‘Step 6′ described above and update divers.

      Hope you can configure rest of the settings.

      • Abhishek says

        Thanks Rahul for help,
        After so many hours of solving this puzzling issue i found the solution also useful for peoples who are getting this error finally i solved. I understand that drivers problem is other issue but in my case all drivers were installed correctly even i updated all drivers, but nothing work
        Problem is arised due to port that using other software that is sony pc suite i uninstalled it restart the pc and problem solved i able to connect my Teracom U500 modem to xp/win7/win8 32/64 bit at ease. So those who have this problem if your driver luckily installed without problem than try to remove other software that is using your modem port, wish that would work for you.

        Also thanks for quick response Rahul

  49. vivek says

    Pls sent me capital connecter software to my gmail I’d Kumar trunk[@]
    Pls……pls…….pls…….I need very urgent

    • Rahul says

      Hi Idrees,

      Be sure to install Visual C++ Redistributable before try anything else.

      Now disable WiFi & BT without any problem.

  50. mohd arif says

    hi i am using prithvi ue100 data card i want to use another sim can any body help me how to unlock ue100 data card please

  51. sajit says

    my installation never completes successfully. it stops with a message “installation overtime”

  52. Sudip says

    I uninstalled Prithvi driver using Revo Uninstaller and did a reboot. But the setup isnt starting again for reinstallation. Copied setup into D drive, set compatibility to Windows 7 and all.. but still.. nothing happens on double clicking. Please Help.

  53. Gajendra Prajapati says

    Use This method or save time and change the compatibility to windows 7 of setup.exe and every driver will install automatically.

  54. maya1102 says

    I want to know how to automatic dial from the BSNL evdo connection manager. I mean to say that when device ready is coming then Can it dial automatically and get connected. I dont want to click on connect option. Is it possible??
    I am using window7.

    Thanks in advance.

  55. piraprasad says

    thank you verymuch….this information really helped….i really appreciate the work
    thanks again

  56. Sid says

    I have a new problem, i installed drivers on win8.1 succesfully, but after some time it disconnects and displays “connection failed” then i have to reconnect, it disturbs all the downloads, usb selective suspention is also disabled, how to resolve this?

  57. EVSquare says

    Guys gone through all your info it was really cool, but now facing another problem, uninstalled the program and deleted the files named “Via_USB_MDM.inf_amd64… and VIA_USB_MDM_a64″ but now in device manger ” CDM Modem ” is coming in place of “INTF0″ Please me guys !

  58. Jijo jain says

    Hlw i hv followed al step nd it workd all fine. I have 3 usb ports , But when i put my evdo to another usb port of my lap it says device not detected bt when i put in the usb port in which i installed it start working… In short out of 3 usb ports it is working only in 1 usb port and not working in other two ports..

  59. R. Pande says

    I have a BSNL dongle , Version 2.2.8…3 .2.126.1, CE 200, MEID A1oooo10Bo6B415 working successfully in Window -7 but not in Window _ 8. The BSNL people are also unable to solve the problem. I followed the instructions given on net to upgrade the same but remained unsuccessful. Please help.

  60. Akshat Agrwal says

    sir, when i try to setup evdo data card it shows an error of bg services failed in windows 8.1

  61. Pratyush kumar says

    the bsnl connection manager works well on my first laptop,but when i switched it onto the other one, it is continuously getting unplugged in between installations. please tell what should i do?

  62. Happy says

    In windows 8.1 I installed BSNL evdo data card application and it says overtime, then I manually install the driver software as given in your website.
    But when I started the application then error occurs.
    It says visual c++ runtime error program is terminating.
    Now I could not able to start the application.

    I also changed the windows compatibility mode to windows 7 but the problem still the same.

    Please Help!