Vodafone unlimited Internet plans 199, 499, 699 and 899

Vodafone launches latest unlimited internet plans 199, 499, 699 and 899. All the packs come with limited data usage at maximum 2G EDGE speed available in the circle and plans can also be used across roaming circle at a decent charge.

New GPRS packs are available in most of the Vodafone circle. In regions where Vodafone is not present users can access via roaming partner Reliance.

To get Vodafone internet setting subscribers need to send message: VMC to 52586 ( toll free) or make following setting to connect unlimited internet packs.

Home page : m.google.com
Session mode: Permanent
Connection security: Off
Data bearer: GPRS
GPRS access point: www
Authentication type: Normal
IP address, Login type, User name, Password: < blank >

Prepaid users can send ACT VMC to 144 (toll free) to activate zero rental plans, browsing at 10p/10kb.

Vodafone Unlimited Internet plans

[one_half] Vodafone Internet plan 199
Price: Rs 199
Data Usage: 2GB
Data charge: 5p/10KB
Validity: 30 days [/one_half]

[one_half_last] Vodafone Internet plan 499
Price: Rs 499
Data Usage: 500MB
Data charge: 5p/10KB
Validity: 30 days[/one_half_last]

[one_half] Vodafone Internet plan 699
Price: Rs 699
Data Usage: 1GB
Data charge: 5p/10KB
Validity: 30 [/one_half]

[one_half_last] Vodafone Internet plan 899
Price: Rs 899
Data Usage: Unlimited
Data charge: X
Validity: 30 days[/one_half_last]

How to check GPRS data usage
Users can dial *111# from Vodafone number to check available data balance.

Packs 199, 699 and 899 are not available in UP East and user can surf unlimited at 499 in UP East .

Note: For 199, post 2GB users can access unlimited internet at speed 40kbps up to the last date of validity.

For more
Visit: Vodafone Mobile Internet and select your circle to get updated prepaid and postpaid internet plans
Or call at Vodafone customer care numbers:

[one_half]Andhra Pradesh 111 or 9885098850
Chennai 111 or 98840 98840
Delhi 111 or 98110 98110
Gujarat 111 or 98250 98250
Haryana 98130 98130
Karnataka 111 or (080) 41193000
Kolkata 111 or 98300 98300 [/one_half]

[one_half_last]Mumbai 111 or 98200 98200
Punjab 111 or 9888098880
Rajasthan 111 or 98280 98280
Rest of West Bengal 111 or 97320 97320
UP (E) 111 or 98390 98390
Assam 111 or 9706097060
North East 111 or 9774097740[/one_half_last]

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  1. BODA says

    why the Fxxx is it called unlimited !! i just activated 199 pack ,after a week a half .. msg came informing about already consuming 80% of Data …wtf ?? (i do intensive browsing 1gb does not suffice me.. it gets easily rekt after 4 5 days in 2g speed, if 3g not even a day )

  2. Ganesh Desai says

    Looking for 3G unlimited plan with monthly maximum rates ,please send details on my email id. Thanks.

  3. biakfala says

    .Unlimited..???i’ve purchased 199 plan , after 5 days i received a message informing me that about 80% of my data is used up..whaaaat f****kn unlimited plan is this…crap..