Airtel launches new 4G Unlimited plans in Kolkata, Pune and Bengaluru

Airtel launches four new 4G unlimited breakfree plans across Kolkata, Pune and Bengaluru. LTE users can now choose affordable and data based cheap plans.

Four new LTE breakfree data plans of monthly data usage of 3GB, 5GB, 8GB and 50GB are now available across Kolkata and Pune and packs of data usage of 8GB and 50GB are available in Bengaluru.

Airtel had launched the 4G LTE service across Kolkata, Bengaluru and Pune with four initial plans known as breakfree 6GB, breakfree 9GB, breakfree 18GB and breakfree 30GB. There is no change in data plans across Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula.

Airtel 4G unlimited new data plans

4G breakfree 3GB
Price: Rs 650
Data usage: 3 GB
Validity: 30 days

4G breakfree 5GB
Price: Rs 750
Data usage: 5 GB
Validity: 30 days

4G breakfree 8GB
Price: Rs 1250
Data usage: 8 GB
Validity: 30 days

4G breakfree 50GB
Price: Rs 4799
Data usage: 50 GB
Validity: 30 days

Airtel exiting 4G unlimited data plans

4G breakfree 6GB
Price: Rs 950
Data Usage: 9 GB
validity: 30 days

4G breakfree 9GB
Price: Rs 1399
Data Usage: 9 GB
validity: 30 days

4G breakfree 18GB
Price: Rs 1999
Data Usage: 18 GB
validity: 30 days

4G breakfree 30GB
Price: Rs 2999
Data Usage: 30 GB
validity: 30 days

Subscribers will get maximum 4G speed available in the circle up to the data usage specified with the plans and post limit speed will be limited to 128kbps with unlimited downloading up to last date of the validity. All above plans available in postpaid only

4G unlimited data packs including breakfree 3GB, 9GB, 18GB, 30GB and 50GB are available in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula.


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  1. Alan says

    Never try to buy Airtel sim or anything. Such a worst service. You wouldn’t get 2g speed even if you buy 4g packs. In fact these people ruin data charges on your main balance even if you have data packs recharged already. If you are postpaid them you are totally doomed. They won’t let you to change to other service provider unless you pay their unnecessarily charged amount. They play some kind of game you’d never notice. This is my experience. Don’t take a chance of risk and be in trouble.