How to Deactivate MTS Value Added Services (VAS)

♦  We always suffer from unwanted value added service activation or deactivation issue

♦   There is a number of VAS services available in MTS including Callerttune, Music, cricket packs, Entertainment packs and more

♦   It’s not always that we activate VAS services on mobile number but get activated without any prior notice and the future is we all know very well, we have to pay a large amount for that we don’t even expect.

♦   The pathetic situation is also happened in MTS CDMA network too but they have some easy and simple process that subscribers can use to deactivate any service they don’t want any more in future renewal.


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How to deactivate MTS Value Added Services

To stop any Value Added Service instantly, MTS added two easy way:via SMS or via IVR where users will get full list of activated VAS services and the process to stop them.

Stop MTS VAS service via SMS
To stop or deactivate any of MTS pre-activated value added services, MTS subscribers have to write SMS: STOP and send it to number 155223.

A message will come to subscriber number informing activated VAS services along with instructions to deactivate the services.

Stop MTS VAS service via IVR
To stop or deactivate MTS VAS service via IVR or voice call, MTS subscribers need to dial number: 155223 and it will inform the activated services, users just have to follow the IVR to stop any of the pre-activated service.

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  1. Ajay says

    Thank you Rahul for helping. Call Center of MTS is pathetic, don’t even know that they are saying about. No details to deactivate this bullshit “MuZic Unlimited” service on MTS Website (what a joke). No is ready to answer the call also…. thanks for your help. God bless you brother….

  2. Sambhav says

    MTS has now turned Fraud…….SERVICE DISCONTINUED
    Always activate Value added services without prior notice