Vodafone reduces 2G GPRS surfing charge from 10p/10kb to 2p/10kb for prepid and postpaid

India’s leading telecommunication service provider Vodafone has taken a revolutionary decision for its 2G data users. Now all Vodafone subscribers across India will get the chance to access 2GGPRS internet on their mobile, tablet or high end smartphones at just 2p/10kb charge instead of earlier 10p/10kb rate.

A massive 80% price cut in 2G data charge from leading telecom company will not only influence people to engage more on data access but will also force other operator to reconfigure data plans and regular charges in future.

vodafone gprs regular charge

A large number of mobile users just use voice plans and ignore mobile internet due to high price or just use 2G GPRS/EDGE service only whenever it necessary: short-term use only and in emergency, as soon as users access any web page a huge amount from main balance is deducted if he/she browse at regular 10p/10kb charge.

Vodafone new 2G GPRS/EDGE regular surfing charge will be applicable for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers. Vodafone initially unveils service across Karnataka, UP West and Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh circle, rest of the Indian telecom circle be under this service coverage in next phase.

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