BSNL launches Couvery prepaid plan in Karnataka

BSNL launches new Couvery prepaid plan  in Karnataka telecom circle under 2G and 3G mobile service as a promotional offer for 90 days which comes with 1.2 ps/sec local call charge, Full talk value with Top-up of Rs.200 and multiples of
Rs.200 and 70 SMS to Any-net per Month along with special call charge of 20P/Min among any 4 nos of any network within Karnataka under F&F benefits.

This service is available from 17-10-2013 as a promotional offer for 90 days.

BSNL Cauvery plan for prepaid details

Item Details
Basic SIM Rs.20/-in case of 2G & Rs.59 in case of 3G
MRP of Plan Voucher Rs.70/- for both 2G &3G
Initial Free Talk Value (Loc/National Anynet) for first 30 days Rs 30/-
Free Loc/Nat SMS 70 SMS to Any-net per Month
Validity 180 Days
Call Charges
Local On-net/STD On-net

Local Off-net/STD Off-net

1.2 ps/sec

1.5 ps/sec

Roaming Local On-net/STD On-net

Roaming Local Off-net/STD Off-net

Incoming call


Re 1/Min


ISD Charges As per Prepaid General plan
SMS Charges
Local/National 60 ps
Roaming Local / National SMS

Roaming Incoming SMS

Rs 1.5/SMS


International SMS Rs.5/-
Video Calls
Local/STD Any-net Rs 2/min
Roaming Loc/STD Any-net

Roaming Incoming Video

Rs 2/min

Rs 1/min

Friends and Family Charges
F&F Numbers Any 4 nos of any network within Karnataka
F&F Charges [ On –net]

F&F Charges [ Off-net]

20 ps/Min.

50 ps/Min.

Change of F&F numbers Rs.10 /- per change per number
All other charges/Conditions As per Prepaid General plan
STV-Applicability All 2G/3G STVs are allowed
Full Talk Value Always Full talk value with TOP UP of Rs.200/- and Multiples of Rs.200/-

1. A customer in this plan will always get full talk whenever he/she recharges with top Up of Rs.200/- or multiples of Rs.200/.
2. The above plan CAUVERY is made available for provisioning, migration and for validity extension of any of the existing plans.
3. Fresh registrations of Friends and Family numbers have to be made. The customers can choose 4 Friends and Family numbers by sending SMS FFE<space>1st number <space> 2nd number <space> 3rd number <space> 4th number to 53733.
4. The customers can change Friends and Family numbers by sending SMS FFM<space>1st number<space>2nd number<space>3rd number <space>4th number to 53733. „M‟ in FFM indicates modification.

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