Nokia to leave Finland and put 10,000 jobless

The biggest mobile phone company Nokia recently announces
massive jobs cuts worldwide as Nokia going to shutdown the
manufacturing in Nokia's native country of Finland.
and close the member jobs availability there.

A group of Nokia staff are going to lose their position by
the end of 2013 and some of them are working in Finland.

This week, Nokia's Salo phone factory in Finland shipped out its last device. The local news website reports that the phone was shipped on Wednesday (the model name was not revealed). On Friday, Nokia confirmed that it will close its Salo plant in September.

Nokia job cuts in Finland

The giant mobile making company will put their 780 working staff jobless at the plant and among 3,700 Finland-based Nokia members have to find jobs.

In June Nokia published plans to cut down 3,700 jobs in Finland and 10,000 jobs worldwide.

Nokia to leave Finland and put 10,000 jobless