Microsoft and Nokia press conference on Sept. 5

Microsoft and Nokia joint venture announces a press conference for the event of September 5th which is probably discussion about Windows 8 mobile operating system.

Microsoft and Nokia started a joint partnership  last year for Windows mobile phone but due to Samsung and Apple market, Nokia failed to hold customers on Windows phone and trying hard to improve their positions.

Samsung increase its position in market share from 16.1% to 20.1% and Samsung sets 45% smartphone market in Europe and Apple is not far behind.

Nokia Microsoft press conference

Samsung and Apple ranked top of the market in smartphone business and combined unit hold almost 50% share while Nokia trying hard to keep them with a 9.2% share.

According o smartphone os market Android sold around 56.% followed by Aplle iOS almost 23% and Microsoft kept 1.9% share.

Now Nokia and Microsoft definitely going to discuses Windows 8 mobile OS which will be next update for windows mobile and we hope to get much more features and improvement.


Microsoft and Nokia press conference on Sept. 5