NSN reports data traffic grows more than 50% in India

Nokia Siemens Networks,which currently provides 30% of the total 2G and 3G networks,about 40% market share in both packet core and managed services in India and services to about 300 million subscribers,has reported on their MBit Index a a 54% increase in cellular data traffic in India between December 2011 and June 2012.

Report also expressed data tariff consumed in 3G service increased by 78% while in 2G services it increased by 47%.
while 2G users across country uses three-quarters of the total mobile data traffic,otherwise 3G users uses four times more data than 2G users.According to Nokia Siemens Networks,data demand will be double by 2012.

MBit Index indicates while there is a low penetration of 3G dongles by the end of June 2012,3G overcome 2G in terms of data tariff.
75% of data tariff generated by 2G and it is expected 2G will continue a pivot role in future Internet demand.30% data tariff generated by 3G service, expected to be the lead role in future.


Nokia Siemens Networks’ MBit Index reports category A and B telecom circles together contribute 72% of mobile data traffic and 3G data usage increased in metro telecom circles while 2G use is stabilizing.
Category B circles faced high demand for 3G services with a growth rate of more than 87% between December 2011 and June 2012.

While it’s important that 2G networks need to be constantly strengthened across the country, 3G network coverage, especially in residential areas, needs to be enhanced. In addition, further improving the quality of data services and fulfilling expectations of various user segments are vital to acquiring, satisfying and retaining mobile broadband customers,”

said Sandeep Girotra, head of India region at Nokia Siemens Networks

Source:Nokia Siemens Networks report

NSN reports data traffic grows more than 50% in India