Airtel ISD supercharge pack call across 30 countries

Bharti Airtel introduced two new ISD call tariff with free minutes to call across 30 countries for prepaid customers.

If your relative or loved one is out of India then it's a good news for you. Now you can talk longer to your loved ones without worrying about international call rate.

Just recharge your Airtel prepaid with Rs.99 or Rs.149 to enjoy free minutes. Price of recharge voucher vary the telecom circle to circle, please check below.

Airtel ISD call Tariff

Get 30 free minutes for ISD call with following recharge voucher:

Get 60 free minutes with following recharge vouchers:
ISD call plan

To know more information just sms ‘ISD 30' or ‘ISD 60' to 121 (toll-free).To check free call minuts dial *123*242#.

Note: This offer is not applicable when the customer is on roaming.

30 countries with country code:

S.NO   CountryISD Code




























Argentina FixedAustralia FixedAustria

Brazil Fixed



Czech Fixed

Denmark Fixed

France Fixed

Germany Fixed

Greece Fixed

Hong Kong

Ireland Fixed

Italy Fixed


Mexico Fixed

Morocco Fixed

Netherlands Fixed

New Zealand Fixed

Russia Fixed


South Korea

Spain Fixed

Sweden Fixed

Switzerland Fixed

Taiwan Fixed


Turkey Fixed

U.K. Fixed






























Airtel ISD supercharge pack call across 30 countries
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163 Replies to “Airtel ISD supercharge pack call across 30 countries”

  1. Sir,
    Pliz give the details of a good rate cutter for calling brazil from manipur availble in market rate from airtel prepaid sim.


  2. i would like make calls to Germany so tell me the best plan to make calls to the same in low rate

  3. Sir,
    Pliz give the details of a good rate cutter for calling south africa uganda from new delhi availble in market rate from airtel prepaid sim.


  4. pls provide me detail international romaning plan for Alexandria, Teleorman country from
    airtel rajasthan

  5. Plz let me know which network provide cheapest call rates in mexico for long term…my husband travel to mexico for 5weeks…plz tell me the process to me for connecting with my husband…

  6. Hello Dear Sr I am student from in Maharashtra state Agriculture university call rate in our country is very expansive if passible please send in my what should i do


  7. I hv a airtel prepaid sim. I m travelling to dubai for 3 days. Which type of plan should i take for internet and calls. Pl.reply

  8. Dear sir
    do u have a good isd call pack for prepaid customers from bangalore to Oman??
    Reply’s urgent

  9. May I know any cheapest rates for calling to Philippines……?
    Please provide us this facility in your network.

  10. I have to call Tanzania, please let me know the best ISD Pack or offer for the same.
    Thanks – Ritesh

  11. Sir,
    Pliz give the details of a good rate cutter for calling Ireland from India.
    availble in market rate from airtel prepaid sim.



  12. please send the best rate cutter to call france from kolkata in pre-paid Airtel mobile connection. to mobile in france (Matrix connectiopn)

  13. Pl inform me, suppose I recharge my prepaid with Rs99/- ( as I am from Kolkata) I make a call to Germany Talk for 30min— free, Okay? after that for the remaining 15days what will be my call rate for Germany?
    Pl intimate me at the earliest.
    Thanking YOU.

  14. please more than 5 corore nepalese are in india so we need more discount to call nepal can airtel u give us as usa canada and china call rates

  15. I want to call to Sweden Fixed (046) what are the packages are there in airtel from Andra Pradesh.

  16. pls provide me detail international romaning plan for Germany, Teleorman country from
    airtel punjab

  17. I like to know that, What is the ISD recharge plan for prepaid mobile. i wuld like to travel from india to Canada Via US. kindly suggest the plan.

  18. My hubby is a merchant navy Is it possible to call 3 country in a single recharge???

  19. plz tell me india to Malaysia very lower call charge rate cutter tariff plan . plz reply me.

  20. For the past three consecutive years I was using ISD30 and ISD60 ( Rs.102 & Rs.152) and don’t have any problem using and recharging this ISD Pack. It is very useful to me., I am from Shillong (NE Circle).
    However, stating from the past 10 days, I could not recharge the same ISD pack ( ISD30/ ISD60)any more. Blaming my airtel number, I start recharge the same ISD pact using another 4 airtel numbers of my friends and family. The sms responses remain the same. It say ” recharge failed on your airtel mobile number, please complain it to customer care. Your transaction Id is ……………….) This is the same respond that I got even if I tried using 5 airtel sim card. I call up Airtel customer care for more than 4 times, complaining about my problem. No proper response.. ” Your complain is registered, we will get back to you with 24 hrs from now..The assure me to wait for 24 hrs so that my problem will be solve. However, its already 24 X 11 Hrs now. I dont know how long do i needs to wait more to get a proper response and solution to my problem. Your advice and consideration is important to me.

  21. i would like make calls to Saudi Arabia so plz tell me the best plan to make calls to the same in low rate.

  22. I used to call sometimes in phillipines, the rates are high rs 15 per mins, so is there any isd rate cutter pack for calling in phillipines then let me know.

  23. i use to call african countrys
    i need 4g pakge details

    with internet


    please do the needful


  24. Sir please tell me a post paid cheap plan for both incoming and outgoing calls from newzealnd to Punjab as I have to travel there for one month

  25. Pls give me Best ISD pack detail for calling from India to Saudi Arabia with Airtel prepaid sim

  26. Sir
    Why does the benefit of ISD calling pack for RS/- 152 is not applicable in Saudi Arabia.

  27. Sir,
    I came to OMAN from India ( andhra Pradesh)
    I want to keep my sim active to see incoming only. So for that to do and how much low I have make recharge every month. Plz suggest me

  28. Sir I want to know about isd plans for south Africa.
    I want to make call from India to Capetown.
    Let me know what are the call rates.

  29. Hii., i am currently in Bangladesh i just want to know how can i reduce my isd call rate for india., currntly i am paying 10rs\min.
    or you have any offer to do my isd incoming cl free…
    kindly advice mee

  30. Sir I want to call for Senegal country plz give the information for international call rates

  31. I wanted to know which network or which calling card can be used to make cheap calls to dubai. Im currently using Idea and its 13 rupess per minute.

  32. Dear Sirs,
    Hi!Please mail me a cheap tariff for calling Moscow mobile. ISD Pack valid for 15 days at least. I am in Uttarakhand(UP west)

  33. best isd tarrif for indonesia calling in airtel prepaid number..kindly give me best plan

  34. My sim is prepaid airtel. I want to call from india, delhi to austria. So i did recharge by rs 37 which is for 30 countries but there was no discount when i call. Tell me more about 30 minute free call with rs 97 . Austria is in the list of 30 countries.plz i changed frm idea to airtel for isd only

  35. Please inform me immediately the cheap call charge rate from prepaid mobile having airtel connection from kolkata to land line connections in
    cape town and durban south africa.

  36. i will have to go to dubai for 3 month, can you have any plan for talk message and data so that i can stay there will minimum charges… further i have to call back to india and local call there. please provide me the solution asap.

  37. please give information regarding international cutter for postpaid from southafrica to hyderabad

  38. I would like know best calling rates from Maharashtra nagpur to chile. Can I use 155 recharge. Or else please suggest good plan

  39. I want to isd call from oman to india from my airtel prepaid sim and also want to use 3g data,
    Plz provide details of plans

  40. do u have any ISD low rate plan for calling to Isreal from Hyderabad on airtel prepaid?.

  41. I want to make a call to France from India. My sim is Aiter. Can I can get rate cutter packege and how much?

  42. Sir, Wtat will be the rear cutter for Colombia, Nigeria. I rely need urgen from north east India. Thank you

  43. Please let me know tarrif / recharge plans for prepaid mobile, when I am on Europe / UK tour with my mobile.

  44. Dear sir
    I would like to inform you that I want to use Airtel Prepaid number for Calling Nepal. so I request to you please suggest the best plan for ISD calling to Nepal. Accordingly I will purchase Airtel SIM. Thanks……

  45. Hello Sir
    M Living in Netherland (Holland)
    Can U Tell Me Which Plan Is Better For My Perents To Call Me In Holland.

  46. Please tell me the best rate cutter for Germany (49). it would be great help.

    Murugan V

  47. Dear sir, i want call plz give me a best information about Airtel isd surprise pack.

  48. Dear sir, i want call plz give me a best information about Airtel isd surprise pack.

  49. Dear sir,
    I want to call in Indonesia so plzzz suggest me a rate cutter for Indonesia sir plzz its a request to you

  50. I live in canada. Going to Hyderabad, A.P for 2 weeks vacation. To call Canada frim Hyderabad I want to know the cost of ninutws? Packages? I have an active Airtel number still…..can I use that number or do I need to take a different number for this purpose?

  51. Bangalore Karnataka register airtel mobile 9845126780 is now at Palestine country for another two weeks they want to use sms facility airtel for Prepaid tariff is required please

  52. I talk some thing to somebody else. Nepal to get marriage with so I could some time that’s what I want know its.

  53. My husband is working in marine field go with different country so I need international roaming packs to contact him

  54. i want to know about the cheapest call rate from airtel to nepal.
    Is there any voice pack ar any plans so that i can talk for long time..

  55. i want to know about the cheapest call rate in airtel. from qatar to india. let me inform is there any plans

  56. i m in dubai i want to call by airtel sim in india tel me cheapest international roaming plan please

  57. i m a airtel user i want to call east afrika dubai europe and asian country i want a monthly package if u have please let me know.

  58. I am in india, I need to call to UK landline, suggest me any special package and how to recharge.

  59. i m in Nigeria i want to call by airtel sim in india tel me cheapest international roaming plan please

  60. I want plan for georgia for five days
    detail:: incoming free † some outgoing minutes & approx 1GB DATA


  61. I want to call the UK from Goa. Is Airtel ISD supercharge pack the best pack and do i get free minutes and how do i request it for my prepaid sim

  62. What is the ISD pack to call New York, America from Kolkata, India? I really need to know this. Tell me please. Please help.

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