Exclusive Infotel 4G: Mukesh Ambani to take part in upcoming 2G Spectrum Auction

Mukesh Ambani, the owner of pan India 4G license, is likely going to take part in upcoming 2G spectrum Auction in November.

RIL likely to take part in auction directly, if unable to bid directly then the company will fit another company to make the purchase of 2G spectrum and buy that company later.

Infotel broadband which is going to roll out 4G LTE service across the country in next few months but unfortunately they don't have spectrum for voice call facility.

In May 2010, Mukesh Ambani won the pan India license for Broadband Wireless Access(BWA) for the amount of Rs 12,847.71 crore. Infotel is the only company which has won all the telecom circle 4G spectrum license.

Bharti Airtel already started 4G service in Kolkata and Banglore in May 2012. At the begging there is no chance for the normal people to use 4G as data charge, dongle price is too high and low penetration of supported device.

Mukesh Ambani plans to provide 4G in various important areas like security, finance, education, entertainment etc. Also announced to provide high-speed data service at low cost and now it is expected to introduce voice service at very low price to acquire the Indian telecom market. This will definitely bring a healthy competition in Indian Telecom Market.

Base price for the 1800Mhz band is Rs.14,000 crore for pan India license and Rs.9,100 crore for the 800Mhz band which is used for GSM and CDMA mobile telephony respectively.

Exclusive Infotel 4G: Mukesh Ambani to take part in upcoming 2G Spectrum Auction

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