Get the Rediff News app and follow India as it happens

Rediff, India's leading portal which covers topics inclduing Indian news, Hindi Movies, Photos, Videos, Live Cricket Score, Stock updates from BSE and NSE, Bollywood and many more, launch Rediff News mobile application for Android users.

You can download app for Android mobile as well as Android tablets from web address :

The easy-to-use, free application provides you with the latest updates on Business, Movies, Sports, Cricket, Get Ahead, Travel, Lifestyle, Careers, etc.

The tiled interface brings news, photos, videos, and slideshows to your Android mobile, as soon as they appear on

Rediff News App
Rediff News App

You can share the news with your network on Facebook, Twitter, via Whatsapp messenger, SMS or email.

You can customize your setting to restrict image downloads to reduce data usage,
receive notifications as per your choice and save news articles for offline reading.

“With all that’s going on in India and the world, it’s easy to miss the stories and events that impact our daily lives. The release of the Rediff News app is designed to keep our users consistently informed and engaged with the current headlines and happenings – across the business, technology, entertainment, and sports – in an innovative and simple way,” said Ajit Balakrishnan, India Ltd. Chairman, and CEO.

Get the Rediff News app and follow India as it happens

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