Mumbai MTNL new Auction site: Simply get Premium Mobile Number

MTNL Mumbai today launched Premium Mobile Number Auction Site,  another step to easy access to services for Trump and Dolphin mobile subscribers. Simply get premium mobile numbers through this site.

Premium Mobile numbers are rare numbers which have last 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 digits same. If you are interested to have this type of mobile numbers just take part in MTNL premium mobile number auction and be the successfull owner of your favourite number.

Winner will be notified via SMS.

Premium Mobile Number

How to Bid

Number Auction Login to MTNL Auction using and select “Online For GSM Premium Number Bidding”

Step 1 Sign-Up for Auction.

Step 2 Password (Validation Code) will be sent via SMS.

Step 3 Bid for selected premium number with an amount greater than the current bid.

Step 4 If the desired number is not available in existing auction list, you can search and initiate bid, if available

Step 5 Winner will be notified via SMS. Winner is required to contact at the below mentioned numbers

Step 6 If you fail to do successful payment within the specified time period, the number will
be offered to the next highest bidder so be sure to make the payment in time.

Step 7 Bidd Will Be Close At 12 A.M.

Fixed Cost Numbers
Fixed Cost Numbers

First Time Registration Charges Rs. 100. Every Bid Charge Rs. 10.

Total Price For Trump Number : Bid Cost + 12.36 % Service Tax + 75 Rs. For Sim Card
Total Price For Dolphin Number: Bid Cost + 12.36 % Service Tax + Dolphin Plan Selected .

Procedure to get non bidding numbers

The non bidding number will be issued at the below mentioned address.

The total cost for non bidding number will be:  Number cost + 12.36 % service tax + 75 Rs.

For prepaid no : Number cost + 12.36 % service tax + Dolphin Plan Selected for post paid number

Auction Numbers
Auction Numbers

Mode Of Payment
Payment Should be in the form of Demand Draft in favour of “MTNL MUMBAI DOLPHIN”

Mumbai MTNL new Auction site: Simply get Premium Mobile Number

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