No more Roaming charge from next year 2013

No more roaming charges will be applied to numbers roaming out of home network, from next year. It will help to reduce your phone bill while you are moving outside of your home state.

“From next year..our secretary has told you that it will be free from next year,” communications minister Kapil Sibal said in press conference Monday.

What is Roaming Charge
Telecom operators charge extra for Call and SMS while subscribers moving from his/her home state circle (from where Sim card was bought) to other state or telecom circles.

To abolish the roaming charges and make people use one number around the country, ‘One Nation One Number' policy was approved by Indian Telecom Authority in May 2012.

At present, mobile subscribers pay 60 paisa per minute for the normal call at home state while in others state call charges increase to Rs.1.25 or Rs.1.50 per minute due to Roaming charges. It causes a headache for extra call charge as well as force customers to use roaming state Sim card for minimizing the extra cost.

“Our data suggests that only 10% of customers roam nationally.While the move is welcome, you are making the industry go through a churn for something that benefits only 10% of customers,” said Rajan Mathews, director general of Cellular Operators Association of India.

The process will take time to reconfigure the infrastructure.TRAI will discuss with a telecom company to finalize the next move.

Call charges decrease drastically and roaming charges are very low now, Abolishing the roaming charge will reduce Telecom operators current revenue. Service providers would lose around 20 paise per minute while calling from roaming area.

No more Roaming charge from next year 2013

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