Security Consern for Android Mobile users

Beware Android mobile users from getting affected by the latest mobile malware attack. The new report reveals the Android platform is the best place for Malware attack.

According to McAfee Threats Report: Second Quarter 2012, during the past few quarters, it has been reported that the Android OS is the most popular target for mobile malware writers and current quarter has shown no deference for malware attack.

The new malware simply enters on mobile device when someone visit and download contents from affected website.

New botnet clients can access the Twitter account for control Instead of connecting to a web server, the malware searches for commands from specific attacker-controlled Twitter accounts. The attacker can tweet commands and all infected devices will follow them.

Trojan Horse corrupts all photos from SD-cards. This malware is similar to PC malware, silently enters into the mobile OS and make a huge damage by altering and deleting valuable contents and system data.

Total Mobile Malware Samples in the Database
Total Mobile Malware Samples in the Database

Malware program writers become more experienced and mature to write complex code which becomes not detectable. These kinds of malware now targeting personal as well as business data too.

New Mobile Malware by Quarter
New Mobile Malware by Quarter 2012

So always use strong security suits to protect Android devices such as smartphone or tablets or phablets. Lock your private data to prevent unauthorized access and also take regular data back up to make all your important data alive forever.

Security Consern for Android Mobile users

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