Telecom Company refused to block Twitter Account

Considering the recent rumors which have led to an exodus of North Eastern people and
excessive of use of the social network for the communal reason, the Home ministry issued
order to block twitter account in the specific region in India including Kerala, Gujarat, Assam, and UP.

Department of Telecom (DOT), on behalf of the Home ministry, requested all telecom operators well as Internet Service Providers Association of India to block and monitor Twitter traffic for specified Telecom circle.

According to official documents, “Twitter Inc may be directed to all traffic emanating from addresses in the states assessed by the Central Intelligence Agencies to be sensitive in the current prevailing situation in Kerala, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh.”

In a reply to this order, Tata Teleservice stated their inability to allocate Internet Protocol Addresses to their subscribers in state-wise basis “Specific area wise/state wise blocking of the website is technically not feasible”.

Reliance Communication has refused to show this matter gateway specific and it can not be done through state-wise basis. Bharti Airtel, Idea and BSNL also gave the same answer. Internet Service Provider Association of India said: “We would like to inform that it is technically not feasible to block website state wise.”

Telecom Company refused to block Twitter Account

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