TRAI Rule: No more Excess Charge by the Telecom service provider

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India comes ahead with a new TRAI Regulation to restrict the Telecom Service Providers from charging unnecessarily and suspending the tariff plans without any legal notice.

Telecom Operators are going to be charged by Rs.5000 to the maximum of Rs.200,000 for any further violations of TRAI Tariff  Term.

“If any service provider fails to comply with the Reporting Requirement, it shall, without prejudice to the terms and conditions of its licence, or the provisions of the Act or rules or regulations or orders made, or directions issued, thereunder, be liable to pay five thousand rupees, by way of financial disincentive, for every day of delay subject to maximum of two lakh rupees” said TRAI.

According to TRAI “No service provider shall terminate any existing tariff plan without giving a notice of not less than thirty days to the subscriber of its intention to terminate the tariff plan.”

“If the Authority finds that a service provider has collected from its subscribers any amount in violation of the provisions of this tariff order, the Authority may, by order, direct such service provider to refund such amount to the subscribers and also to pay, by way of financial disincentive, an amount not exceeding the amount collected from the subscribers,” said Raj Pal, Advisor (F&EA).

Telecommunication Authority also stated  “Instances of levy of excess charges in violation of provisions of TTO (Telecom Tariff Order)and other regulatory guidelines have come to the notice of the Authority on several occasions in the past. In such cases, the course of action normally adopted by the Authority has been to order refunds of excess amounts charged to the affected subscribers. The service providers do make necessary refunds as per the directions of the Authority and provide compliance reports along with details of refunds. If any amount remains unrefunded due to the subscriber being untraceable etc. the same is deposited in Telecommunication Consumers Education and Protection Fund.”

TRAI Rule: No more Excess Charge by the Telecom service provider

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