Upcoming Apple surprise : iPhone 5

Are you ready to taste new Apple fruit?
Yes this season is going to be a very special for Apple.

According to report Apple is going to announce details about latest iPhone5 on Wednesday 12 Sept.We already published news in our Facebook page earlier.

This one is very special as iPhone5 supports 4th Generation LTE technology with worldwide support.  LTE is the fastest wireless internet technology in the world now.

New iPhone5 has faster processor for better application management, a thinner profile, slim design, no rear-field communication reader, iOS6 and a 4 inch bigger screen as per expectation.

iPhone mobiles realeased ealiar has got a real competition with Samsung mobile mainly Galaxy S3.

Market reports say new telecom market demands bigger display, smooth multi-functioning
and high-speed broadband wireless access. Apple has already focused on these issues and improved with new features.

Bad news is that 4G LTE is available in India through Airtel only in Kolkata and Bengaluru. If you want to experience real test of iPhone5, you have to be available either in Kolkata or Bengaluru..

Nokia already announced two new Lumia smartphones : 920 and 820. They will have all latest smartphone features and new Windows 8 mobile OS.

This time, may be, iPhone has little competition with Nokia and Samsung. US, South Korea and Japan have greatest numbers of LTE users.

Apple iPhone4S did a record sale of One million unit in 1st 24 hours and more than four million unit in first three days.Now  wait next few hours to watch new sales record for upcoming Apple iPhone5.

Upcoming Apple surprise : iPhone 5

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