BSNL launches Automatic Validity Extension Service

BSNL mobile launches an important service called- ‘Automatic Validity Extension' for the prepaid subscribers under the plans including ‘New Nesam Special', ‘Per Second', ‘Per Minute', ‘General' and ‘Anbujodi Special'. New ‘Automatic validity renewal' process will extend the validity by deducting required PV/PCV charges from customers BSNL balance. Offer is currently available in TN Circle and rest of the circles will get service shortly.

bsnl Automatic Validity Extension

Auto ValidityRrenewal process will check the account to verify whether required balance exist in customers BSNL numbers at the last day of Grace Period (i.e. 15th day of GP1).

If sufficient balance is available, the amount of Rs.30.26 as PVC34 charge for the plans including  ‘Per Seconds', ‘Per Minute','General'; Rs.25.81 as PV29 charge for the plan including ‘New Nesam Special' and Rs.72.09 as PV81charge for the plan including Anbujodi Special will be deducted from the customer's main account balance. Validity will get extended instantly as per PV/PCV charges.

bsnl automatic validity extension service

BSNL will send a new SMS to the customer informing extended validity details – “ Dear Customer, Rs.xx has been deducted and validity of the plan is extended to xx-xx-xxxx as per the PV/PCV applicable for your plan ”.

Automatic Validity Extension serivece is effective from the date – 31.10.2012.

BSNL launches Automatic Validity Extension Service

7 Replies to “BSNL launches Automatic Validity Extension Service”

  1. why not automatically revalidate on the first day of the grace period if the balance is available? Why do they disconnect the phone during grace period if balance is available?

  2. Iam not asking renewel. Without customer knowledge how can renewed. Excess amount is available their autorenewel done ok maybe amount not in the account can you renew the validity.
    Any rule/law is their without customer knowledge take money from customer account and renewed the same.

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