Beware: ‘legal intercept’ allows Government to record Skype conversations silently

Skype conversation is no more protected, a new spying technique called “Legal Intercept” now allow government to silently record all data on Internet chat services such as Skype in real time.

Skype provides secure chat connection over VoiP (Voice over internet Protocol) which why it's very hard to track data over connections because services convert analogue audio signals into digital data packets and send it through a complex and secure path that can't be easily broken by third parties.

Now with ‘Legal Intercept' technique patent which is obtained by a California businessman, government agencies can be used to trace and store records silently of VoIP communications.

New patent can be used to trace the billing report associated with names and addresses for a particular username.

Not only audio but any others multimedia data such as video or even information can be stored silently.

New patent will help security agencies to catch false subscriber data and fraud IP addresses users and it brought a easier and secure way for the authorities to track calls over VoIP .

According to the report, Skype pulled its password reset function last week after vulnerability was revealed that allowed hackers to access accounts using victim's email address.

Beware: ‘legal intercept' allows Government to record Skype conversations silently