MobMe roll out Digital Signature Solutions for Mobile users

MobMe Wireless brings Digital Signature solutions for the first time for Indian mobile users which was exclusively available for PC suers earlier.

Digital signature will make online transaction via mobile device more secure and fraud-proof.  Customers gets the same level of protection as how they get when using hands for written signature.

MobME Wireless Solutions makes agreement in Paris on Wednesday with Netherlands-based Gemalto and Finland-based Valimo Wireless Oy, to bring digital signature services on mobile phones in India.

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recommends mobile Digital Signature as the preferred mode for secure sign-in and protected transactions in its guidelines.

“With over 900 million mobile phone subscribers and 15 million broadband users, the mobile phone is the preferred platform for maximising the potential of digital signatures for a digital revolution in India,” MobMe chief executive officer Sanjay Vijayakumar said.

Advantages of Digital signature

  • Real-world identity to third parties without face-to-face communications
  • Making a legally-binding commitment by sending a confirmed message to another party
  • Solve security problems of the online world with identity confirmation.

Digital Signature can be used in e-form filling, mobile banking, corporate applications, annual return form filling etc just like users sign on the papers when he/she fills important documents.

Digital Signature provides high security and user-friendly access to digital services which require strong authentication and authorization and reduces any chances for 3rd party access during online transactions.

“With mobile digital signatures, farmers will be able to apply for agricultural schemes or birth certificate information can be entered from Primary Health Centres through mobile phones and certificates issued instantly on the ground,” Vijayakumar said.

MobMe roll out Digital Signature Solutions for Mobile users