RIM BBM 7 Beta launched with Free voice call over WiFi support

RIM today launches BBM 7 beta with free call over WiFi support . After announcement of Blackberry 10 OS, Research in Motion (RIM) today unveiled a great feature called BBM Voice for BlackBerry Messenger users. BBM Voice lets users instantly initiate a voice call with BBM friends for free over a Wi-Fii connection.

New BBM 7 with BBM Voice will allow users to make free voice call over WiFi with other BBM users anywhere in the world with free of cost which made long distance calls cheaper and instant.

Blackberry users can instantly chat with friends and family with simple and inexpensive BBM service which now gives the ability to blackberry users to talk to their BBM contacts across the globe for free of cost over a wifi connection. Customers can instantly switch between texting and talking, or talk and text at the same time.

BBM 7 beta Voice features

bbm voice call over wifi
♥ Customers can initiate a BBM Voice call directly, or instantly switch from a BBM text chat to talk, and back again.

♥ The split-screen allows customers to talk and text at the same time, so for example, send a picture to contact while talking with someone, check other BBM text chats, check email, or navigate to other apps while engaged on a BBM Voice call.

♥ BBM has a visual indicator that shows availability of a user for voice call.

♥ BBM Voice now for making voice calls on BlackBerry smartphone, such as a Bluetooth® or wired headset. Customers can also use BBM Voice over their BlackBerry smartphone's speakerphone.

BBM version 7 is intigrated with another important feature – customer's BlackBerry ID, to back up users BBM profile, groups and contacts so they can automatically be restored in the event they switch to a new BlackBerry smartphone, including to a BlackBerry 10 device.

BBM 7 with the BBM Voice feature is available in Beta for handsets running BlackBerry 6 OS and above, and can be downloaded from BlackBerry Beta Zone.

RIM BBM 7 Beta launched with Free voice call over WiFi support