Airtel Offers Double Data for 4G Dongle on Prepaid & Postpaid Plans

Airtel on a move to increase 4G availability among 4G dongle users launches special double data benefit 4G offer for both prepaid & postpaid users where customer will get 200% data once they recharge any 4G plans for Dongle, WiFi-Dongle, Hotspot.

From the recent movements in 2G, 3G, and 4G data services, It's confirmed that Airtel is trying is best to quickly expand 4G services among users by rolling out attractive 4G data offers in a time when 3G data is too costly and, PAN India based 4G service provider Rjio is going to enter Indian market by launching service shortly. Airtel has already taken decision to restrict VoIP services over 2G, 3G, 4G data plans which is now in hold.

According to Airtel latest 4G data packs, both prepaid & postpaid users will get 200% data once they activate any 4G plans exclusively for 4g data cards. Double data offer is for limited time. Additional data will be available for 6 months. Subscriber will be charged as per normal data usage rate once offer data usage is over.

4G Dongle special Double data benefit will be available on Airtle 4G prepaid plans 455, 655, 805, 955 which normally offer 2GB, 3GB, 4GB & 5GB respectively and, Airtel 4g postpaid plans 450, 650, 800, 950 which normally offer 2GB, 3GB, 4GB & 5GB respectively.

4G dongle users will get normal data usage once they activate any plans and, Additional data will be credited as part of special offer from Airtle 4G, which will remain valid for 6 months after the date of activation. Offer data is valid for 4G network only. Charge for data usage over 2G & 3G network using same Sim will be as per normal data rate.

Airtel double data offers for Prepaid 4g dongle

Prepaid 4G PlansNormal Data UsageExtra Data OfferDouble Data benefit
4552 GB2 GB4 GB
6553 GB3 GB6 GB
8054 GB4 GB8 GB
9555 GB5 GB10 GB

#Extra data valid for 6 months.

Airtel double data offers for Postpaid 4g dongle

Postpaid 4G PlansNormal Data UsageExtra Data OfferDouble Data Benefit
4502 GB2 GB4 GB
6503 GB3 GB6 GB
8004 GB4 GB8 GB
9505 GB5 GB10 GB

#Extra data is valid for 6 months.

*Rs.450 plan has a bill shield of Rs.1000 and a charging rate of 40p/100KB on reaching the built-in quota.

All above plans are exclusively for 4G dongle, WiFi-Dongle and Hotspot users.

4G services becomes cheaper day-by-day and, It seems 3G is costlier than 4G. 4G speed is mush faster than 3G and, It's very secured too.  So, 4G plan is recommended when both offer similar plans at affordable price.

Airtel is working on increasing 4G customers among Dongle, WiFi-Dongle, Hotspot users just before the launch of RJio 4G services since Reliance Jio to launch some exclusive budget friendly cheap 4G data plans & services.

Airtel Offers Double Data for 4G Dongle on Prepaid & Postpaid Plans
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55 Replies to “Airtel Offers Double Data for 4G Dongle on Prepaid & Postpaid Plans”

  1. i have already running connection with router shape dongle since dec 2014 against a/c no.9501387644 My billing starts on 4th of each month.kindly issue orders for doubling data. I appreciate the scheme for doubling data for encouraging 4g use.
    thanking you
    inderjit singh

  2. I have a 4G wifi hotspot and would like to avail of this offer on my prepaid 4G no 9717xxxxxx. How do I purchase the 2GB double data plan?

  3. after some time when mostly pepole will using 4g then will u increase 4g rates which is now avilavle in 3g

  4. Need info about 4G dongle .. Cost of 4 G dongle and the rental plans on prepaid and post paid .. Contact @ 9903586379

  5. its better……and that day is not so far….when we will use 5g and 6g in india….
    gool luck india….

  6. For the airtel users… people don’t aware of knowing that the data balance is been taken by airtel itself… careful watching will let you know the minute mistakes of airtel..

  7. I am currently using Reliance Broadband Netconnect plus datacard.
    I am keen to know about your offer with hotspot.
    Pls call me on my mobile no. 9811107008/ 011 29535530.
    My preference with prepaid
    Surya Singh

  8. airtel 4g wifi dongle require use 6 or 8 laptop wifi a go0d plane suggest with miximum down load data plane

  9. I have used IDEA,Reliance and now Airtel. But Airtel is better for me on different parameter.
    Speed 4G- Decent 8 to 15 MBPS and latency around 70ms
    Customer Service : Better then Idea and Reliance while addressing the complaint but again lot of follow up needed.
    I saw 2 issue.
    1. Post data usage the internet becomes not workable. Very Bad..
    2. Data gets over quickly with normal day to day work compare to 3G

  10. If a mobile phone SIM is not used for several months it becomes inactive. Similarly if an airtel 4G mobile hotspot wifi is not used at all or recharged for several months it will become inactive & dead. Am I correct ?

  11. I want to know the details about hotspot plans with WiFi connection what is minimum plan to maximum plan rates with unlimited data plan.Let me know

  12. I want to know the details about hotspot plans with WiFi connection what is minimum plan to maximum plan rates with unlimited data plan.Let me know the double data offers too.

  13. I have Airtel Wi Fi hot spot connection no 8138905954. I m not able to connect 4G. I think they have stopped their 4G service.Giving 3G speed at the price of 4G. They r cheating with people. They are great cheater.Once i complained the matter to customer care they even didnt know wht is the actual issue.Every time when ever i call they tell me different story.Someone saying sir your Sim card is having problem, some other say that ur device is not working properly.I faced this problem problem for 15 days and at last i stopped my service.

    Pls dont beleave these guys.They R great cheater.

    1. AGGREE !!! never trust these guys from Airtel, worst service ever. They tell something upfront and cheat on back. Go for other providers. Also Data is very expensive compare to other providers

  14. I have purchased recently hot spot SIM on 14.02.17. with plan 999/-. I was told that I would get 10+10GB. But I am given only 10 GB. My no.7338602111

  15. Hi,
    I am a South African, employee​ in India for the last 4years and changed from MTS to Airtel 4G dongle. I just want to know what what the best packages are available for me as I go on leave every 3 months. Can you please help. Thank you very much.


  16. Which is better? prepaid or post paid?
    How will I get my extra data?
    we have local and std calls unlimited on plan 599/799/999/1099
    Is it also applicable on Hotspot Dongle
    I have already paid Rs. 450 /
    When is my next bill due?
    I have wifi with 999 plan .
    How can I use this 4 G with that?
    my sim number is 98941-13371.
    Please clarify and reply earliest
    by email ONLY please gxxnxxx19[@]
    for I don’t get tower nicely
    It gets cut many times.

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