Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE Supported Phones [Updated]

From list of Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE supported phones you can easily find your mobile supports Jio 4G or not from here. For making HD Calls on LTE,  you must have VoLTE supported mobile – It helps you to continue HD calls over Jio 4g network without switching to 2G or 3G network or turning on Cellular data.

Reliance Jio started 4G service for a list of VoLTE supported mobiles from Sept 5, 2016. Jio Commercial launch to take place on January 1st, 2017. Jio is now working on network testing till Dec 31st, 2016, till then company is giving Welcome Offer to everyone having 4G phones under Jio 4g mobile support list.

Millions of customers are jumping into pool of 4G network to get access to Jio unlimited 4G offer. Jio 4g launches 4g service on Sept 5 for all VoLTE supported phones given here.

reliance jio volte supported phones

Reliance Jio is serving high-quality voice service over 4g network across India. Jio launches LYF mobiles with name series Earth, Water, Wind & Flame supporting both VoLTE & VoWiFi.

Which 4g Mobiles support Jio 4G Sim

Jio VoLTE call can only be made using few VoLTE supported 4G mobile and, VoWiFi calls is possible only through Jionet & JioFi WiFi network. If your 4g handset supports VoLTE then you can make HD calls directly otherwise users need to use Jio4GVoice app.

What is VoLTE ?

VoLTE is the short form of  Voice over LTE which means HD Voice calling over LTE Network. Voice call would become clearer and superior. 4g mobile must support VoLTE feature to make HD Voice calls.

What is VoWIFi (WiFi Calling) ?

VoWiFi stands for Voice over WiFi which means you can make HD calls using WiFi service using 3G or 4G mobile. Jio offers VoWiFi service under JioNet and JioFi.

Can I access Jio 4G data using 4G phone with no support for VoLTE

No matter your 4g phone supports VoLTE or VoWiFi or not, you can still access data services using Jio 4g sim – Use JioJoin app for VoLTE calls.

Way to Check if 4G phone supports VoLTE

You can easily check whether your phone has VoLTE enabled or not : Just insert Jio 4G sim > Wait until network come – You will get VoLTE sign under Status bar.

How to know which 4g mobiles support VoLTE ?

Only VoLTE supported mobiles will get access to true HD Voice call from Reliance Jio 4g network. Additional settings & updates will come from phone brand.

How to make HD calls when 4G phone has no support VoLTE ?

VoLTE is software based feature available in 4G mobile. 4Mobile brand needs to send and update to device to enable VoLTE in 4G mobile. Alternatively, you can use Jio4gVoice app for HD Voice & Video call, if VoLTE is missing in your 4g phone.

VoLTE supported Android mobiles

Most of latest Qualcomm and MediaTek chipset support VoLTE but features remains hidden in most cases. A system update is required to enable volte service. Android OS version 5.1 or above as it offer customized settings for VoLTE.

List of Reliance Jio VoLTE supported 4G Mobiles

Numerous VoLTE supported phones are available in India but few of them come under Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE support list. As per list sent to us from Jio we have added mobiles in following list.

Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE supported iOS devices

iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6s Plus etc.

List of VoLTE Phones under Reliance Jio Welcome Offer

BrandVoLTE PhonesJio OfferPhone Voice Spec
AlcatelAlcatel OneTouch X1tick-sign4G VoLTE
AlcatelAlcatel POP3tick-sign4G VoLTE
AlcatelAlcatel POP 4tick-sign4G VoLTE
AlcatelAlcatel POP Start,tick-sign4G VoLTE
AlcatelAlcatel Pixi 4tick-sign4G VoLTE
AlcatelAlcatel Pixi 5tick-sign4G VoLTE
AsusAsus Zenfone Go 5.0 LTE (T500)
tick-sign4G VoLTE
AsusAsus Zenfone 2 (ZE551ML)tick-sign4G VoLTE
AsusAsus Zenfone 2 (ZE550ML)tick-sign4G VoLTE
AsusAsus Zenfone 2 Laser (ZE601KL)tick-sign4G VoLTE
AsusAsus Zenfone 2 Laser 5.0 (ZE500KL)tick-sign4G VoLTE
AsusAsus ZenFone 2 Laser (ZE550KL)tick-sign4G VoLTE
AsusAsus Zenfone 3 (ZE552KL)tick-sign4G VoLTE
AsusAsus Zenfone 3 Laser(ZC551KL)tick-sign4G VoLTE
AsusAsus Zenfone 3(ZE520KL)tick-sign4G VoLTE
AsusAsus Zenfone 3(ZS570KL)tick-sign4G VoLTE
AsusAsus Zenfone 3(ZU680KL)tick-sign4G VoLTE
AsusAsus Zenfone Max (ZC550KL)tick-sign4G VoLTE
AsusAsus Zenfone Selfie (ZD551KL)tick-sign4G VoLTE
AsusAsus Zenfone Zoom(ZX551ML)tick-sign4G VoLTE
CelkonCelkon Q4GPlustick-sign4G VoLTE
CelkonCelkon 4GTAB-7tick-sign4G VoLTE
CelkonCelkon 4GTAB-8tick-sign4G VoLTE
CelkonCelkon ACE,tick-sign4G VoLTE
CelkonCelkon POPtick-sign4G VoLTE
CelkonCelkon Q4Gtick-sign4G VoLTE
GioneeGionee E8tick-sign4G VoLTE
GioneeGionee F103 (1GB)tick-sign4G VoLTE
GioneeGionee F103 (2GB)tick-sign4G VoLTE
GioneeGionee F103 (3GB)tick-sign4G VoLTE
GioneeGionee M4tick-sign4G VoLTE
GioneeGionee M5tick-sign4G VoLTE
GioneeGionee M5 Litetick-sign4G VoLTE
GioneeGionee M5 Lite CDMAtick-sign4G VoLTE
GioneeGionee M5 Plustick-sign4G VoLTE
GioneeGionee P5Ltick-sign4G VoLTE
GioneeGionee S Plustick-sign4G VoLTE
GioneeGionee S6tick-sign4G VoLTE
GioneeGionee S6stick-sign4G VoLTE
GioneeGionee S7tick-sign4G VoLTE
GioneeGionee V6Ltick-sign4G VoLTE
HTCHTC Desire 626tick-sign4G VoLTE
HTCHTC Desire 628tick-sign4G VoLTE
HTCHTC Desire 630tick-sign4G VoLTE
HTCHTC Desire 728 Dual SIMtick-sign4G VoLTE
HTCHTC Desire 820tick-sign4G VoLTE
HTCHTC Desire 820Qtick-sign4G VoLTE
HTCHTC Desire 820S Dual Simtick-sign4G VoLTE
HTCDesire 825tick-sign4G VoLTE
HTCHTC Desire 826tick-sign4G VoLTE
HTCHTC Desire 826 DStick-sign4G VoLTE
HTCHTC Desire 828 DStick-sign4G VoLTE
HTCHTC Desire 830tick-sign4G VoLTE
HTCHTC Desire Eyetick-sign4G VoLTE
HTCHTC 10tick-sign4G VoLTE
HTCHTC 10 Life styletick-sign4G VoLTE
HTCHTC One A9tick-sign4G VoLTE
HTCHTC One E9 S dual simtick-sign4G VoLTE
HTCHTC One E9+ Dual Simtick-sign4G VoLTE
HTCHTC One M8tick-sign4G VoLTE
HTCHTC One M8 Eyetick-sign4G VoLTE
HTCHTC One M9 Plustick-sign4G VoLTE
HTCHTC One M9etick-sign4G VoLTE
HTCHTC One ME Dual Simtick-sign4G VoLTE
HTCHTC One X9tick-sign4G VoLTE
HuaweiHuawei Holly 2 Plustick-sign4G VoLTE
HuaweiHuawei Honor 4Ctick-sign4G VoLTE
HuaweiHuawei Honor 4Xtick-sign4G VoLTE
HuaweiHuawei honor 5Ctick-sign4G VoLTE
HuaweiHuawei honor 5Xtick-sign4G VoLTE
HuaweiHuawei Honor 6tick-sign4G VoLTE
HuaweiHuawei honor Bee 4Gtick-sign4G VoLTE
HuaweiHuawei honor 6 Plustick-sign4G VoLTE
HuaweiHuawei honor 7tick-sign4G VoLTE
HuaweiHuawei Nexus 6Ptick-sign4G VoLTE
HuaweiHuawei P9tick-sign4G VoLTE
ItelItel SelfiePro it1511tick-sign4G VoLTE
ItelItel Wish it1512tick-sign4G VoLTE
ItelItel SelfiePro it1520tick-sign4G VoLTE
InFocusInFocus Bingo 50+tick-sign4G VoLTE
InFocusInFocus M370itick-sign4G VoLTE
InFocusInFocus M425tick-sign4G VoLTE
InFocusInFocus M430tick-sign4G VoLTE
InFocusInFocus M460tick-sign4G VoLTE
InFocusInFocus M535tick-sign4G VoLTE
InFocusInFocus M535+tick-sign4G VoLTE
InFocusInFocus M680tick-sign4G VoLTE
InFocusInFocus M808itick-sign4G VoLTE
InFocusInFocus M812itick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Aqua 4Gtick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Aqua 4G Startick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Aqua 4G Strongtick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Aqua 4G Plustick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Aqua Acetick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Aqua Ace 2tick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Aqua Ace Minitick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Aqua Crazetick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Aqua Eco 4Gtick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Aqua GenXtick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Aqua Musictick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Aqua Power 4Gtick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Aqua Razetick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Aqua S7tick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Aqua Securetick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Aqua Shine 4Gtick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Aqua Strong 5.1tick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Aqua Supertick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Aqua Trendtick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Aqua Turbo 4Gtick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Aqua Viewtick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Aqua Viewtick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Cloud 4G Smarttick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Cloud 4G Startick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Cloud Crystal 2.5Dtick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Cloud Fame 4Gtick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Cloud Flashtick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Cloud Glory 4G/a>tick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Cloud Jeweltick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Cloud String HDtick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Cloud String V2.0tick-sign4G VoLTE
IntexIntex Cloud Swifttick-sign4G VoLTE
LGLG K7 LTEtick-sign4G VoLTE
LGLG Stylus 2tick-sign4G VoLTE
LGLG K535D (LG Stylus 2 Plus)tick-sign4G VoLTE
LGLGH630D (LG G4 Stylus 4G)tick-sign4G VoLTE
LGLGH 442 (LGC70 LG Spirit LTE)tick-sign4G VoLTE
LGLG K500I ( LG X Screen)tick-sign4G VoLTE
LGLG G5tick-sign4G VoLTE
LGLG K520DYtick-sign4G VoLTE
KarbonnKarbonn Aura 1tick-sign4G VoLTE
KarbonnKarbonn Aura Powertick-sign4G VoLTE
KarbonnKarbonn Quattro L55 HDtick-sign4G VoLTE
KarbonnKarbonn Quattro L52 VRtick-sign4G VoLTE
KarbonnKarbonn Quattro L51 HDtick-sign4G VoLTE
KarbonnKarbonn Quattro L50 HDtick-sign4G VoLTE
KarbonnKarbonn Quattro L45 IPStick-sign4G VoLTE
LeEcoLeEco Le 1stick-sign4G VoLTE
LeEcoLeEco Le 1s Ecotick-sign4G VoLTE
LeEcoLeEco Le Maxtick-sign4G VoLTE
LeEcoLeEco Le 2tick-sign4G VoLTE
LeEcoLeEco Le Max 2tick-sign4G VoLTE
LenovoLenovo A6600tick-sign4G VoLTE
LenovoLenovo A6600tick-sign4G VoLTE
LenovoLenovo A7700tick-sign4G VoLTE
LenovoLenovo A2010tick-sign4G VoLTE
LenovoLenovo A2020tick-sign4G VoLTE
LenovoLenovo A6000tick-sign4G VoLTE
LenovoLenovo A6000 shottick-sign4G VoLTE
LenovoLenovo A7000tick-sign4G VoLTE
LenovoLenovo A7000 Turbotick-sign4G VoLTE
LenovoLenovo K3 Notetick-sign4G VoLTE
LenovoLenovo Vibe K4 Notetick-sign4G VoLTE
LenovoLenovo Vibe K5tick-sign4G VoLTE
LenovoLenovo Vibe K5 Notetick-sign4G VoLTE
LenovoLenovo Vibe K5 Plustick-sign4G VoLTE
LenovoLenovo Vibe P1tick-sign4G VoLTE
LenovoLenovo Vibe P1mtick-sign4G VoLTE
LenovoLenovo Vibe S1tick-sign4G VoLTE
LenovoLenovo Vibe Shottick-sign4G VoLTE
LenovoLenovo Vibe X3tick-sign4G VoLTE
LenovoLenovo ZUK Z1tick-sign4G VoLTE
LavaLAVA A71tick-sign4G VoLTE
LavaLava A72tick-sign4G VoLTE
LavaLava A76tick-sign4G VoLTE
LavaLava A76 Plustick-sign4G VoLTE
LavaLava A88tick-sign4G VoLTE
LavaLava A89tick-sign4G VoLTE
LavaLava A97tick-sign4G VoLTE
LavaLava Ivory S 4gtick-sign4G VoLTE
LavaLava V5 Mtick-sign4G VoLTE
LavaLava Pixel V2tick-sign4G VoLTE
LavaLava V2stick-sign4G VoLTE
LavaLava X10tick-sign4G VoLTE
LavaLava X11tick-sign4G VoLTE
LavaLava X12tick-sign4G VoLTE
LavaLava X17tick-sign4G VoLTE
LavaLava X28tick-sign4G VoLTE
LavaLava X38tick-sign4G VoLTE
LavaLava X41tick-sign4G VoLTE
LavaLava X41 Plustick-sign4G VoLTE
LavaLava X46tick-sign4G VoLTE
LavaLava X50tick-sign4G VoLTE
LavaLava X50 Plustick-sign4G VoLTE
LavaLava X81tick-sign4G VoLTE
MotorolaMotorola Moto E (2nd Gen)tick-sign4G VoLTE
MotorolaMotorola Moto G (2nd Gen)tick-sign4G VoLTE
MotorolaMotorola Moto G (3rd Gen)tick-sign4G VoLTE
MotorolaMotorola Moto G3 Turbo Editiontick-sign4G VoLTE
MotorolaMotorola Moto G4tick-sign4G VoLTE
MotorolaMotorola Moto G4 Playtick-sign4G VoLTE
MotorolaMotorola Moto G4 Plustick-sign4G VoLTE
MotorolaMotorola Moto X (2nd Gen)tick-sign4G VoLTE
MotorolaMotorola Moto X Forcetick-sign4G VoLTE
MotorolaMotorola Moto X Playtick-sign4G VoLTE
MotorolaMotorola Moto X Styletick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Bolt Selfie tick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Canvas 5tick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Canvas 5 Litetick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Canvas 5 Lite Special Editiontick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Canvas 6tick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Canvas 6 Protick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Canvas Amaze 4Gtick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Canvas Blaze 4Gtick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Canvas Blaze 4G Plustick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Canvas Evoktick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Canvas Fire 4Gtick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Canvas Fire 4G plustick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Canvas Fire 6tick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Canvas Juice 4Gtick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Canvas Knight 2tick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Canvas Mega 2tick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Canvas Mega 4Gtick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Canvas Nitro 4Gtick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Canvas Pace 4Gtick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Canvas Play 4Gtick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Canvas Pulse 4Gtick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Canvas Sliver 5tick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Canvas Tabtick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Canvas Unite 4tick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Canvas Xpress 4Gtick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Unite 4 Plustick-sign4G VoLTE
Micromax Micromax Unite 4 Protick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A3tick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A5tick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A5 2016tick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A5 Duostick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A7tick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A7 2016tick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy A8tick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy Alphatick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy Core Primetick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy Grand Maxtick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy J Maxtick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy J1 Acetick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy J2tick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy J2 2016tick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy J2 Protick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy J3tick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy J5tick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy J5 2016tick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy J7tick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy J7tick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy K Zoomtick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S5 Plustick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S4tick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S4 4Gtick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S5 Neotick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S6tick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S6 EDGEtick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S6 EDGE Plustick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S7tick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S7 EDGEtick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Note 3tick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Note 4tick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Note 5tick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Note 5 Duostick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Note 7tick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Note EDGEtick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Grand Primetick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung ON 5tick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung ON 5 Protick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung On 7tick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung On 7 Protick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Z2tick-sign4G VoLTE
SamsungSamsung Z3tick-sign4G VoLTE
SansuiSansui S50 FD45Stick-sign4G VoLTE
SonySony Xperia XAtick-sign4G VoLTE
SonySony Xperia XA Ultratick-sign4G VoLTE
SonySony Xperia X (F5122)tick-sign4G VoLTE
SonySony Xperia Z5 Dual (E6883)tick-sign4G VoLTE
SonySony Xperia Z5 Premium Dualtick-sign4G VoLTE
TCLTCL 560tick-sign4G VoLTE
TCLTCL 562tick-sign4G VoLTE
TCLTCL FIT 5.5tick-sign4G VoLTE
TCLTCL Pride T500Ltick-sign4G VoLTE
OnePlusOneplus Onetick-sign4G VoLTE
OnePlusOneplus 2tick-sign4G VoLTE
OnePlusOneplus 3tick-sign4G VoLTE
OnePlusOneplus Xtick-sign4G VoLTE
OPPOOPPO F1tick-sign4G VoLTE
OPPOOPPO A37tick-sign4G VoLTE
OPPOOPPO F1 Plustick-sign4G VoLTE
OPPOOPPO F1stick-sign4G VoLTE
OPPOOPPO Neo 7tick-sign4G VoLTE
OPPOOPPO R7ktick-sign4G VoLTE
PanasonicPanasonic ELUGA A2tick-sign4G VoLTE
PanasonicPanasonic ELUGA Arctick-sign4G VoLTE
PanasonicPanasonic ELUGA Ltick-sign4G VoLTE
PanasonicPanasonic ELUGA I2 (1GB )tick-sign4G VoLTE
PanasonicPanasonic ELUGA Arc 2tick-sign4G VoLTE
PanasonicPanasonic ELUGA L2tick-sign4G VoLTE
PanasonicPanasonic ELUGA I2 2GBtick-sign4G VoLTE
PanasonicPanasonic ELUGA I2 3GBtick-sign4G VoLTE
PanasonicPanasonic ELUGA I3tick-sign4G VoLTE
PanasonicPanasonic ELUGA Switchtick-sign4G VoLTE
PanasonicPanasonic ELUGA Icon T42tick-sign4G VoLTE
PanasonicPanasonic ELUGA Icon 2tick-sign4G VoLTE
PanasonicPanasonic ELUGA Marktick-sign4G VoLTE
PanasonicPanasonic ELUGA Turbotick-sign4G VoLTE
PanasonicPanasonic ELUGA Notetick-sign4G VoLTE
PanasonicPanasonic P55 Novo 4Gtick-sign4G VoLTE
PanasonicPanasonic P77tick-sign4G VoLTE
VideoconCube 3 V50JLtick-sign4G VoLTE
VideoconVideocon Graphite1 V45EDtick-sign4G VoLTE
VideoconVideocon Krypton 3 V50JG,tick-sign4G VoLTE
VideoconVideocon Q1tick-sign4G VoLTE
VideoconVideocon V50FA3tick-sign4G VoLTE
VideoconVideocon V50FG6tick-sign4G VoLTE
VideoconGraphite1 V45EDtick-sign4G VoLTE
VivoVivo V3tick-sign4G VoLTE
VivoVivo V3Maxtick-sign4G VoLTE
VivoVivo Y51Ltick-sign4G VoLTE
VivoVivo Y21Ltick-sign4G VoLTE
XiaomiXiaomi Redmi 2 Primetick-sign4G VoLTE
XiaomiXiaomi Redmi 2tick-sign4G VoLTE
XiaomiXiaomi Mi4itick-sign4G VoLTE
XiaomiXiaomi Redmi Note 4Gtick-sign4G VoLTE
XiaomiXiaomi Redmi Note 3tick-sign4G VoLTE
XiaomiXiaomi Mi5tick-sign4G VoLTE
XiaomiXiaomi Redmi Note 4G Primetick-sign4G VoLTE
XiaomiXiaomi Mi Maxtick-sign4G VoLTE
XiaomiXiaomi Redmi 3stick-sign4G VoLTE
XiaomiXiaomi Redmi 3s Primetick-sign4G VoLTE
XoloXolo Black-1X Mtick-sign4G VoLTE
XoloXolo era 1Xtick-sign4G VoLTE
XoloXolo era 2Xtick-sign4G VoLTE
XoloXolo era 4Gtick-sign4G VoLTE
XoloXolo era 4Gtick-sign4G VoLTE
XoloXolo era Xtick-sign4G VoLTE
YUYU Yuphoriatick-sign4G VoLTE
YUYU Yureka Notetick-sign4G VoLTE
YUYU Yureka Stick-sign4G VoLTE
YUYU Yureka Plustick-sign4G VoLTE
YUYU Yuniquetick-sign4G VoLTE
YUYU Yunique Plustick-sign4G VoLTE
YUYU Yunicorntick-sign4G VoLTE

Already got Jio Sim

If you already got Jio Sim but waiting for activation then Fix Jio sim Activation time

Got Activation SMS but stuck in tele-verification then Fix: Jio Tele-Verification SMS after successful Activation

You can easily fix If your Jio Sim offer 2GB data, 100 Mins & 100SMS limit and and waiting for Welcome Offer activation.

Slow Speed in Jio 4G ?

Then, Fix Jio Speed Throttling Issue for ultimate speed available in your location.

You 4g phone is not listed under Jio Welcome Offer list ?

If your 4G phone is not listed under Jio Welcome Offer the please follow tutorial:

Get Jio Preview Offer code & 4G Sim for Any 4g Phone

Once you generate offer code visit Reliance Digital Store or DX Mini Store, along with documents and collect 4G Sim.

How to choose best 4g mobile for Reliance Jio

First of all be sure to concentrate on your usage pattern.

Plus point of using Jio 4g is your mobile will remain connected to Band 5 (850Mhz) most of the time – This band has wide coverage but slow speed ! – For wide coverage in 850Mhz band, your mobile won't switch network multiple times and will consume less battery.

Next 4g mobile must have Band 3, 5 & 40 to get full benefits from Jio services.

If your usage pattern is limited to more voice & less data then you can buy any entry level 4G mobile with VoLTE support with moderate battery backup.

For users with tendency of using more data mainly the high-speed data (band 40), 4g Phone needs powerful battery backup. Jio is using 3 4g bands and they fluctuate a lot due to low-coverage – This makes battery drain fast.

Benefits of choosing MTK Chip over Qualcomm is that you can select any LTE band manually thanks to ‘MTK engineering app' which is not available for Qualcomm Chips. Exynos Chip also allows users to choose 4g bands manually though ‘Service mode'

Jio is now working on ‘Carrier Aggregation' upgrade to boost 4G speed by combining two FDD band (3 & 5) or FDD+TDD bands or similar. This will later fix slow speed issue in both MTK & Qualcomm Chip (Due to lack of band selection option obviously)

We have thoughtfully reviewed 4g mobiles and picked up the best for you. You can buy any of the following VoLTE supported 4G mobiles for better service while using Reliance Jio 4g sim.

Following 4g phones will also work with upcoming Airtel (Band 40), Idea (Band 3) & Vodafone (Band 3) 4g VoLTE services. 

VoLTE mobiles under 50000

4G MobileJio BandsSpecsPrice
Google Pixel
Google Pixel
B3, B5, B40RAM: 4GB
CPU: SD 821
Battery: 2770mAh
Internal: 128GB
Rs 66000
Google Pixel XL
Google Pixel xl
B3, B5, B40RAM: 4GB
CPU: SD 821
Battery: 3450mAh
Internal: 128GB
Rs 76000
Apple iPhone 7 Plus
B3, B5, B40RAM: 2GB
CPU: A10 Fusio
Battery: 2900mAh
Internal: 128GB
Rs 82,000
Samsung Galxy S7
B3, B5, B40RAM: 3GB
CPU: Exynos 8890
Battery: 3000mAh
Internal: 32GB
Rs 43,400
Apple iPhone 6s
B3, B5, B40RAM: 2GB
Battery: 1900mAh
Internal: 16GB
Rs 47,499
B3, B5, B40RAM: 4GB
CPU: SD 820
Battery: 2800mAh
Internal: 32GB
Rs 40,993
Galaxy Note 5 DS
B3, B5, B40RAM: 4GB
CPU: Exynos 7420
Battery: 3000mAh
Internal: 32GB
Rs 46,900
Huawei P9
B3, B5, B40RAM: 3GB
CPU: Kirin 955
Battery: 3000mAh
Internal: 32GB
Rs 39,999

VoLTE mobiles under 30000

MobileJio BandsSpecsPrice
OnePlus 3
B3, B5, B40RAM: 6GB
CPU: SD 820
Battery: 3000 mAh
Internal: 64GB
Rs 27,999
Honor 8
Honor 8
B3, B5, B40RAM: 4GB
CPU: Kirin 950
Battery: 3000 mAh
Internal: 32GB
Rs 29,999
LeEco LeMax 2 4GB
B3, B5, B40RAM: 4GB
CPU: SD 820
Battery: 3100 mAh
Internal: 32GB
Rs 22,999
Asus Zenfone 3 3GB
B3, B5, B40RAM: 3GB
CPU: SD 625
Battery: 2650 mAh
Internal: 32GB
Rs 21,999

VoLTE mobiles under 20000

PhoneJio BandsSpecsPrice
Galaxy On Nxt
Galaxy On Nxt
B3, B5, B40RAM: 3GB
CPU: Exynos 7870
Battery: 3300mAh
Internal: 32GB
Rs 18,490
Gionee S6s
B3, B5, B40RAM: 3GB
CPU: MT6753
Battery: 3150mAh
Internal: 32GB
Rs 17, 778
Moto X Play
B3, B5, B40RAM: 2GB
CPU:SD 615
Battery: 3630mAh
Internal: 32GB
Rs 17,499
Galaxy On 8
B3, B5, B40RAM: 3GB
CPU: Exynos 7870
Battery: 3300mAh
Internal: 16GB
Rs 15,900

VoLTE mobiles under 15000

4G MobileJio BandsSpecsPrice
LeEco Le 2
B3, B5, B40RAM: 3GB
CPU: SD 652
Battery: 3000 mAh
Internal: 32GB
Rs 11, 999
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
B3, B5, B40RAM: 3GB
CPU: MT6753
Battery: 4050 mAh
Internal: 32GB
Rs 11,999
Lenovo Vibe K5 Note
B3, B5, B40RAM: 4GB
CPU: Helio P10
Battery: 3000 mAh
Internal: 32GB
Rs 13, 499
Xiaomi Mi Max
B3, B5, B40RAM: 3GB
CPU: SD 650
Battery: 4850 mAh
Internal: 32GB
Rs 14,999
Galaxy J5 2016
B3, B5, B40RAM: 2GB
CPU: SD 410
Battery: 3100 mAh
Internal: 32GB
Rs 14,999

VoLTE mobiles under 10000

4G MobileJio BandsSpecsPrice
Xioami Redmi Note 3S
B3, B5, B40RAM: 3GB
CPU: SD 430
Battery: 4100 mAh
Internal: 32GB
Rs 8,999
LeEco Le 1s
B3, B5, B40RAM: 3GB
CPU: Helio X10
Battery: 3000 mAh
Internal: 32GB
Rs 9,999
Asus Zenfone Max
B3, B5, B40RAM: 2GB
CPU: SD 615
Battery: 5000 mAh
Internal: 32GB
Rs 9,999
Samsung On 5 Pro
B3, B5, B40RAM: 2GB
CPU: Exynos 3475
Battery: 2600 mAh
Internal: 16GB
Rs 8,690
Coolpad Note 3 Plus
B3, B40RAM: 3GB
CPU: MT6753
Battery: 3000 mAh
Internal: 16GB
Rs 8,999

VoLTE mobiles under 8000

4G MobileJio BandsSpecsPrice
Lenovo VIBE P1m
B3, B5, B40RAM: 2GB
CPU: MT6735P
Battery: 3900 mAh
Internal: 16GB
Rs 6,999
Coolpad Mega 2.5D
B3, B5, B40RAM: 3GB
CPU: MT6735P
Battery: 2500 mAh
Internal: 16GB
Rs 6,999
Moto E3 Power
B3, B5, B40RAM: 2GB
CPU: MT6735P
Battery: 3500 mAh
Internal: 16GB
Rs 7,998
Samsung Tizen Z3
B3, B5, B40RAM: 1GB
CPU: Spreadtrum
Battery: 2600 mAh
Internal: 8GB
Rs 5,590

VoLTE & VoWiFi supported 4g Mobiles

LYFLYF Earth 1tick-signtick-sign
LYFLYF Earth 2tick-signtick-sign
LYFLYF Wind 1tick-signtick-sign
LYFLYF Wind 2tick-signtick-sign
LYFLYF Wind 3tick-signtick-sign
LYFLYF Wind 4tick-signtick-sign
LYFLYF Wind 5tick-signtick-sign
LYFLYF Wind 6tick-signtick-sign
LYFLYF Wind 7tick-signtick-sign
LYFLYF Flame 1tick-signtick-sign
LYFLYF Flame 2tick-signtick-sign
LYFLYF Flame 3tick-signtick-sign
LYFLYF Flame 4tick-signtick-sign
LYFLYF Flame 5tick-signtick-sign
LYFLYF Flame 6tick-signtick-sign
LYFLYF Flame 7tick-signtick-sign
LYFLYF Flame 7tick-signtick-sign
LYFLYF Water 1tick-signtick-sign
LYFLYF Water 2tick-signtick-sign
LYFLYF Water 4tick-signtick-sign
LYFLYF Water 5tick-signtick-sign
LYFLYF Water 6tick-signtick-sign
LYFLYF Water 7tick-signtick-sign
LYFLYF Water 8tick-signtick-sign
LYFLYF Water 10tick-signtick-sign
LYFLYF Water 10tick-signtick-sign

List of 4G Phones working with Jio Sim

If you manage to generate Jio offer code then you will get 4G sim with following mobiles

BrandPhoneJio Welcome Offer
AppleiPhone 6tick-sign
AppleiPhone 6Stick-sign
AppleiPhone 6S Plustick-sign
AppleiPhone SEtick-sign
CoolpadCoolpad Maxtick-sign
CoolpadMega 2.5Dtick-sign
CoolpadCoolpad Note 3tick-sign
CoolpadCoolpad Note 3 Litetick-sign
GoogleNexus 5Xtick-sign
GoogleNexus 6tick-sign
HuaweiHonor 5Atick-sign
HuaweiHuawei Ascend D2
HuaweiHuawei Ascend P7tick-sign
HuaweiHuawei Nexus 6Ptick-sign
HTCHTC Desire 524tick-sign
HTCHTC Desire 526tick-sign
HTCHTC Desire EYEtick-sign
HTCHTC J Butterflytick-sign
InFocusInfocus M370tick-sign
KarbonnKarbonn Quattro L45 IPS,
KarbonnKarbonn A71tick-sign
LGLG G3tick-sign
LGLG K7tick-sign
LGLG X camtick-sign
LGLG Stylus 2tick-sign
LGLG Spirit LTEtick-sign
LGLG Stylo/ LG Stylustick-sign
LGLG Optimus Vu IItick-sign
LGLG Optimus LTE IIItick-sign
LGLG Optimus LTE 2tick-sign
LGLG Optimus GXtick-sign
LGLG isai VLtick-sign
LGNexus 5Xtick-sign
LGLG Googletick-sign
LGLG G4tick-sign
LGLG G3tick-sign
LGLG G2tick-sign
LGLG G Protick-sign
LGLG G Flex 2tick-sign
LGLG G Flextick-sign
LGLG G3 4G LTE 32GBtick-sign
LGLG G4 Stylus 4Gtick-sign
LGLG Spirit 4Gtick-sign
LGLG X Camtick-sign
LGLG K520 - Stylus 2tick-sign
LGLG K10tick-sign
LeEcoLeEco Max 2tick-sign
LeEcoLeEco Le 2 Protick-sign
LenovoLenovo Z2 Protick-sign
LenovoLenovo Vibe Shottick-sign
LenovoLenovo A6000 Plus
LumiaLeEco Max 2tick-sign
LumiaLumia 640tick-sign
LumiaLumia 640XLtick-sign
LumiaLumia 735tick-sign
LumiaLumia 830tick-sign
LumiaLumia 950tick-sign
LumiaLumia 950XLtick-sign
MicromaxCanvas Sliver 5 (Q450)tick-sign
MicromaxCanvas Mega 2 Q426tick-sign
NextbitNextbit Robintick-sign
OnidaOnida I4G1tick-sign
QiKUQiKU Q Terratick-sign
SonySony Xperia Z2 Tablettick-sign
SonySony Xperia Z3tick-sign
SonySony Xperia Z3tick-sign
SonySony Xperia Z4tick-sign
SonySony Xperia Z4 Tablettick-sign
SonySony Xperia A4tick-sign
SonySony Xperia M4 Aqua Dualtick-sign
SonySony Xperia SPtick-sign
SonySony Xperia Z2tick-sign
VivoVivo Y21Ltick-sign
ZopoZopo Speed 8tick-sign
ZTEZTE Blade S6tick-sign
ZTEZTE Blade S6 Plustick-sign

4G mobile is missing from Jio VoLTE support list !

No problem, You can either contact mobile vendor via Chat or Mail-Support or keep eyes on this page for further details on VoLTE supported phones

List of 4g supported phone without VoLTE

Phones added below support 4g without VoLTE option. VoLTE is missing for now, feature may be added later via OTA update – You can use Jio4gVoice app to make HD calls & SMS.

BrandPhone4G LTEVoLTE
AcerLiquid Z530, Liquid Jade 2, Liquid Jade Primo Yes No
AlcatePride T500L, POP 4+, Pop star Yes No
BlackBerryClassic Q20, Blackberry Leap, Blackberry Passport,
Blackberry Porsche P9982, Blackberry Porsche P9983, Dtek 50
Yes No
BenqT3 Yes No
BLULife MarkYes No
ElephoneP7000, S2 Plus Yes No
GioneeCTRL V6L LTE, Elife S7, Elife E8, F103, Marathon M4,
Marathon M5, Marathon M5 Plus, S8, Elife S6, F105, P7 Max, S6pro
 Yes No
HuaweiHonor 6 Plus, Honor 7i, Mate 8, P8 Yes No
iBeryyAuxus Stunner, Auxus Prime P8000 Yes No
iBallCobalt 5.5F Youva, Cobalt Solus 4G Yes No
InfocusM530, M810 Yes No
ItelT1411, IT1512, it1520, SelfiePro it1511 Yes No
LavaLava V5, Lava A76, Lava Iris X10, Lava V2(3gb) Yes No
LenovoA6010, A6000 Plus, K3 Note Music, Lenovo Phab Plus,
Lenovo S90,Vive X2
 Yes No
MeizuM3 Note Yes No
MicromaxCanvas Nitro 3 4G, Bolt Ninja 4G (Q4201), Bolt Selfie (Q424),
Bolt Supreme 6 (Q409)
 Yes No
MicrosoftLumia 640 Dual,Lumia 640 XL LTE Dual, Lumia 950 Xl Dual Yes No
MotorolaMoto X 2nd, Moto G 3rd, Moto X Force, Moto Turbo Yes No
OPPOOPPO X, OPPO Neo 7 4g, R7 Lite, R7 Plus, R5, N3, R5S Yes No
PepsiP1 Yes No
PhiacommPhicomm Energy 653 Yes No
QikuN4 Yes No
SamsungGalaxy J1 4G, Grand Prime 4G, Galaxy S5 Plus Yes No
SonyXperia M4 Dual, Xperia C4 Dual, Xperia C5 Ultra, Xperia Z3,
Xperia M5, Xperia M5 Dual,
Xperia Z3 Plus, Xperia Z1 Compact, Xperia Z3 Compact,
Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact, E4G Dual
 Yes No
SwipeSwipe Elite 2, Swipe Elite Note, Swipe Elite Plus Yes No
TCLPride T500L, P561U(fit 5.5) Yes No
TP-LinkNeffos C5 Max (TP702B), Neffos C5L(TP601B) Yes No
WibridgeBLEU WI 208 Yes No
WickedLeakWammy Note 5 Yes No
Wor(l)dSpace Phone 5GS Yes No
XiaomiRedmi 2 8GB, Mi4i, Redmi Note Prime, Mi 4C, Redmi Note 2 Yes No
ZopoSpeed 8 Yes No
ZTEGrand X Max Plus, Nubia Z7 Mini Yes No

Note: If you don't get VoLTE OTA update for now please use Jio4gVoice app to experience same benefits. Please note that Jio Welcome Offer is available only for selected 4G VoLTE phones.

Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE Supported Phones [Updated]
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  1. Sony Xperia z3 plus (6553)
    Whether it is a Volte support phone or not????!!!!

  2. My Redmi 2 Prime are not able call now.Earliar that is doing.What happen.

  3. I can not make call without using net.
    In your link my fones support volye but how can i do this..??
    My fone is moto x play..

  4. sir, My phone is lava grand2. but jio not supportet my phone.

  5. My blue studio 6 4GLTE not geting connection .I get barcode same phone and sim activated . try another phones working good

  6. I am using micromax canvas 4g nitro.when Jio app download my phone is hanging..why ?is it not support Jio sim

  7. Wow great work, hardwork is seen in writing and updating the article. One all in one guide for buying phome jio network

  8. My mobile is gionee m5 lite which shown in your list is volte but not support volte any tips…

  9. Kenobi vibe ke note which shown in your list is volte but not support volte any tips…

  10. Dear
    I am using gionee m5 lite
    I want volte… .. .. .. Please sir

  11. The Achilles heel of Jio 4G VoLTE is the software itself. While it affords HD voice calls and users enjoyed it during the Welcome period, it is bound to get corrupted at the slightest mishandling by way of changing Sim cards.. Recharging and updating this software is quite expensive. Reliance Jio must enable their service centers to do the update freely rather than passing it over to third parties.

  12. What about HTC desire 10 pro…Can i use jio sim in that phone? It doesnt supports voLTE.. I wanted to buy that phone. Please reply me …!!

  13. I have YU UNICORN VOLTE mobile but I can not make call & receive a call

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