Jio offers 2GB 4G data, 100 Mins call & 100 SMS under Preview offer

Jio offers just 2GB 4g data, 100 mins call & 100 SMS to 4g customers under Preview offers for few days.  LYF phone & Jio Sim combo offers unlimited 4g data, HD calls & SMS for three months – Due to heavy demand of Jio 4g mobile combo offer & lack of sufficient experts , New 4g Preview offer activation get delayed day-by-day fr every new customers.

Many new Jio customers are complaining their disappointment on activation of 4G Preview offer aka unlimited 4g downloading offer.  People bought LYF+ Jio Sim combo offer thinking they could get unlimited service from fast day while truth is it needs further official document verification & plan activation in back-end.

Well, problem is not demand but problem is hope.

Jio now only operator who offers wide network coverage & obviously true high-speed internet @ Cheap Pricing  Speed is much faster than any other existing 4g operators compared to pricing & data usage.

Coming to the point, Jio 2gb 4g data, 100 Mins call & 100 SMS seems a fault or misuse of FRC (First Recharge Coupon) or any other official issue but it doesn't change in offering provided by Jio Preview scheme – Unlimited 4g data + Unlimited HD calls & SMS.

Q: What to do next as my Jio account shows 2GB 4G data, 100 Mins call & 100 SMS ?

Due to huge demand, activation of Jio Preview offer got delayed but It will activate shortly.

If you found anything as stated in following app then please keep patient.

jio prevoew offer activation problem

Your Jio Preview offer will be activated in few hours/days after Tele Verification.

Q: I have completed Tele Verification but still didn't get Jio unlimited offer !

If you spend few days in waiting then you have two option to complete for having service activated in few hours.

  1. Visit to Jio Store and ask them to solve your problem
  2.  Just shoot a mail to with complete details

First option is better – Make sure to visit Jio store from which you bought LYF device+ Jio Sim.

Fix Jio 2GB data problem & Activate Unlimited offer in minute

Simple solution working for many people, you can try to activate unlimited access.

Method 1: (LYF mobile)

  1. Make sure LYF handset is turned off
  2. Put Jio sim in 2nd sim-slot and wait 2 or 3 minutes
  3.  Now turn on mobile and wait at least 1 minute
  4. Turn off mobile
  5. Now put Jio sim in 1st sim-slot of LYF handset
  6. Turn on mobile and wait few seconds
  7. You will get configuration message.
  8. Now you have successfully activated Jio Preview offer
  9. Check your account information for confirmation

Method 2: (Any 4G mobile)

If above method failed to work for you then follow steps below:

Remember: Do not Turn on mobile data until Steps ask to enable.

  1. Connect your mobile to WiFi Internet
  2. Go to and sign up using your Jio No & mail you've given Jio Store employee during Sim Activation
  3.  Download MyJio v3.2.05 app and install
  4. Go to settings > App > MyJio > Tap ‘CLEAR DATA'
  5. Open MyJio app and ‘Install All' app one-by-one
  6. Once installations complete > Close all background apps
  7. Disconnect mobile from WiFI Internet for now
  8. Open MyJio app > Now open MyJio dashboard by taping ‘Open' link on right side
  9. You will get 3 options on ‘MyJio front page': Get Jio Sim, Sign in and Sign up
  10. Tap on ‘Get Jio Sim' button
  11. You will see ‘No Internet Connection' – leave the page as it is
  12. Now, Turn on Jio mobile data and,
  13. Go back to ‘No Internet Connection' page in MyJio dashboard
  14. Tap back button to go back to ‘MyJio front page'
  15. ### (If you get ‘Update' app pop-up message then very quickly complete Step 14 & 16)
  16. Select ‘Sign in' and login using your Jio ID (Just created in Step 2)
  17. After signing in wait for 20 seconds, you will have a pop-up message saying: ‘Install apps and get Jio Preview Offer', apps including Jio Play, JioOnDemand, Jio Beats & Jio Money and a ‘Submit' button
  18.  Tap ‘Submit' button only
  19. In seconds you will get MyJio dashboard with details like : “Enjoy Jio Preview Offer Complementary Unlimited access to Digital life till …(Date)”
  20. You have successfully activated Jio Preview Offer for 90 days.

Sudden rise in demand of Jio Preview offer made Jio Team little busy but failure of such simple activation just before commercial launch would definitely make people disappoint since a big wave of activation gonna come just after commercial launch & how can Jio handle those many activation of plans, pack &  services !

Jio offers 2GB 4G data, 100 Mins call & 100 SMS under Preview offer


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