Get Jio Preview Offer code & 4G Sim for Any 4g Phone

Finally, Jio launches 4G Preview offer for all 4G supported phones – Samsung, Lenovo, Sony, Apple, Xiaomi, LeEco, Motorola, Asus, OnePlus, Micromax, Coolpad, Intex, ZTE, Huawei etc. Now follow simple steps to get Jio offer code for 4g sim for any 4g mobile.

After having a lot of criticism for LYF handset, Jio extends the Preview offer availability to Samsung mobile and┬áJio silently introduces same offer for rest of the 4g mobile phones. After the launch of ‘LYF only Preview offer' through ‘Invite code', Jio was selling LYF mobiles without invite almost all leading cities. Now everyone having 4g mobile & interest in Jio 4g can have Jio sim.

Invite code is still required to get Jio Sim for any 4G mobile except LYF. All you need is to generate offer code for ‘Jio Preview Offer' and bring it to Jio Store for sim & activation. Follow simple steps to get official ‘Offer code' & have sim instantly.

How to get Jio sim for any 4g mobile

We have got a lot of mails requesting process to get Jio sim for any 4g supported mobiles. Jio silently launches this service for all 4g mobiles – You need to follow steps below to get your Jio sim & Preview Offer which gives unlimited 4g, HD calls & SMS for 3 months.

Make sure GPS is on in your 4g mobile. You will get better coverage & speed if your mobile supports all three Jio LTE bands which are 3, 5 & 40.

Step 1: Connect your mobile to WiFi & switch on cellular data

Step 2: Go to PlayStore > download & Install MyJio app (###: Jio updated MyJio app & fixed bug, you need to download MyJio v3.2.05 & install and then follow steps below as usual for generating offer code.)

Step 3: Now open MyJio & tap ‘Install All apps‘ > install all apps one-by-one

Remember: Don't leave a single app – Install all apps and Do not open any apps before generating Offer code for your mobile.

Step 4: After installing all apps, just exit MyJio app for now

Step 5: Now, Turn off WiFi or Cellular data & launch MyJio App

Step 6: Under MyJio dashboard just open ‘MyJio' link

stp 1

Step 7: Now you can see ‘Get Jio Sim' link on startup > Now turn on WiFi or cellular data again

Step 8: Tap ‘Get Jio Sim' to go to next step

stp 2

Step 9: On ‘Offer details' page tap ‘Agree & Get Jio Offer' link

stp 3

Step 10: On ‘Eligibility Check‘ page, if you found ‘The Offer is currently not available in your location' then after selecting your State be sure to select nearest city of town to get ‘Available in your area' check mark. Now tap ‘Next' link

stp 4

Step 11: Next page : ‘Get offer in few steps‘ shows you steps for getting Jio 4g sim: Just tap on ‘Next' link

stp 5

Step 12: On very next page, press ‘Allow' for MyJio access to storage etc for automatically saving generated ‘Offer code' in Gallery.

stp 6

Step 13: You can further tap on ‘Next' links to check necessary documents for ‘POA' & ‘POI' & to find nearest Jio store.

stp 7

Now you have successfully generated offer code to get Jio 4g sim for your 4g mobile. From next time, you will directly get offer code on MyJio app every time you open it.

Step 14: Now Print out offer code & bring it along with Aadhar Card, Voter Card, One Passport Size Photo, PAN Card No to Jio store for Jio sim & further activation.

No matter what the company your mobile belongs to – you can get offer code for Jio sim with the help of method we stated above. If you face any issue during working on above process feel free to ask for help.

If you face any issue at Jio store or even found Customer care has no info about such offering then please be calm & keep patient. Codes generated recently will have expiry date such as August 6 or later. Store employee can activate sim as well as offer for any 4g supported mobile as long as he/she provides invite code but authorization is still pending for 4g phones except LYF & Samsung.

Get Jio Preview Offer code & 4G Sim for Any 4g Phone

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  1. i didn’t get the welcome code. but jio sim is working perfectly in my 4G mobile. can u pls guide me to get barcode(ZTE blade qlux 4G)

  2. I cannot receive “get jio sim”
    I’m using acer z 530 mobile it’s a lte supported mobile

    What the hell i can’t receive “get jio sim”

  3. Meizu m2 is not support jio 4g voice only run for jio net. Please help and give advice for jio 4g voice run .

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