How to Bypass FRP Lock in LYF Phone (3 Fixes)

Now easily bypass LYF phone FRP lock & use mobile without visiting service center. If you stuck in Google ID signing in process after performing a ‘Phone Reset' or ‘Hard Reset' LYF phone then unlocking FRP is only solution to get access to phone again. FRP is short form of ‘Factory Reset Protection' which blocks the device from misuse and allows genuine owner by authenticating initial Google ID that was used to sync info.

Most of LYF phones are very slow in performance, a ‘Phone reset' or ‘Hard reset' can make it run faster in most cases. After every use of ‘Phone reset' or ‘Hard reset LYF phone' > Due to ‘Factory Reset Protection' phone requires owner's user account to login to specific Earth, Water, Wind or Flame series phones. Android phone blocks users from initial setup for every attempt to enter wrong Google ID, which results phone as useless until customers visit service center & fix issue.

LYF phones

How to hard reset LYF Phone ?

Any LYF phone user can do that – Firstly turn off mobile > Then keep pressing ‘Volume Up' & ‘Power button' simultaneously until phone starts and leave button > In seconds ‘Recovery Menu‘ will come front.

You need to use Volume button Down to select ‘Wipe data/factory reset' option and then select ‘Yes ..Delete all user data' > then ‘Power button' to start Hard reset – Once done, phone will boot up normally.

What happen after Hard Reset LYF phone ?

Phone starts and, asks you to select ‘Language' then WiFi and then It checks connection & Phone Updates > Now it's time to enter Google ID > If you give ID that used to activate google service for first time then everything will start normally but if you failed to enter correct ID, you will get message like ‘Please sign in using one of the owner's accounts for this device‘ for the fact of ‘FRP (Factory Reset Protection)'.

You may face such message even after entering correct Google ID in some cases – To fix issue you may call LYF Care or send mail but visiting service center will be the only answer. Visiting service center is waste of time – since fix is available. You can solve it yourself.

How to bypass Factory Reset Protection Lock in LYF Phone

You may apply solutions to FRP lock problem in any LYF phone including Earth, Water, Wind & Flame. You can try any of solution to fix FRP lock issue in LYF.

Solution 1: Enable Google ID new device or application sign in authentication

  1. Be sure to remember the Google ID that you used to login Google apps & sync data
  2. Now sign in to Gmail and check right-bottom area showing message : “Last account activity: xx hours ago Details
  3. Click on ‘Details' link then click on ‘Sign out all other web session‘ under ‘Activity on this account
  4. Now visit: Signing into a new device or application page and press ‘Continue' button for success
  5. Once ‘Account access enabled', go back to LYF phone & try to login with same ID again.
  6. You will now get access to LYF phone initial setups

Solution 2: Bypass FRP by resetting LYF Phone after hard Reset

This solution will work for both Phone reset or Hard reset & when you get message : ‘Please sign in using one of the owner's accounts for this device' on Google ID login‘. First of all remove Sim cards & memory card from LYF phone. Be sure your are under a WiFi network.

  1. Select Language in LYF phone and Continue
  2. Be sure WiFi network is available – Don't connect, just tap on ‘Add another Network'
  3. Once Keyboard opens > Keep pressing a button located between ‘?123' & ‘Spacebar' until you find a small ‘Setting' icon
  4. Swipe up to select ‘Setting' icon.
  5. Then, Select ‘Languages
  6. Now, press LYF ‘Menu' button
  7. Tap Google search option & write down just ‘Set' > ‘Settings' icon will appear shortly
  8. Select ‘Settings' icon
  9. Scroll down to ‘Backup & reset' button > tap to select
  10. Select ‘Factory data reset‘ > then ‘Reset phone‘ > then  ‘Erase everything
  11. LYF phone will reboot & auto-erase everything
  12. Phone will take few minutes to start again – Don't panic.
  13. you have now successfully bypassed LYF FRP lock
  14. When phone starts, don't connect WiFi and just complete initial setups
  15. Now open Google play & login with any ID you like.

Resting LYF mobile for seconds time will completely remove ‘Factory Reset Protection'. You can use any of the Google account to configure apps & settings.

Solution 3: Bypass FRP Lock in LYF phone by enabling ‘OEM Unlocking'

If solution 1 & 2 don't work for you then please don't panic –  3rd one will work without any further problem. Be sure you have removed Sim cards & memory chip.

  1. Follow all steps from 1 to 8 in Solution 2
  2. Once you are in ‘Settings‘ > Just scroll down & select ‘About phone'
  3. Now tap ‘Build number' for 7 times to enable ‘Development setting'
  4. Go back to ‘Settings' > Open ‘Developer options' located just above ‘About phone'
  5. Now enable ‘OEM Unlocking' located above ‘Process stats' under ‘Developer options'
  6. Go back to ‘Settings' > Select ‘Backup & reset' button
  7. Select ‘Factory data reset‘ > then ‘Reset phone‘ > then  ‘Erase everything
  8. LYF phone will auto-erase everything & reboot
  9. you have now successfully bypassed LYF FRP lock in LYF phone
  10. When phone starts > just complete initial setup
  11. Now open Google Playstore & login with any ID you like.

Not just LYF phones but you can also use above solutions to bypass FRP lock in Samsung, Nexus, HP, LG, Motorola & other devices. ‘OEM Unlocking' option is available in very few of handsets.

How to Bypass FRP Lock in LYF Phone (3 Fixes)
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  1. No 6 in 2nd method. Menu button is useless in lyf wind. I cant move forward

  2. Almost Everyone have the same problem..
    Without Gmail ID and password we have one solution..

  3. Thanks Guys, My phone is Unlocked Now, Just Need to Know Is there any Trick that can make LYF Mobile to Use Any other SIm other Then JIO in Slot 1?

  4. Same problem…after 6th Google account appeared…what to do???

  5. build number is not showing anything after tapping 7 times… now how to open developer options……???

  6. सर मेरा LYF LS-5016 का FRP RESET नहीं हो पा रहा है प्लीज़ सहायता कीजिये

    1. Hi Muzammil,

      Kindly follow ‘Solution 3,’
      Very easy – all you need to follow steps carefully,
      For any other help feel free to add comment.


      1. Hiii sir phone lyf flame 8 ..after reset …device required google account i forget my account what will i do ..plz help me

  7. Mine is lyf water… press menu… problem I cant get googlr tap menu plzzz hlp

  8. sir , my lyf ls 4008 is not working show setting ? how fix and go ahed this

  9. hi my phone model number is LS-5015,

    I am not able to frp reset , actually I forgot the google username and all things and I am not able to open my phone after update of it. so .. please kindly helpful…

  10. None of d above metion is workin in ma lyf flame 8 fone ..
    What do i do ??
    Hepl me guyz plz..!!!

  11. lyf ls-4006 is not solving. after factory reset, it skip option in the wifi connecting step is not enable.
    The step i did:
    long press “@”> setting icon>google keyboard setting>………..>open source licenses>text mark>search> setting>i hit more then 7 times in “build number” but no developer options, then> factory data reset>reset phone>………….the problem of frp lock is not yet solving.

    1. Hi Prem,
      Be sure to enable ‘Developer Option’, only then you can enable ‘OEM unlocking’.
      Follow ‘Solution 3’ – It’s workin for almost all LYF phones.

  12. worked flawlessly…

    when u press menu button… you will get normal google search option in the top of the screen…

    at first i too struggled at that step… but then found it…

    thanks again…

  13. sir please help me mera phone lyf wind 7 hai mai phone kp reset kiya ho aur email id password nahi hai mere pass kaisa phone start hoga sir please help

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  15. Lyf water 7 me developers option hai ya nahi aur agar hai to WO kaha hai?

    1. Ya, option is available there but you need to unlock it to make visible under setting panel.

  16. Sir main apne LYF flame 8 ka pattern lock bhool gaya hoon aur mujhe without factory reset ke apne device ko unlock karna h. please help me,sir me…!

  17. after selecting languages in setting nothing comes on pressing menu button. if I select Google keyboard setting about Google keyboard and help and feedback appears and after tapping on that nothing happens

  18. after selecting languages in setting nothing comes on pressing menu button. if I select Google keyboard setting about Google keyboard and help and feedback appears and after tapping on that nothing happens. Many of our user are facing same problem. Plzz reply

  19. solution 2 works for me
    proper guide:
    select “google key board” by pressing space bar
    then press ” , (comma left to space bar)” to go to setting then select “google key board” not “language”
    then select three dot at right up corner
    select “about google keyboard”
    then select “open source license”
    then long press any text and select “search symbol” from menu at right up side
    then enter “setting” in google and wait till you see “setting with symbol” don’t press search
    now setting is opened
    follow solution 2 or 3
    in my case solution didn’t work. solution 2 works.

  20. Thanks soooooo much I really appreciate I clicked Build number seven times and it opened developer option where I enabled the OEM then Reseted it, my phone is now in a good dtatus…BRAVO.

  21. When i press space bar afte.? 123 then show for what key board u slect

  22. The 3 solutions are not helped me
    My phone is LYF LS-5002
    Is there anything else we can do?

  23. The 3 solutions are not helped me
    My phone is LYF LS-5002
    Is there anything else we can do?

  24. sir Mara lyf f8 lock ho gya tha..hert reset liya lakin google account bhul gya…plzzz kaisa unlock kry

  25. The 3 solutions are not helped me
    My phone is LYF LS-5002
    Is there anything else we can do?

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  28. I have a active 7 and iv been locked out for 6 months now restit for got my passward sihn in changed it now it wont let me for nothing it just sayd password resently change try again in 72 hours

  29. after reaching language,, menu button unable to take me forward.please help not working

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