Hard Reset JioFi to Restore Settings Factory default

If you forget Jiofi login or system encounters any error, you need to hard reset Jiofi to restore settings factory default. After master reset Jiofi will start working with settings available out of the box. Users may encounters system failure or need to recover login details to access WiFi Router in working mode.

Resetting Jiofi is very simple but little tricky. Jio manufactures Jiofi under LYF brand. Every WiFi Router comes with Hardware Reset button which normally placed over device with an icon indicating RESET button functionality.

Jiofi too have hardware Reset button which help users to factory Reset Jiofi if users forget login details or WiFi details or system meets any software failure.

jiofi hardware reset button

Jio comes with only One button on top : Power button. LYF placed Jiofi hardware Reset button inside device which is why it remains hidden to users.

Find Jiofi Hardware reset Button

Jiofi Hardware Reset button is located near WPS button.

  • Remove Jiofi back cover
  • Check ‘Reset' text above WPS button
  • Check a small ‘tunnel' near ‘RESET'
  • A small button is located at the end of Tunnel
  • This ‘Small button' is Jiofi hardware Reset button

button to reset jiofi

How to Factory Reset Jiofi

To master reset Jiofi or hard reset Jiofi all you need is a ‘Safety Pin' or ‘Sim Ejector Pin'.

Before proceeding to next step A. Remove Jiofi back-cover B. Keep device turned on and C. Check JioFi box for default login details

Step 1. Take ‘Sim Ejector Pin' and Jiofi module

Step 2. Insert ‘Sim Ejector Pin' to JioFi Reset button carefully

master reset jiofi to factory default

Step 3. Keep pressing the ‘Small button' located inside, for 60 seconds and release.

Step 4. Jiofi will start blinking & reboot automatically and, start again after resetting Jiofi to factory default.

Step 5.  Now Turn on WiFi in PC or Android > Connect to Jiofi WiFi network (JioFi2_4EF140 or similar)

Step 6. Open Internet browser and enter ‘jiofi.local.html/index.html' and hit ‘Enter' or ‘Go' button

Step 7. To login to Jiofi ‘Web based Admin' page use both username & password as: administrator

Once Admin page open, follow Jiofi complete Setup & FAQ page to get best system configuration and best Jio 4G experience.

Hard Reset JioFi to Restore Settings Factory default
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  1. Hii. .
    when I type jio.local.html on chrome. its say network locked! Please insert valid jio sim card..
    I already insert jio sim.
    how to resolve this problem.

    Thanks. .

  2. Hi Shivam,
    You are typing wrong address, correct one is: jiofi.local.html/index.html

  3. Hii. .Rahul thank you for reply.
    I insert jio mifi SIM card in to another phone.
    If I type is: jiofi.local.html/index.html on
    chrome. its say network locked! Please insert valid jio sim card..
    I already insert jio sim.
    how to resolve this problem.

    1. hi shivam ,

      I am also facing same problem if u have find the solution please do reply.

  4. my jiofi not working no reset only blinking battery led nothing other led

    1. that means u r board was problem u need to change power supply in board..

      in my jiofi same problem so i am replaced with customer care

    1. Please call jio customer care 199 and aks them to send you PUK code for JioFi number.

  5. My wifi indicator on jiofi keeps blinking. I hard reset the device but no luck. No device gets connected to the jiofi either. Please help

  6. One query. I have put jiofi sim in 4g LTE enabled phone. Am able to make calls and send SMS but just not able to use data. Have restarted phone and is using default APN setting but the data is still not working. Can you help.

    1. Hi Amiy,

      Only Voice call will work in 4G phone if you insert JiFi sim to any other 4g mobile. Data won’t work before your preview offer expires.

      After the last date of preview offer, insert JiFi sim to any 4G mobile > C0nnect mobile to WiFi internet> Check MyJio app > If it shows welcome offer then sim will work in 4g mobile otherwise use sim in Jiofi.

      Better don’t try to use in any 4G mobile – You may lose Preview offer in JioFi.

  7. default password of the device showing incorrect plz help not able to connect wifi

  8. hi can i tether jiofi to router via usb cable please help.. as you shared a link to tether lyf android phones

    1. Hi Tejash,

      Connect Jiofi to PC using data cable and leave everything as it is. Jiofi will automatically tether connection.

  9. Tele verification has been completed for my sim,while connecting jiofi router connection status shows : “no sim” and also PIN shows :”SIM card does not exist,please check it:”
    Could you please help me on this?

    1. Hi SriRams,

      Remove sim and reset your device for once > Then insert sim and connect jiofi to mobile or PC & check what error is coming.

    1. Hi Sidharth,

      Kindly check pictures in article carefully – Reset button is located near WPS button..

      If you still not get option then visit Jio Store and aks any employee to give you details of nearest LYF service centers.

      LYF service center will inspect your device and replace or fix it for any hardware related issues.


  10. My wifi indicator on jiofi keeps blinking. I hard reset the device but no User connected. No device gets connected to the jiofi either. Please help Plzz Help me Plz Plzz Plzz….

    1. Hi Amar Kumar,

      Kindly download LYF Care app from Google store, register your Jiofi there and contact support system by mail or phone.

      Your device seems get damaged due to some reasons. If you manage to connect device anyway then be sure to make ‘SSID broadcast’ enabled.

      Feel free to ask for any other help.

  11. Hi Rahul,
    I have a query that whenever I am changing my password i.e security key and again try to connect my cell with the router with the new password,it does not connect by saying authentication problem..

    1. Hi Amit,

      We always encourage users to use strong password.
      Well, for your case, be sure to use password like 12345678 a or so on and try to connect WiFi – If you failed then be sure to change SSID and try again later.

      Also be sure to check whether MAC protection is enabled or not.
      If you failed to enter correct password then mail it to your email id then copy & paste it to where necessary.

      Hop you will fix issue now !

      For anything more feel free to aks.

  12. hi rahul ,

    can we use jiofi jio sim , into other jiofi or 4g mobile or it is locked to particular jiofi.

  13. WiFi symbol is blue due to which not able to connect the devices try resting the device but the symbol of WiFi us blue only

    Reply urgently

  14. Hi
    I am getting an error no 4G frequently on my device. After rebooting the network is again available. How to resolve the issue.

  15. I forgot my password in jiofi2 how can I can I reset it? Pls help me out.

  16. Hi, I forgot the Jio Fi2 web Admin Password. Does the reset button on router changes the web admin password also. Please suggest any way to reset or recover it. Help please.

  17. Hi,
    I bought jiofi while the preview offer was going on, nw it has changed to welcome offer, how can I reset it to preview offer again? N wen I try to call up the customer care service my call isn’t attended, rings for 10 mins n disconnects. Pls help.

  18. hi
    I buy new jiofi router
    and I disable wifi from login menu
    then how to enable it
    on laptop it shows HIDDEN NETWORK

  19. jio fi router cant connected with 3g mobile.so it is not possible to make calls.please show me any way to call through jiofi router.

  20. Thanks. Please speed me valuable articles by new telecom.

  21. Hi rahul, Iam able to reset the factory settings but jiofi not connected to network after restart.Jiofi network symbol is blinking with red light. Plzzz help me

    1. How you reset factory setting in dongle without jio connection. My dongle facing same issue, 4G network LED keep blinking. How to resolve?

  22. I have reset the jiofi device
    But after reset, the device is not accepting the password which is on device box…
    Please help me to connect my device with my PC or phone..

  23. i just perches jiofi. while login in my PC I made some mistake and now the massage problem with wireless adapter or access point is displace is display while troubleshooting

  24. My jio dongle is not getting started. It only has a blinking battery led on. No network from the dongle. Please suggest what need to done. I already tried factory rest button

  25. Sir,i want to know how to reset Admin login and password of jiofi 2,i hv forgot my password…

  26. Sir maine apna jio fi 2 ka mac setting enabled kr diya uske bad koi v divice connect nhi ho rha hai kaise hoga

    1. Hi Sandeep, now reset your device and connect with USB cable to PC and use “Administrator” for both as ID and Pwd. You will be able to connect again. Then change pwd at http://jiofi.local.html/

      1. I have gone to Mac address filter and disabled the Mac address
        Now I’m not getting connected to jiofi
        His to solve it
        Plz plz plz help

  27. Sir maine apna jio fi 2 ka mac setting enabled kr diya uske bad koi v divice connect nhi ho rha hai kaise hoga

  28. Rahul sir jee koi solotion batao mac adress enable kar diya hai ab device connect nahi ho rahi hai aur usb tethering connect nahi ho rahi

    1. Vivekm,

      Kindly reset jiofi to restore settings – Just follow above steps.
      Once you complete JioFi reset steps, follow this page : http://www.newstelecom.info/2016/08/jiofi-complete-setup-faq/ to finish rest of the settings.

      If you want to keep SSID open then better Hide it.

      And be sure to add at least two MAC adresses in list if you want to use MAC Filter, so that backup works while primary MAC failed to get access to JioFI setup.

      For anything more feel free to add comment.


  29. Kisi kee pass koi solution hai to mera whatsapp no. 09697297380 msg karo mein call back kar doon gaa

  30. Hello friends
    I have purchase a jiomifi2 router new one and reach the home and open it simple installation sim insart so and so but battery light network light on red light blinking ,WiFi connect my mobile but ….not working please help me and solution

  31. I changed mac settings so my jiofi wifi led starts blinking and it do not connect any device. But then i hard reset my module but still get the same problem, i can see my jiofi_506250 name under available network but it do not connect. And i am writing right default password. please help me

  32. Rahul sir maine device reset bee kee lekin connect nahi ho rahi pc ke sath bee nahi

    1. Hi Vivek,

      Be sure you are getting default JioFi SSID > Use default password given in JioFi box or ‘inside module’

      Don’t worry, there might be some issue in connection but once you enter correct login details, PC will connect WiFi instantly.

      For more contact use via contact page, with same mail & ID given here – We will try our best to solve issue.


  33. 192. 168. 1. 1 rahul jee yeh link see hua aur drvice se sim bahar nikal dee thee

  34. Me and my wife bought the jiofi – for the past few days both of them says “Wifi Disabled” – please help us.

  35. Hello rahul
    My jiofi router just showing battery level indicator.when i am tryning to press power button unable to switch on

  36. hello sir I just reset my jiofi 3 and after that its showing on red light in all 3 panels what can i do?

  37. Hello
    I have disabled SSID and saved it so my phone is disconnected from the device. How to again enable SSID?

  38. When I tried to change the password it shows error in username when I enter administrator fa both username n password! What to do?

  39. Sir i have lost my jiofi device how can i get back the device.

  40. Sir i have lost my jiofi device how can i get back the device. Sir plz help me out and i have complained about this occurrence in police and lodged an FIR.

    1. for Jiofi3 you can directly attached the device in laptop/pc USB and open in your web browser and login as
      ID: admin
      Passowrd: admin
      and change/restore password/setting of dongle

  41. I forget username and password of Jiofi 3 router, plz guide me how to reset it.

    1. The jiofi login : jiofi-local-html.com username and password both are “administrator”.

  42. Sir i bought jio fi 3 and then i downlad aap jio voice and connected to jio fi its work aap call and msg but after i insett anoyher jio sim in jio fi then i connected to jio voice i verifie that sim but i used older sim in jio fi3 and then i connted to android phone i use that app jio voicr its didnot vrrify that numbrr. Please help..what i do that jio fi drvice connrcted to jio voicr aaps.

  43. Kindly shutout my issue concern to configuration of jio4gvoice apps with jiofi.i’m tried to 100times to tackle to prob by using several ways re-installing,restart phone, resetting but I have not connect.then what I do after I could use as usual

  44. Iam using jiofi3.jio4gvoice showing to configur&asking to put OTP.actualy no otp is sent to me at my other given mo.number.pls give solution

  45. I done all the steps which are and all mentioned above but its not working my wifi device shows me that its securied only pls help me to solve this problem

    1. remove the battery of your device and the password is written on the device in small letters below ssid

  46. I am used jiofi3.but my problem auto wifi disconnect. Please solve my prblm.

  47. I can’t able to login my jiofi3 divice with
    user name:administrator and
    password :administrator

  48. DEAR SIR

    मैं जिओफि ३ का पासवर्ड /यूजर नाम भूल गया अब कैसे लॉगिन कर सकते है
    commodity : router JMR540(BLACK) HAI


  49. For last two days my jio sim is not geting detected in jiofi2 device andd red color notification keeps on blinking. Even i tried to reset the device still no result. Please fix this issue.

  50. My router is wifi disabled network is there on screen wifi is disabled how can I fix it & my router has one power and one WPS button where can I find reset button

  51. mine says DNS server is not found
    after reset therealso it says the same .
    the last thing i remembered is i changed network signal into manual
    to ipv4 only. after that i not logged in.
    please give me a solution.

  52. I m doing same thing but my joifi is not reset…please suggest me other method to resetting jio fi err outer..thanks .

  53. i am set my jiofi mac address,when i reset my phone wifi not connet. what i do connect my jiofi.

  54. Sir maine setting me jake mac address enable kar diya tha ab mera phone jiofi se connect nahi ho raha kya ksrun me plzzz help me

    1. This is common problem of JioFi users, don’t panic !
      Check JioFi box for default username & password and note down these information in secure place so that you never lose them in future.

      Now follow above steps to reset JioFi and use default login details to enter setup once again.

      Always remeber to add at least two MAC adress – One is always accessible & trusted – So that you can use that trusted device to reset others in case you forget details anytime further.

      1. Sir i forget to add MAC address. Now no device can be connected.. .what should i do now.. I cannt findout the reset button either

    2. bro.. dont worry
      mere sath bhe aissa hua tha apne router ko usb cable sai laptop mai connect kr lao uske baad jio net chalna suru ho jayega wapis sai login krne k baad setting mai change ho jayega

    3. connet jiofi via usb to your pc having windows os click on my computer then click on network there you will see jiofi router device right click on it then click on view device web page you will be redirected to jiofi interface enter password and username which is administrator and there you go

  55. To reset jiofi3 Follow the steps

    1, First remove your back cover of your jiofi3(and also make sure to don’t remove battery)

    2, Next take paper clip or sim card ejector( I strongly recommended you to don’t use safety pin, or any other sharp objects)

    3, you can see a small hole in the top of the battery. And that is the rest button.

    4, press and hold the button in the hole with sim card ejector while the LED Lights in the front start blink.(remove pin at the first blink)

    5, After it complete, the LED must be in red. It change after 5 Seconds

    6,You’re done!.Once the LED comes normally you can access your WIFI.
    With the default Jiofi ID & Password, the comes with the router and
    On its package.

    7, You can change your password and jio address by
    These Html- http://jiofi.local.htm

    Thanks For read this.

  56. i change my mac address setting from disable to enable on my jio admin setting then i press the apply button
    after that my routerjiofi_2 not able to connect to any device after even factory resetting plz help

    1. i changed the ssid and password of my jio fi than my jio voice app stopped working what should i do

  57. Hello. My jio wifi looks like different as u dhown in this artical. I want to reset but how.. .

    1. No problem. You can login local page (for detailed information: ‘www.jiofilocalhtml.com’) then change it.

  58. Good morning sir i am use the Samsung Galaxy j2 but jio sim se bat nahi hota o problem aaj tak hai please help me

  59. my jiofi3 device stuck on red battery sign, when i attach the charger it start blinking green after restart but only battery sign nothing happens after it.

  60. Sir I need to change the password of jiofi …..but when I login to or by adding html or or other address it didn’t get opened ….so m unable to change my password now

  61. I have jiofi 2,, even I reset this for 2 times ,then all so I’m not getting red signal ie:-no

  62. Dear Sir ,

    After change my SSID name & PWD the router ,the JIOFI device to connect to my Laptop or mobile phone.

    when i want to connect then showing password & i am putting the new password,then connect ,after few second ”Establishing a connection to ”new user name” timed out.please try again later. this is showing in my laptop or smart phone.
    how can i connect kindly give me some idea.

  63. In my jiofi 3 router when i am starting router than display shows that wifi disable so plese responce to this comment that what is the problem in my router

  64. i change my mac address setting from disable to enable on my jio admin setting then i press the apply button
    after that my routerjiofi_2 not able to connect to any device after even factory resetting plz help

  65. Sir maine setting me jake mac address ko disenable kar diya tha ab mera jio router mobile se connect nahi ho raha reset ke baad bhi kya hai iska solution me plzzz help me


    1. Power on the device
      Open the back cover of device
      Look for reset printed on the body of case (just under wps switch)
      Look for a rectangular tunnel hole near letter R of reset.
      Insert a tooth pick in the hole till end feel switch is being pressed
      Now connect the device in wifi and login using the password printed on the router packing box.
      Thats all

  67. I have Jiofi 3 and I have buy it a few days ago. for two days so that its site is jiofi.local.html/ It was running properly in my browser, but when I deleted the history of my Chrome browser So this site stopped working please tell me how can i run this site in my browser.

  68. Sir mere jiofi me 4gvice call app install hone ke bad me nahi chal raha hai
    Bata raha hai ki unable to send otp please change your alternate mobile number to a valid mobile number using my jio

  69. Everything is working fine… but Upnp isn’t working For tungle neither manual port forwarding … What to do..??

  70. thanks a lot for giving me this detailed information about how to know the forgotten password I really appreciate you

  71. Sir my jiofi2 is not connecting any device after resseting also.So plzz tell me how to fix it

  72. I have enabled mac filtering from my jiofi2. And it is not connectting to any device.sir tell me what to do

  73. This really works….thanku as my joifi password is now recovered….
    Thanks :-)

  74. When ever I turn it on and my device seems to connected It is says Sign in to wifi network… I am unable to sign into that..

  75. Sir,
    I have broblems to log in for changing password, when I put the username and password as administrator than, it gives the password is incorrect.
    Sir please solve my problem as soon as possible.

  76. Hi Sir
    I have purchased jiofi 2 last week. Although it works fine,net speed is good but there is one issue which i am facing from past 2-3 days. When i turn on the dongle white light starts blinking and the internet starts as usual but after 2-3 hours the white light stops blinking and the net stops. I have to again press the white button to start it again.
    Can you help me out with this issue. I would me more than glad.


  77. If you want to change your jiofi Wifi and password simply type then login where the username and password is administrator then click on settings then wifi then change your wifi name and password click apply and then it will be done

  78. My jiofi3 device stuck at red battery signal,not switching on..plz help me..

  79. I Have already Restart Jio wifi Device By not connecting my MOBILE DEVICE (ANdroid) ,
    IN a device Right corner Third ONE SIGNAL is blue Indication ,
    otherwise not connected my device why ?

  80. Whether I keep jio modem in switched on with jio sim or switched off and remove battery while resetting??

  81. After changing the user name and password.
    after some days I forget it please help me your frd

  82. i can’t login user name and password error.2nd time try to change my password

  83. my jio fi 3 login username and password is showing incorrect i have tried several times

  84. Hi,
    None of led indicator is glowing except power led which blinks for 3 times but device not starting.
    What to do???

  85. my jiofi 2 device not turn on.
    please help how to solv this provlem
    but i connect the charger to this device.
    the device blinking light

  86. I have forgotten my login password . user name : admin .but password is forgotten .how to reset or retrieve it
    alfa cheroor

  87. I have forgot my login password and username but password is forgotten .how to reset or retrieve it

  88. i forgot my jio logiin id password of jiof4 please tell me how to get my password

  89. sir my jiofi dosent looks same as u have showned there is no reset botton plese help mee

  90. HI.
    Im using JioFI 4 and I have forgotten my login username and password. I have tried resting the device by simultaneously pressing the power button and the wps button but the blue lights are not blinking. please help

  91. Dear sir,
    Is it possible to do reset for jio dongle2 first model,which is connect with usb charger.And i am trying to change the password, by using , and is showing login failed.What should i do.Please give me an idea
    Thank you

  92. my administrator pswd changed. now i forget the pswd. what i do?
    plz help me

  93. Hii. .
    when I type jio.local.html on chrome. its say network locked! Please insert valid jio sim card..
    I already insert jio sim.
    how to resolve this problem.
    any one have solution please tell me .

    Thanks. .

  94. Guys please give full step by step directions when you direct somebody and do not take into account the person’s commonsense to do the job because he/she will follow your directions as provided. So with that being said I will like to add a step between 5 and 6:

    STEP 5 1/2 :

    After you connect your wifi router again, you will be asked for a password again. This is the password that is written in the back of the product under the battery. That is, this is the password that came with the product.

    After this you follow step 6 as directed.

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