How to fix Jio Speed Throttling Issue [Solutions]

Jio speed throttling problem is completely in contrast with what Jio promised to offer with 4G Preview Offer. Jio with such massive bandwidth & availability starts throttling speed for users engaged in heavy downloading even few users are complaining about speed cap issue in Jio 4g just after starting services for few days.

Jio Preview offer is known as truly unlimited service when it comes to fact of downloading over 4G LTE, HD Voice/Video calling & sending SMS. But, Jio seems to put cap in speed once users crosses some unknown limit.

According to Jio Customer care : “Preview offer is truly unlimited & no cap in speed or data usage. Problem persists in server from which you are downloading or streaming contents

Jio Speed Throttling Issue

Truth is when users downloading or streaming contents from same server & sitting in same place using Airtel 3G or Vodafone 3G or Idea 3G or even Reliance 3G, services are working fine without any further issue.

Jio Speed Throttling Issues

Issue 1:  Speed available in Google Play store & YouTube but rest of the sites give slow speed

Issue 2: Play Store loading slowly but YouTube working fine

Issue 3: Torrents are working fine but direct-downloading sites are providing pathetic speed !

Issue 4: Browsing Speed is OK but downloading speed throttling a lot

Issue 5: HostSpot speed across Smartphones is fine but Internet speed in PC/Mac is very slow for downloading

More issues are there, if you are having any other problems then add issues here.

There are so many cases are available of Jio 4G where users are facing speed cap problem. Jio Preview users are feeling being cheated in the name of Preview Offer at the end of the day.

Airtel also using Band 40 for 4G but Vodafone using Band 3 for same 4G with greater speed. Jio is intentionally capping speed in Band 3 & 5 and checking network load in Band 40. Company will, definitely, upgrade speed & remove throttling cap after commercial launch.

Well, Jio is yet to start commercial service & Customers care representatives can simply ignore you by stating Jio 4G is now in Beta mode & Jio team will fix issue soon.

How to Fix Jio Speed Throttling Issues

If you are one of them facing Jio speed throttling issue  you can follow any of the following fixes to resolve your problem.

Fix 1: Speedify : Working solution to fix Jio slow download Speed

Now-a-day, Jio 4g become 2g causing normal browsing speed 23kBps to 100kBps and downloading speed 300kBps to 500kBps. But while streaming AGM channel through JioTV speed increases to above 30mbps – This is happening because Jio is throttling 4g speed.


We've tested many fixes to increase Jio speed for both browsing & downloading but few of them work in reality – and Speedify is best of them.

Speedify is one of the best solution to fix Jio slow speed issue and it works like charm. Speedify not only increase Jio download speed but it also increase browsing speed as well as torrent download speed to maximum level in Windows, Mac, Android & iOS devices.

Download Speedify to increase internet speed

Check Jio 4g speed before using Speedify

Jio download speed in Chrome


Jio download speed in android mobile


Check Jio 4g speed after using Speedify

Jio download speed in Chrome after using Speedify


Jio download Speed in iGetter (IDM alternative in Mac)


Jio 4g speed in Android mobile after using Speedify


Speedify routes data through fastest server resulting highest speed gain while using Jio 4G for downloading direct links or torrent or to get access to fastest browsing speed. For best speed we recommend to use unlimited 1 year plan.

Buy Speedify with 75% Off (Limited time)

Fix 2: Be sure you are connected to Band 40 for best speed, you can check article to easily Lock LTE Network to band 3, 5 or 40

Fix 3: Be sure to reboot LYF phone after any changes in APN setting. You can configure APN in following form: APN Name: Jionet, Authentication: None, APN Type: Default, supl; Bearer: LTE – Leave rest of the settings unchanged.

Fix 4: Be sure to install all Jio apps : Install MyJio app & then tap ‘Install All' link to complete installation.

Fix 5: Change mobile location to get maximum number of LTE tower-bar & Network availability

Fix 6: If you are having great speed in Jio 4G then ignore LYF phone updates at least until Preview offer expires.

Fix 7: Use USB Tethering instead of Mobile Hostpot – Range & Capacity of Mobile HostSpot in LYF  is much low.

Fix 8: Don't connect customers care they won't fix issue instead number will come under notice.

Fix 9: Clear Mobile Cache: Go to Android ‘Settings' > ‘Storage' > Clear ‘Cached data' and for Android 6.0 go to ‘Internal storage' > Clear ‘Cached data' (Thanks Navneet for this info)

Fix 10:  Check 10 Solutions to Increase Jio 4G Speed above 40mbps  and follow steps to get best 4g speed in your Jio number.

More fixes are coming, If you have one, then add fixes here.

Under Jio beta phase, most of 4G users are getting different speed in different places but few things are clear till now the Band 3 gives upto 18mbps, Band 5 gives upto 8mbps & band 40 gives upto 55mbps.

In general, Band 40 is hardly accessible from remote village or town area where band 5 is very strong is which is why users are having slow downloading & browsing speed : Check RF band in Netvelocity app to figure out current Band your phone is connected to.

How to fix Jio Speed Throttling Issue [Solutions]
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  1. My jio network in door not available plz increase network my Arya 110044 jaitpur extn 2, H block Khadaa colony

  2. Jio speed is terrible. When I have bought the

    Sim it is working good but now it’s terrible. A 2mb file takes half an hour to download.

  3. Issue: Jio internet works well in the device in which the Jio sim is there but works worse(poorer than 3g) while using it through WiFi Hotspot in laptop.

  4. Worst than Airtel 2G speed, Download speed le a ui sut² toh. 4G le a cih selou d uh hi a.

  5. Yes…..Jio speed is very slow….But the speedify app has slighly increased jio speed????????.

  6. I am very much dissappointed after buying jiofi 2.i cant even browse properly it is so slow that other 2g networks are better then it.Disgusting network

  7. How can we call it 4G…?????????? it is worst than 1G……..Reliance just looted our 2000 Rs nothing else…..

  8. Sir
    Very poor network speed & call dropped problem 0.93kb/s speed

  9. Third class network…
    No speed…
    Even 2g is faster than Jio.
    Choosing Jio sim is a blunder…
    No future of this sim..
    Advised all not to take Jio sim…
    3g is better than this false promises…my God…it is enough…
    If cant provide services…then why promt to take this Jio sim…

  10. took 20 min to download speedify app :D n finally th outcome was good indeed

  11. the promotion of jio was such that the jio network is the most fastest network ever. but it is the most slowest network i have ever seen …………..

  12. Only play store runs through my Jio sim. Nothing works except play store not even YouTube. There is always ‘!’ In front of my network. I can send messages through WhatsApp and receive them . but when I open browser it show no internet

  13. It playstore and YouTube speed is vvvvvvveeeeerrrrrryyyyyy slow plzzzzzz help


  15. Is there any point flaunt in having larger number of subscribers with Jio unless the service is up to the mark. it is too slow in comparison with other service providers. Why should one stick to Jio services …

  16. Jio service is pathetic in terms of its services … with economy people equally require proper service … Jio is no where near it when it come in terms to proper service …

  17. When I am using my broadband connection to access jio apps it is pathetically slow….Just facing this issue since 2 days….I m using jio sim….But I want to use my unlimited broadband data for watching jio TV,jio cinema etc….

  18. Why is my jio slowing down at this happy hour it was ok day before yesterday… Please help me fix this….

  19. When I am watching videos at YouTube, video streaming fine for first 20 mins and then pathetic speed.. seems it’s streaming in some kbps! Why this issue.. Jio is cheating!

  20. Recharged jio no 7888635603 with Rs 509 /= on 19- 5- 2017, My internet has become very very slow. I do not know whom to approach. It is a big cheating by the company. They should stop wasting time of customers.
    I am now telling all my friends not to go for JIO. it is all Fraud.

  21. Jio is 3 din ka sardar, Airtel /Vadafone feels little costly, but speed and network letancy is good.

    Chu network jio

  22. Ever since I recharged with 509 the speed has dropped dramatically.. I even contact customer care and his reply was just hilarious. The customer care replied that the problem is with my handset.. Damn

  23. Plz comment on jio website let them know how worst is Thier network and internet

  24. Could you please post some methods for speeding up PC connectivity? I’m using a JioFi M2S router with a jio SIM, both purchased from Reliance store. The computer downloads files at 4000 KBPS at nights (after 1:30AM) but then at daytime it downloads at 30-40 KBPS. I’m NOT moving to a different location, it’s the SAME Windows laptop, SAME router, and SAME SIM inserted in the router, but the speed is dramatically reduced in the daytime.

    Since there’s no “Android” involved (the M2S router connects to the Windows Laptop), I cannot use any “Apps”. Any idea how to maintain stable speed in my setup?

    1. Hi Songwriter,
      It’s common that day-time speed is significantly lower than night-time – This is because of high density in particular cell Band or Tower. Number of connected persons to particular tower or band is comparatively small at night which is why you face higher speed.
      Please check speed with your Android phone and note down the current speed if you found net speed on Android phone (Your or friends) is better then contact Jio support.
      For any further issue feel free to send a mail to
      We will help you to speed up PC and Net speed as much as possible.

  25. jio is worse like it come at like 12.00 am to 1.45 am and finish like 2.00 am or 5.00 am or 10.00 am in the morning why the fuck they create jio

  26. Hi ! I’m a user of Jio service.. I’m facing trouble with my jio internet speed..the speed in our area is very slow that we can’t use our data properly. If we are lucky then tge speed goes 30-40 kbps maximum either the speed stood at 7-11 kbps like now it’s showing 6kbps. I complained several times but everytime they are saying we will try we will see. Really will they? are anybody listening to us ? because of us the jio network became the India’s no 1 network service. so you’re job is to satisfy us satisfy our needs. so we request you to fix this issue..increase the speed to 500kbps atleast either we have to change our network service especially i can’t waste my money anymore on this service.
    Area- Krishnanagar New Palli , Agartala, West Tripura
    Landmark- near Bijoykumar H/S Girl’s School
    Pin- 799001

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