JioFi Complete Setup & FAQ

Now easily setup your JioFi device & access 4G internet anywhere 24×7 days – JioFi along with Jio 4G Preview offer help users to enjoy HD Calls & 40mbps+ 4G speed anywhere as long as 2300mAH battery lasts.

JioFi costs INR 2899 for device – Jio 4G Sim & Preview offer come as bundled offer along with Jio MiFi device. Price may drop after commercial launch of Jio 4G service. Reviewing LYF mobiles hardware & software specs, JioFi is better option over LYF mobile.


If you already purchased JioFi module and badly searching for how to setup JioFi for better speed and longer battery backup then all you need is to follow & process every single step stated below.

Initial Device Setup: Be sure you Jio sim is activated – Now, Insert Jio Sim > Then battery & close back cover – Press ‘Power Button' located under Jio logo to start device.

Connect Mobile/Tablet/PC/Mac/Gaming console to JioFi: Go to your device Wireless setting panel & turn on wiFi. For android – Go to ‘Settings' > WiFi > Turn ON

Now check JioFi paper box for SSID & Password.

In seconds, you will find a WiFi SSID named : JioFi 2_4EF140 or similar on WiFi panel – Just connect it with default password given in JioFi box.

Enter JioFi Web Configuration Panel: Open browser in PC/Mac/android and open address: http://jiofi.local.html/index.htm

Once you landed on Control panel you can do following task without entering admin panel.

  • Check LTE
  • Check connected LTE band
  • Check Connected users
  • Check Maximum & Minimum Speed
  • Check Battery Status
  • And more…

Enter Admin Panel : Click or tap ‘Login' link located on upper right of the screen and Enter default login:

  • Username: administrator
  • Password: administrator

Under ‘JioFi Web Configuration panel' you can modify default settings to enhance JioFi usage experience.

Warning: If you happy with default settings and don't want to jump into pool of advanced settings then skip following steps.

Note: Do not change DNS address & Hostname in any circumstances !

Be sure you are logged in to JioFi ‘Web Configuration Panel' (jiofi.local.html/index.htm) using admin login before working on following Queries:

How to activate Voice & Data service in JioFi 4G Sim ?

To activate 4G data & Voice services, please follow steps below:

To activate 4g data : Call 1800-890-1977 from registered mobile number > Select language > Enter Jio No > Enter last four digit of ID proof > Data service activation successful

To activate Voice service: Connect JioJoin app to JioFi > Place a call to 1977 > Select language > Enter Jio No > Enter last four digit of ID proof > Voice service activation successful

How to make HD Voice/Video calls using JioFi

JioJoin app allows JioFi users o make HD Voice & Video calls over WiFi.

Step 1: First of all connect Android mobile to WiFi network created by JioFi

Step 2: Install JioJoin app from Google Store

Step 3: Now open JioJoin app and grant access to contents JioJoin asks for

Step 4: On JioJoin Welcome screen, select option saying: ‘Configure JioJoin using Jio Sim number in the JioFi: XYZ'

Step 5: Wait few seconds – App will auto connect to network & Sim. Enter OTP sent to registered mobile number if JioJoin asks.

Once JioJoin app configure itself you can place call and send SMS to anyone.

How to change default SSID in JioFi

Step 1: Go to ‘Settings' Tab

Step 2: Select ‘WiFi' menu

Step 3: You will find SSID name under ‘Wi-Fi Settings'

How to change default SSID in JiFi

Step 4: Change it to anything you like & reboot JioFi.

How to Increase JioFi WiFi Range

JioFi WiFi range is low by default. You can significantly increase WiFi range by modifying default settings which completely is safe to use.

All you need is to change few settings to enhance range:

Step 1: Go to ‘Settings' Tab

Step 2: Select ‘WiFi' menu

Step 3: Change ‘802.11 Mode' to ‘2.4Ghz (N)'

Step 4: Change ‘Tx Power' to ‘High'

Step 5: Change ‘Channel mode' to ‘Manual'

Step 6: Be sure ‘Channel Selection' is set to '11'

Step 7: Now press ‘Update' then ‘Apply' button

How to Increase JioFi WiFi Range

Step 8: Reboot JioFi to save changes.

Above method is software based, if you want to extend WiFi up to 3 to 4 rooms then buy WiFi Range Extender and combine it with JioFi. This device will fix jiofi range issue for long distance.

How to change IPv4/IPv6 mode in JioFi

Step 1: Go to ‘Settings' Tab

Step 2: Select ‘LTE' menu

Step 3: Now find ‘default APN (Default PDN Connection)'

Step 4: Change default value in ‘APN for network attached': from Automatic to Manual

Step 5: Now you can see ‘IPv4/IPv6 mode' > Change value to ‘IPv4/IPv6 ‘ or ‘IPv4' or ‘IPv6'

How to change IPv4:IPv6 mode in JioFi

Step 6: ‘Apply' settings to save changes.

How to Hide JioFi SSID or WiFi Name ?

Step 1: Go to ‘Settings' Tab

Step 2: Select ‘WiFi' menu

Step 3: Now change ‘SSID broadcast' default value ‘Enable' to ‘Disable'

How to Hide JioFi SSID or WiFi Name

Step 4: Click ‘Apply' to reboot module and save changes.

How to change JioFi WiFi password ?

JioFi SSID is password protected by default which means you need to enter default password every time you need to connect to JioFi.

You can easily change password to favorite one and enjoy better access.

Step 1: Go to ‘Settings' Tab

Step 2: Select ‘WiFi' menu

Step 3: Be sure ‘Wireless security' is set to ‘WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK' and ‘Wireless Encryption type' is set to ‘AES+TKIP'

Step 4: Now enter desired password under : ‘Security Key'

How to change JioFi WiFi password

Step 5: Click on ‘Update' the ‘Apply' to save changes.

How to change default login for JioFi Control Panel

By Default, JioFi control panel login is ‘administrator' for both Username/Password. Before changing anything be sure to save login details in safe place if you later forget any details.

Step 1: Go to ‘Settings' Tab

Step 2: Select User Management” menu

Step 3:  Now enter new ‘Username', current password & new Password under ‘Account management'

How to change default login for JioFi Control Panel

Step 4: Click ‘Apply' to reboot & save changes.

How to Access JioFi Storage over Internet or WiFi

Storage sharing feature in JioFi offers great way to get access to data on different platform without copying anything. You can easily share contents with multiple persons just by using JioFi internet or WiFi connection.

Step 1: Go to  ‘Settings'

Step 2: Now select ‘Storage' from menu

Step 3: Now select ‘Enable' option in ‘Storage Account'

Step 4:  Enter ‘Storage Username' & ‘Storage Password'

You can find three types of Storage mode:

  • Local Storage: Access SD card using Data cable in Mac/PC
  • WiFI Storage: Access Storage only over WiFi network
  • Internet Storage: Access Storage from anywhere over Internet

Step 5: Now select appropriate option for getting access to SD card contents.

How to Access JioFi Storage over Internet or WiFi

Step 6: Once everything is entered correctly, click ‘Apply' button to save changes.

How to access SD Card contents ?

You can get access to SD card from both WiFi & Internet using following method :

1 If you give ‘Storage Username' : sdcard (for example) then go to following address :


2. Enter username & password to enter into Storage sharing panel

Access JioFi Storage panel

3. Now you can copy, share, upload data, create/delete folder and can do many more things.

Control panel is very simple but can play audio/video without copying anything.

How to Allow or Deny WiFi device using Mac Address Filter

You can easily deny or allow WiFi connected device by using Mac Filter feature in JioFi. Some old WLAN driver failed to detect WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK security resulting no access to WiFi network.

This can be overcome by creating Open WiFi connection but anyone can connect to Open WiFi and misuse connection – Mac Filter comes very handy in such cases.  You can also deny connection to devices you don't want using Mac Filter. Mac is physical address of any WiFi module.

Step 1: Go to  ‘Settings'

Step 2: Now select ‘Network' from menu

Step 3: Simply select ‘Enable' in ‘MAC Address Filter' option

Step 4: You can either choose ‘Allow' or ‘Deny' under ‘MAC Address Filter Mode'

Step 5: Now select ‘Add' button > Then ‘Select from UserList' and add address you want.

Step 6: You can further enable or disable ‘Status' from here

Ste 7: Click on ‘Submit' button to add to list

How to Allow or Deny WiFi device using Mac Address Filter

Step 8: Now click ‘Apply' button to save changes.

How to enable Power Saving mode in JioFi

Power Saving mode in JioFi helps to save battery when device not in use – It saves power & keep device cool.

You can enable or disable power saving mode anytime. Predefined times slots are available to select from list.

Step 1: Go to  ‘Settings'

Step 2: Now select ‘Advanced' from menu

Step 3: Select time slot available in ‘Power Save' option

How to enable Power Saving mode in JioFi

Step 4: Click ‘Apply' to save changes

After each of predefined time limit, device will go to sleep mode saving backup juice.

How to change JioFi LTE band & set to Band 40 ?

Current Firmware installed in JioFi doesn't allows to change LTE band to preferred one. JioFi automatically select band having strong signal. It may be Band 3, 5 or 40 depending on where you are residing.

Jio already started Band 3 in most of telecom circles which is why Band 3 remains connected  to JioFi in most of time resulting slow 4G speed.

For superior LTE speed, JioFi needs to select Band 40 – 2300Mhz band is widely available in popular city & towns,  for rural areas, users need to place device in a place where signal for band 40 is available.

Jio 4g slow download speed in JioFi

If you are having very slow download speed in JioFi then be sure to movie device in a location where Band40 is available.

If you are getting slow download & browsing speed even after JioFi is connected to Band 40 then your are victim of speed throttling issue. Only solution to Jio 4g speed throttling issue is Speedify


We have tested many fixes but speedify only works – It's strongly recommended for all Jio subscribers. We managed to offer Speedify (Special 75% Off) for limited time, grab unlimited yearly plan for best 4g speed result.

Be sure to check: How to fix Jio Speed Throttling Issue [Solutions]

This app helps to increase JioFi speed to max level, combine multiple WiFi network, helps to manage monthly data usage, as well as work as security manager.

How to Improve JioFi battery backup ?

If you travel a lot – You can't save battery a lot since devices lose much backup when devices changes bands – Home users may place JioFi in a place with good signal but less fluctuation.

Step 1: Go to ‘Settings'

Under ‘WiFi' menu

  • Set ‘802.11 Mode' to ‘2.4 Ghz (B)'
  • Set ‘WMM' to ‘Disable'
  • Set ‘Tx Power' to ‘Low'
  • Set ‘Channel mode' : ‘Automatic'

Under ‘Storage' menu

  • Set ‘Storage account' to ‘Disable'

Under ‘Advanced Settings'

  • Set ‘Power save' to '60 min'

Now you can save battery a lot and extends WiFi usage time.

Does JioFi generate Heat during normal use ?

NO, but Jiofi heats up a little during peak use. In normal use it generate negligible heat. Device heat up when charging too.

Slow Speed in JioFi !

Since Jiofi has no option to select Band 40 which give fastest 4G speed you may face slow browsing or downloading speed when device remains connected to Band 3 or 5.

All you need is to check LTE Status in phone or PC/MAC and place device in a place where Band 40 is available.

Any Speed Throttling Issue in JioFi ?

NO, JioFi has no speed throttling issue !

But you may notice slow download/upload speed when device is connected to Band 3 or 5. You will get maximum 4g speed when device remains connected to band 40.

JioFi Rating : (Out of 5)

  • Price: 3
  • Features: 3
  • Power Backup: 4
  • Ease of use: 4
  • Hardware: 3.5
  • Software: 2.5
  • Signal Reception: 3.5
  • 4G Speed: 4

JioFi has any limit under Preview Offer or Welcome Offer ?

No, JioFi is free from any data limit, you can download data as much as possible from day 1. There is no data limits in Jiofi.

JioFi is a great alternative to LYF phones. If you are going to buy 4G MiFi in near future then JioFi is best choice for now. You will get: JioFi + Jio 4G Sim + 90 Days Preview Offer @ just Rs 1999.

JioFi Complete Setup & FAQ
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    1. in lte setting in apn setting which one to select ipv4/ipv6 or ipv4 or ipv6? which is best for speed and overall

  1. yes we can change to manual, start joifi, connect to jiofi network login on pc or mac

  2. Hey, actually I ran into a problem. Mistakenly I enabled mac filtering and didn’t add any mac addresses in it.
    And now I am not able to connect to any device, so I reset-ed my jiofi 2 but now the wifi symbol keeps blinking..
    Any help appreciated

  3. Hi
    When i take my jiofi2 device i given alternate number for tele verification. when i configure jio join app, every time it asks OTP. how to change alternate number.

    1. Hi Kishor,
      You can easily change Alternative number.
      Go to > login to your account > Find Menu on right with your first name > Click ‘Profile Settings’ > Now click ‘Edit’ under ‘Alternative Contact’ > Enter new Number and click ‘Update’

      Now you can use new no. to verify OTP.

  4. Hii..
    by mistake I insert jio mifi sim to another 3g phone.
    now i unable to connect to Internet. .

  5. Jiofi2 is saying network locked. Please insert a valid jio Sim when I go jiofi.local.HTML/index.html
    But I inserted a valid jio Sim. How can I resolve this issue??

    1. Same problem here
      Any solutions get.
      Sent me
      Jiofi2 is saying network locked. Please insert a valid jio Sim when I go jiofi.local.HTML/index.html
      But I inserted a valid jio Sim. How can I resolve this issue??

    1. just connect jiofi with usb cable it automatically tether data no need to do anything

  6. Airtel offers a similar device but with an antenna to be fixed on the roof top of a house where cellular connectivity is poor. I would like to know if a similar provision exists with JIOFI?

  7. I did not know the intial password.So i pressed the reset button. Now the jio network is not accepting the intial password and i cannot change it as i am not connected to it.please help.

  8. Jiofi2 is saying network locked. Please insert a valid jio Sim when I go jiofi.local.HTML/index.html
    But I inserted a valid jio Sim. How can I resolve this issue??

  9. Hi , I am having issues regarding speed it’s speed is around 100 kb/s during daytime while during daytime it goes up to 20 mbps , as i noticed during daytime it is always connected to band 3 any suggestions for this , please !!

  10. Can we use JioFi while it is plugged in for charging the Battery…

  11. Can Jio fi device work .as a broadband…when the network range is low..

  12. I need Help.
    I own a Ps4, a airtel 4G mini dongle and bsnl broadband. I use them for gaming purpose only. Since Jiofi speed is better , I got one. The real problem is that I am not able to login to playstation network while using jiofi network and i even tried using samsung J2 2106 hotspot (Jiosim) but same problem.
    I tried enabling UpnP from the settings of Jio but still no good.
    So, is there anything else i need to do to fix this problem? Please Help

  13. i havent recived myjio app verification email which is valid for 24 hours and now my account is showing in active what to do customer care is not responding

  14. any idea about manage device option in my jio. ?
    Also data limit is showing as 2gb on the sim bought with jiofi any idea ?

  15. When I try to open any webpage using jiofi device it opens account exhaust page, my sim is already televerified. Please assist

  16. When I try to open any webpage using jiofi device it opens balance exhaust page, my sim is already televerified. Please assist

  17. Can I use any SIM other than JIo SIM in my JioFiDevice.

    How many Hand Sets can be used to connect with JioFi through JioJoin App.

    Is it Illegal to add more than 1 device to make call using JioJoin through JioFi

  18. I bought jiofi on September 5th and i was able to access internet on 8th, and from 9th evening i am not able to access internet, when i try to connect it says data limit has exhausted its just one day and i have not even used 1gb.
    And i am trying to call customer care from 9th night, no one is responding.

    1. Hi Ananth,

      Kindly call Jio @1995 – This is Jio Platinum Customer care – Direct connection to Executive assistant.

      Lodge your complain – Fix may take few days or hours.

  19. I am also facing the same problem as Ananth.
    Bought JioFi device on the 4th Sep. Same day after using it for an hour was denied access to internet. Getting a message data limit exhausted. Can’t get through customer care. Have been informed by tele verification team that my SIM has been erroneously entered in the system as mobile SIM hence I am not getting OTP on my alternate number. Problem unresolved even after a week of follow-up

  20. I am facing the same problem from past 28hrs i used jiofi net for just 4 hrs and now it says my data balance exhausted. In total i used 2 gb. No response from customer care

  21. My Account is activated and televarified but I am unable to access internet

    Contacted Customer care
    Here is the information which was sahred with me

    1. Initial Activation contains 2 GB data
    2. 100 calls free which will be deducted even if you call customer care
    3. 100 SMS
    4. Backend Team will enable welcome offer which contains unlimited internet, vois call and SMS facility
    In my case I am not able to use internet from Jiofi device as it’s not connecting to the network. However from Phone I am able to make calls but unable to use internet.
    Please help how to access internet

  22. Now i feel like i have been fooled. We see the offers and service expect something and trust them and this is happening and no one is even concerned to fix.I have been trying to customer care and no one respondes.Pathetic service, worthless spending i feel now.

    1. Hi Ananth,

      Having a JioFi means getting access to unlimited 4g data till last date of Preview Offer.

      Jio is taking too much time to solve any issue – This is due to overload in system thanks to sudden launch of service (Sept 5).

      Insert sim to any other 4g enabled phone > Install Jio4GVoice app > turn on data service.

      Then follow tutorial stated in

      Remember while using Sim in any other 4G module (Mobile/table) you will get ‘Welcome Offer’ with 4gb daily data limit but don’t worry !

      Later when you insert Jio sim to JioFi, your Welcome offer will become unlimited Preview Offer without any limit in usage.

      Please follow all steps carefully to ix your issue.

      For anything more feel free to add comments.

  23. Can Any one help as i have forgotten USERNAME, how to retrieve it.

  24. Bought a jiofi device and tele-activated it. But not getting network. Red led blinking slowly. Customer care says ur account is verified. Any ideas?

    Inserted other jio sim in jiofi to check, and the device works.

    Any way to get network coverage?

  25. Hi
    I got jiofi device and activated, when i try to signup for my jio app packages verication mail is send to me too late and when i try to open the mail i showing i was expired and asking me to signup agian. I tried 6 times same thing is happening and i am unable to activate my jio account.

  26. Does jiofi device come’s under wellcom offer or preview offer?
    And why there is calling app for iphone?

  27. I am thinking to lodge a complaint on jio in consumer court.its been so long days and lost my patience and they are fooling the customer with fancy offers(which doesn’t work as mentioned) and making a good business.its a fraud.

  28. Its been so long days and lost my patience and they are fooling the customer with fancy offers(which doesn’t work as mentioned) and making a good business.its a fraud.

  29. What is the pin I have to fill in LTE settings of pin operation.. Plz do tell me

  30. I have only WiFi tablet.can we make voice calls to any number from JIJOIN app with connection of jiofi hotspot device.

  31. How i can get the otp of my jiofi…
    Its also not recieve on my alternative number.

  32. My jiofi net 2gb isused not its not working…. what to do to get unlimitef net

  33. Hi please suggest shall I use my working 4g jio mobile sim in jiofi inplace of jiofi sim got with device as since televerification is also done 2 days before still showing data exausted as I have not used even 1 Mb data…

  34. Hiya. I disabled my WiFi SSID, and now my phone wont connect to it even through WPS push button. Is there a way to reconnect to the device without having to hard reset it?

  35. For all those who are using jio fi device and unable to create jio id. I also tried 8 to 10 times to verify my email id by clicking the link I received in mail.
    Finally I got solution by luck.
    So do you have any friend using his jio sim in 4G phone.
    1. Ask him to open his my jio app in his phone
    2. On sign in /sign up page ask him to sign up using your jio no.
    3. You will receive message on your handset but only when you are connected to jio fi device over Wi fi and already have jio 4G voice app installed and configured to your phone.
    4. Enter otp in your friend’s mobile my jio app, your email id then password you want to set / create then submit.
    5. You will receive verification link within 5 minutes .
    6. Check your mail id in any browser in your mobile then click on link only using jio data.
    And then volaaaaa…….
    Your jio id is created because your mail id is verified.
    Remember to stay connected with your jio fi device to your mobile and installed and configured Jio 4G voice app.
    Best of luck

  36. Hi

    I changed said mode to hidden and now I am not able to connect with jiofi inspire of adding manually the said and password given with kit.

  37. i am facing network lost issue
    myjiofi lost network oftenly by 30 min , every time i has to be reboot it to work again, i think it may be some firmware issue or anything else
    anyone help??

  38. Sir if you can please help me with UPnP and port-forward setting under gaming and apps in jiofi how to config them. Ports i need to forward are for PlayStation 4 cause my jiofi streams youtube at good speed but speed sucks on my ps4. If u can help me fix it/
    Thank You.

  39. Thanks. Great post. I am from Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) and having problems with speed. My Windows 7 desktop PC uses TP-Link for WiFi connectivity through JioFi2. My download and upload speed is very slow. What to do? Should I remove TP-Link and use tethering?
    2:50 a.m.
    showing ping at 1041ms, download 0.28Mb/s, and upload 0.26Mb/s.
    Only two 3G mobiles are connected to it besides PC

  40. I am from Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh). I had purchased JioFi2 on August 24, 2016, for Rs2899.00 that got activated on Aug 26. I am enjoying unlimited data preview offer until Nov 24, 2016. I have a Samsung 3G dual SIM phone and have MyJio app on it. Earlier, I had installed JioJoin on this Samsung phone that on making calls via Voda or Aircel SIM inquired if I wanted to route the call through JioJoin which I did not because of interconnection problems. My vows started when this app got updated to Jio4Voice as then all calls from my Voda or Aircel SIM were “forcibly” routed through Jio and got blocked due to interconnection problems. I had no option but to delete this app. Is there any other way to make 4G calls via my Samsung 3G phone routed through JioFi2?

  41. I bought the jiofi on last saturday and when i call for televerification they said it is allready verified but i unable to use data it show you have exhaust your acc. Balance but i do not use a single mb

    1. press wps and home button together for a few seconds. then you begin to enjoy the internet again. i had the same problem. i had spoken to the customer care and the problem is solved.

  42. Plzzzz say me how to change my jio user id and password and how to know my data and voice call balance
    Bcz ur costemer care no. doesn’t respond

  43. How can put website filter on my JIOFI router to block porn websites and some specific websites for mobile users in my JIOFI network ?

  44. sir mere jiofi me 4gb per day limit lag gayi hai so ab mai usse Kaisee htau?

    1. Same issue here.
      The admin should update this article.
      I purchased the JioFi device on 9 September 2016 and yesterday they activated the welcome offer.
      Before this there was no speed throttling issue but now my speed is beig reduced to 128kbps after 4GB usage.

    2. Wait for the following day. Did you not read the terms of using this device. It DOES have 4 GB per day limit after which the speed would be 128 kbps. I am really wondering what are you all downloading at 4 GB per day? . There is a limit to even people going overboard with this FREE usage limit.

  45. Hi,
    Could you please provider details about jioFi device 1999 like MiJioFi specified here.
    I was not able to configure jio4Gvoice app using this jioFi network in # g phone

  46. My jio4gvoice shows offline
    It says unable to place call as your.jiofi any network .please help

  47. I can’t able to use jionjio app because otp related msg is not comming on my alternative number what can i do is there any other method to jion

  48. I am using new JioFi device with OLED screen. (I am in Kolkata)
    Tele verification done as eKYC is provided and confirmed after calling 1800-890-1977.
    Data is working fine and JioTV, Jio Cinema and Jio Music is working and also showing my name in welcome screen.

    ## Jio4GVoice showing ‘Offline’ after registering to the JioFi Jio SIM.
    It shows the correct number in Jio4GVoice Settings screen with status Offline.
    It shows ‘Unable to connect. Please check your Internet connection’ at the top of the number pad or chat screen.
    Sometimes it shows that it is trying ‘Connecting’.
    When a call is tried it shows the message ‘Unable to place call as your JioFi any network’

    Tried resetting the router, reinstalling Jio4GVoice, Restarting Phone and Router, Changing the Mobile Network to GSM only for the two SIM in the 3G phone. Nothing worked.

    Please help to understand if I need any change in Router Configuration or Phone Settings to get it work.

    1. Hi Abhijit Banerjee,

      This happens when Sim failed to detect JioFi WiFi network. Please be sure to check following details:

      1. If you are using VPN/DNS/anything then please turn them off until Sim detect WiFi network

      2. Launch Jio4GVoice app > Go to ‘settings’ > Be sure ‘Jio4GVoice Service’ is enabled. Also make sure try to ‘Change configuration’ to different types for make it work.

      3. If you get slow speed, be sure to use Speedify (Special 75% Off)

      This problem happens only when Sim fails to detect JioFi WiFi network.

      Hope you can fix it now, for anything more be sure to contact us.

      1. Correction. It is not the sim that detects wifi but the phone instrument. I have a 6 year old Samsung phone which has NO sim whatsoever, I use it over wifi to control IP controlled power switch to control 4 different devices.

  49. Hi Rahul
    You told that
    If you are using VPN/DNS/anything then please turn them off until Sim detect WiFi network.

    How should I change my VPN/DNS. I don’t know I found I had been using it or not.tell me how to turn it off and what if by turning it off will I get slow speed ?

    1. the speed will depend entirely of the speed the VPN server provides as also the connection speed TO the specific server. Don’t tell me you installed VPN service without knowing what is its purpose or how to use it.

  50. my speed is beig reduced to 128kbps after 4GB usage. how to get unlimated

  51. Hi Rahul,
    I do not have any VAN App in my phone and VON settings in phone is disabled. However, I don’t have any idea which DNS you are talking about. DNS of the JioFi is same as it was ( which cannot be changed in JioFi web configuration page. At least for my JioFi version.
    ‘Change Configuration’ option in Jio4GVoice App Settings page is grayed out and I don’t find any option to activate that.

    Please reply back if you have any idea.

    1. Hi Abhijit,

      Don’t worry about VPN or DNS, I can understand that you are not using any of them.

      Follow steps below:
      Open Android settings > then ‘WiFi’ > Enable WiFI > Tap on WiFi settings (three dots) > Now tap ‘Saved Networks’ > Select one and tap ‘Forget’ button > Now do same ‘Forget’ for all WiFi networks visible under ‘Saved Networks’ > Now back to WiFi menu and turn it off

      Now Reboot JioFi > Remove Jio4GVoice from your mobile > Connect mobile to JioFi WiFi network again > Open Jio4GVoice > and follow steps illustrated in this article :

      If you still have any issue then contact us via contact page and set time for live help, We will help you to resolve the issue.

      1. I have Redmi 1S with MIUI8 and i am not able to register my JIoFi 2 OLED … suggest something

  52. Hi Rahul,
    I forgot to mention that the Jio4GVoice App registered with the Jio SIM properly and the number is also showing correct in Jio4GVoice Settings page. But it shows Offline. Even if I try uninstalling/reimstalling the App and re-registering it detects the SIM fine and register promptly. By the way, I am downloading the App using the same JioFi data connection, if that is mandatory for any reason.

  53. help me out, I forgot the password in my jiofi router. How can I reset the password?

  54. Hi Rahul,
    Thank you for trying to resolve the issue. However, I am sorry that the last steps of forgetting all saved Wi-Fi did not resolve the issue. My JioFi Firmware Version is FXN_B4W013_R6.5_PLMN_LOCK. Is there any conflict between this firmware and Jio4GVoice version 4.0.4?

    1. Mr. Abhijit Banerjee and Mr. Rahul, I am also facing the same problem and tried every steps what mr.Abhijit did. When I try to update the software by pressing the hardware reset button which is in backside and near to battery slot, “Update Error” is displayed…. Kindly guide us to solve the issue…….

    1. What you could try is connect another decent router as an access point and do all the configuration that you want in it. BTW JioFi is quite limited in what changes it allows.

  55. Hi,

    I purchased jiofi device with a jio sim got it activated for both data and voice. I wanted to use jio4gvoice app from my Galaxy Note 3 device. So install the app on it after entering the otp and the app showed online status. I made a 10 min call from my Samsung note 3 device. After two days. Now the app is showing online (sms only). I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. But same problem. I even tried the same procedure on another 3g and a 4G handset but same result….. online (sms only). Any fixes for this. Kindly help.

  56. why my jio mifi is not giving enough speed even though the network is always full ?pls help me

  57. Calling through jio wifi device stopped after 5 days working. The mob,iPad,tv and other wifi enabled devices are working with the jio wifi but call is not going. The mobile shows offline signal.
    I uninstalled the jio 4g voice app, amd reinstalled it but the result is same.
    Advise me what to do?

  58. I bought the jiofi on last saturday and when i call for televerification they said it is allready verified but i unable to use data it show you have exhaust your acc. Balance but i do not use a single mb

  59. hello sir
    i am using jio mifi device, and i saw the settings that u have shown above and everything is very informative, i am facing an issue in changing IPV4/IPV6 mode.
    when i click on LTE in settings and then i change it into manual, even then i do not get the option of changing ipv4/ipv6.
    pls help if u have any information regarding the same as i am facing speed issues.
    and also i open it using

  60. HI. My JIOMIFI is showing green innetwork icon adn bt in wifi icon. It is untraceable on laptop or mobile.

    I called JIO care , they say the sim is registered. i took it to digital store, it works fine there. but at home its not. where as signal bars are all lit and green.

    1. i got the same problem..last 3 days i am in service center to fix this same problem…it seems like i made a bad decision by switch my internet connection to there any way to fix this issue

  61. Hi . I bought a jiofi . If i only need jiovoice calling facility . How can i disable internet on jiofi.

  62. In my jiofi , televerifcation already done , I am getting data exhausted error , please provide solutions

  63. Bought jiofi and it worked for some time approx. 1gb now INTERNET has stopped working, is there any solution to this ?
    I have already made jio acc.

  64. I am having trouble in logging-in to admin panel.

    I’m trying to login from and
    also jiofi.local.html

    But unable to get to any login screen. I also performed “reset” on the device, but still the same.

  65. jio fi not installing on pc by usb tethering drivers not available on the device installation error occurs on windows seven and eight both

  66. I’m not able to connect VPN through Jiofi , showing error that ” A connection to the remote computer couldn’t be established, so the port used for this connection was closed”. Even i cud connect VPN through Hotspot of vodafone mob connection.

    Jio support couldn’t help me to sort out this problem.

    1. I had similar problems too. It depends a lot on your OS and the software furnished by the VPN service provider. Try some different servers and you might get lucky.

  67. Hai i am using jio sim in LTE Wifi Router model QDC
    only searching for network no signal
    Is there any additional setting required

  68. Is it possible to configure DMZ setting of Jio Router M2 for enabling NAT type 2 network on PS4?? I am planning to buy one Jio router M2 if it allows t o change……

  69. Is there any way I can change the lan settings from default to say

    I have lan controlled power switches that are using this range and the devices throw up IP address conflict error messages.

    1. have you got any solution for this particular issue, i too have the same issue now

  70. I face the same problems as mentioned by “Abhijit Banerjee on
    28/09/2016”. I tried every steps what he did. Kindly guide us to solve this issue

  71. whatabout jio dongle2…you dont describe about this…
    how to change range of jio dongle2 and change its band to 40.

  72. Hii…I have a JioFi 2 …if I cross my limit of 4gb in a day….my 4gb was finished at 6:00pm….will I get my next day 4gb on 6:00 pm or 12pm…kindly answer me …

  73. My jiofi is not connecting after i reset the device i am entering pswd printed on the box but it shows incorrect password

  74. please let me know how to increase session timeout from 3 minutes to unlimited my cellphone gets disconnected every after 3 minutes.

  75. I am prompted balance minutes after every voice call. Pls let me know if there is any limit for this.

  76. Skype is not working in PC with Jiofi….. connected jiofi with data cable… please help

  77. Thanks a tonne for such an informative article. I set all what has been suggested. However, I am still getting a download speed of less than 100 kbps despite exhausting just half of daily limit of 4 gb data. This is when I am getting a Band 40. However, at Band 40, the bandwidth is being shown, consistently @20MHz instead of “everywhere” reported 2300 MHz. Kindly guide.

  78. Even i am facing the same problem with skype and outlook too, and even network speed is reduced and fluctuating….i called customer care and complained but nothing seems to be working…

    1. This is what I have learned from their engineers. The whole idea of giving free downloads is to maximise the load on their network. This is real stress testing to sort out problem locations. After the tremendous amount they have invested and are going to in near future they can’t afford to fall on their face. May be this free period will be extended to 31st March 2017 if the need be.

      I suggest you get your self a wifi 4.0 dongle and try it. It has worked perfectly for me.

  79. Hi,

    I have a strange problem opening (not closing) local MS Word 2007 files in Win 7.

    The files open readily when I am NOT connected to the internet.

    The files open readily when I AM connected to the internet via my USB dongle (with a sim card, mobile internet connection).

    The files USED TO open readily when I was connected to the internet using broadband.

    I have recently acquired a Wi-Fi Hub (JioFi 3) which has one USB port (for charging and for connecting to the net).

    When I use tethering to connect to the internet using the Wi-Fi Hub, even a new, empty file takes almost a minute to open. Larger files take even longer.

    When I disconnect the Wi-Fi Hub, the Word files again begin to open normally.

    I did not configure the Wi-Fi Hub manually; it installed automatically without any errors (other than a Linux related one).

    Also, I did not have to “connect” to the internet; the device connects to the internet as soon as it is powered on or connected to the PC.

    There are no other people sharing the Wi-Fi Hub; I am the lone user.

    On another PC with Win 7 and Office 2007, I could not replicate the problem.

    A friend says to reinstall MS Office and turn off the online help option that comes during the installation. Does that make sense?

    Can you help resolve this problem, please?

    Best regards,


    1. I installed a USB WI-FI adapter on my PC and connected to the JioFi device through Wi-Fi.

      The problem is now gone.

      The problem was apparently only when I tethered the Wi-Fi Hub to my PC using a USB port.

      Thank you for your suggestions.

  80. Sir i have problem in jiofi 3 . In this network show red light blinking either it is in sleep mode or other error can u please help me to sort out this problem?

  81. I have a prblm in my jiofi3 device.. it’s network signals are blinking continuously.. I have contacted the customer care dey have checked device is ok.. it’s prblm wid sim.. dey said dey can’t repair sim. Hw to resolve dis issue?

  82. I’m Using Huawei(E8372) USB dongle which supports 4g SIM. Its not a JioFi device.
    It’s working perfectly alright when I use internet.
    But there is one problem. I’m not able to use Jio4gVoice on it.
    Is there anything I can do in the device configuration, so that I can use the Jio calling feature through this device..?
    Anything I can do???

    1. Hi Yasir,

      Jio4GVoice won’t work in any other devices except jioFi for now. Keep visiting we will update page once solution is found.

  83. Very informative article about Jiofi. Could you please advise that I am using Jiofi. Unable to get the 4G signle so far, even jio4GVoice not responding to my ZTE N818 whose Android version is 4.1.2? Jio other apps are working
    Looking forward to your favourable response
    With Best Regards Shakeel Ahmed

    1. No settings are needed to be changed.

      Just connect your Jiofi with your PC – taking care that you connec t it with a USB port at the rear of the PC and donot use the Jiofi supplied usb cable (it doesn’t connect), but preferrably use the USB charging cable of your smartphone that generally have better quality.

      In my case the speed inproved upon connecting to PC via an USB cable.

      Hope this helped.

  84. I am not able to do the initial setup. I have updated the SSID and password but i am not able to regoin by new credentials, also i am not able to update the user management details.

  85. Only Google pages are loading…i connect it to my Android device WhatsApp not got net my pc no wep page loading.. what should ido

  86. Hello guys. Actually I needed a little help with my jiofi 3. Whenever I connect it to my laptop it displays no internet access there but I can still use it on my phone. Please suggest what should be done!

  87. Solution Here!! Cannot connect Jiofi using cable on PC??

    Hi Guys, If you are not able to connect jiofi on PC(Desktop/LAP). If Jiofi /LAN is not identified by PC. Solution here:

    Start > Device Manager > In Other Devices > Double click on Newly added device > It gets installed.

    Following device is added in Network Adapters:
    Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device

    Then internet is connected with LAN.

    Now enjoy Jio :)
    Let me know if it helps you.

  88. Hi, By using the WPS push button I connected one device. But later I noticed that even without pressing WPS, same device is again getting connected automatically whenever WiFi is on in that device. I think this WPS allows one time connection and next time it should again ask for WiFi password to connect (should not connect via WPS unless the WPS button is pressed). Please tell me why device allows to connect automatically?

  89. If JioFi does not allow you then you can always define the static IP in your device in stead of setting it as DHCP client. You should be able to set the DHCP client range on JioFi.

  90. Can you tell me about port forwording ? Can we do that with Jiofi? I just google about this and found that in setting their is a option of Gaming & App but i cound not found detailed info . Will you please share that also ?

    1. Hi Amrish,
      This is very simple in jioFi,
      Be sure to login to JioFi web panel,
      Now select ‘Setting’ tab > select ‘Gaming & Apps management’ from left side Menu > On the right side you will get ‘Port Forward’ option ? Just enable and configure settings according to your need.

  91. Hi,

    i am trying to connect vai usb but internet didn’t connected because i don’t have network adapter driver. how can i solve my problem and from where i can get this driver

  92. Hello…I’m using jiofi 2 but unfortunately it is giving slow speed, in setting it is showing LTE status -band 3 , can I change LTE band to band 40?

  93. I am facing problem after changing my Jio SIM on JioFi.I am not able to configure the new number through Jio4GVoice. Writing that unable to send OTP.please change your alternative mobile number to a valid mobile number using my jio. What shall I do? Please suggest me.

  94. hey admin..
    I m buying new jioFi3 router and new sim. sim was activated but when I connected to mobile or laptop WiFi sign shows but new tab open automatically on chrome and says ( sign into WiFi network )
    I called to customer care but they don’t give me satisfactorily answer.
    plz reply

  95. Can you please provide me best Jiofi settings for online Gaming….
    I really hope you reply me back with a solution :)

  96. sir maine apne jiofi device ko disable kar diya hai to sir ab koi bhi device connect nahi ho raha hai sir maine ye password change wale window ke last wale option se kiya tha sir please halp me.

  97. Hello, i have done all the initial set up’s and SIM is also activated, but still i am not able to get the jio-wifi hotspot listed in my mobile hot spot list.

  98. Hello,
    I have configured all initial set up and SIm activation but the jio-wifi hot spot is not getting listed in my hot spot list of my cell phone

  99. Hey Sir!

    Is there any way to use data @ normal speed after 1 GB limit? Because it giving very slow speed about 15 KBps after 1 GB usage.

  100. I have jiofi, but i forgot my mobile number, how would i know the number, because i want to recharge 99+303 now. can u help me.

  101. I forgot my login details Username and password. And even there is no forgot password option over there to retrieve. Plz help

  102. Can we connect this JioFi2 with computer cpu through usb teathering?
    Further to this, can v lock no of devices. can we control / prevent excessive connctions of devices misuse admin panel to eliminate misuse?

  103. How I can know my data usage and mobile no & manage sim card in pc, I have connected JioFi 3 in Windows 7.

  104. Well I tried to use Upnp option and hit apply … then i check tungle application and it didn’t work as port not forwarded. .. then i disabled the upnp option and tried doing it manually rebooted and still port wasn’t open…

    So Why there is a option for port forwarding when its not working…. tried another programme and it said port isn’t open …. any help will be appreciated , thanks

  105. Sir i have purchased jio fi 2 device from a store who authorize to sale jio sim also…..i ask them to give benefit of dongle exchange scheme…he said there is nosuch scheme in which cash discount given to customer…..i have purchased it on 23 june 2017.after 2 days i know that reliance digital given that such scheme in which they given discount of 1000 rs and give that dongle in 1499 onlyand that scheme is valid till 30th june 2017…..that means your authorize distributor telling false statement to me…..and break my trust…..sir kindly take appropriate action against these types of vendor as i also get to know that he is authorize vendor for RCOM also… both the co. given the dealership the same person while RCOM and jio is a competitors…..i will provide you the bills and the dealer name if you wana take action against him.

  106. hello
    i have a problum in port forwarding
    i port forwarded in my jiofi m2 device but the port cant be seen in
    can you pls kindly reply for this prob

  107. Hii…my jiofi signal blinks after using it for 10 minutes …eventhough I keep it in maximum network coverage…the same happens…what shud I do ??

  108. while this article is somewhat useful to know the overall settings, how to reset the router, it doesn’t offer anything to improve the speed. Reality is Jio sucks

  109. I have disabled the ssid broadcast after that jiofi is not connecting with mobile. What should i do?

    1. first you on your wifi
      after that
      add wifi network
      add ssid and password and securety which tou set

    2. just add your network manually to your phone , there will be an option for that. type ssid and password to connect . hopefully fixed your problem

  110. 1 If I carry JioFi then will I get the internet in my mobile anywhere I go?

    2. What is the price of JioFi in Kolkata? Can I buy it online?

    3. What are the monthly expenses for maintaining JioFi?

    4. Can I use it for my PC internet connection disconnecting the existing Airtel router?

    1. 1. Yes, but its depands on the availability of Jio network
      2.999.00, yes you can
      3. Minimum 150(Approx)

  111. I’m not able to connect jiofi to Jio4G Voice in XOLO Q2100 handset, and everything configure as per jiofi guide. but showing Error message “Unable to send OTP. Please configure alternate mobile number”
    But we have already configure alternate number.

    Please help me..

  112. i ant port forward in jiofi but after port forward in jiofi, port forarding sites says port is closed plzzz help

  113. जिओ फाई का उपयोग लेपटॉप मे करने से उसका 1 GB डेटा मात्र 1 या 2 घंटे मे समाप्त हो जाता है ! इसे बड़ाने का उपाय क्या है!‍

  114. After connecting to jiofi,jio4gvoice gets automatically offliwwhichcan u plzzz help me out

  115. In MS Outlook my Incoming Mails work but Outgoing Emails do not work on JIOFI network! How to configure? Thanks

  116. Most disadvantages of jio is fake port forward features
    It show a port forward feature in jiofi settings but tottaly useless …no port forward just make us fool jio…

  117. What is the life of jiofi device? My jiofi is 10 months old and is not charging , neither i can switch it off .

  118. I don’t have a “settings tab” in Jiofi Control panel after logging in..What to do?

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