JioFi Complete Setup & FAQ

Now easily setup your JioFi device & access 4G internet anywhere 24×7 days – JioFi along with Jio 4G Preview offer help users to enjoy HD Calls & 40mbps+ 4G speed anywhere as long as 2300mAH battery lasts.

JioFi costs INR 2899 for device – Jio 4G Sim & Preview offer come as bundled offer along with Jio MiFi device. Price may drop after commercial launch of Jio 4G service. Reviewing LYF mobiles hardware & software specs, JioFi is better option over LYF mobile.


If you already purchased JioFi module and badly searching for how to setup JioFi for better speed and longer battery backup then all you need is to follow & process every single step stated below.

Initial Device Setup: Be sure you Jio sim is activated – Now, Insert Jio Sim > Then battery & close back cover – Press ‘Power Button' located under Jio logo to start device.

Connect Mobile/Tablet/PC/Mac/Gaming console to JioFi: Go to your device Wireless setting panel & turn on wiFi. For android – Go to ‘Settings' > WiFi > Turn ON

Now check JioFi paper box for SSID & Password.

In seconds, you will find a WiFi SSID named : JioFi 2_4EF140 or similar on WiFi panel – Just connect it with default password given in JioFi box.

Enter JioFi Web Configuration Panel: Open browser in PC/Mac/android and open address: http://jiofi.local.html/index.htm

Once you landed on Control panel you can do following task without entering admin panel.

  • Check LTE
  • Check connected LTE band
  • Check Connected users
  • Check Maximum & Minimum Speed
  • Check Battery Status
  • And more…

Enter Admin Panel : Click or tap ‘Login' link located on upper right of the screen and Enter default login:

  • Username: administrator
  • Password: administrator

Under ‘JioFi Web Configuration panel' you can modify default settings to enhance JioFi usage experience.

Warning: If you happy with default settings and don't want to jump into pool of advanced settings then skip following steps.

Note: Do not change DNS address & Hostname in any circumstances !

Be sure you are logged in to JioFi ‘Web Configuration Panel' (jiofi.local.html/index.htm) using admin login before working on following Queries:

How to activate Voice & Data service in JioFi 4G Sim ?

To activate 4G data & Voice services, please follow steps below:

To activate 4g data : Call 1800-890-1977 from registered mobile number > Select language > Enter Jio No > Enter last four digit of ID proof > Data service activation successful

To activate Voice service: Connect JioJoin app to JioFi > Place a call to 1977 > Select language > Enter Jio No > Enter last four digit of ID proof > Voice service activation successful

How to make HD Voice/Video calls using JioFi

JioJoin app allows JioFi users o make HD Voice & Video calls over WiFi.

Step 1: First of all connect Android mobile to WiFi network created by JioFi

Step 2: Install JioJoin app from Google Store

Step 3: Now open JioJoin app and grant access to contents JioJoin asks for

Step 4: On JioJoin Welcome screen, select option saying: ‘Configure JioJoin using Jio Sim number in the JioFi: XYZ'

Step 5: Wait few seconds – App will auto connect to network & Sim. Enter OTP sent to registered mobile number if JioJoin asks.

Once JioJoin app configure itself you can place call and send SMS to anyone.

How to change default SSID in JioFi

Step 1: Go to ‘Settings' Tab

Step 2: Select ‘WiFi' menu

Step 3: You will find SSID name under ‘Wi-Fi Settings'

How to change default SSID in JiFi

Step 4: Change it to anything you like & reboot JioFi.

How to Increase JioFi WiFi Range

JioFi WiFi range is low by default. You can significantly increase WiFi range by modifying default settings which completely is safe to use.

All you need is to change few settings to enhance range:

Step 1: Go to ‘Settings' Tab

Step 2: Select ‘WiFi' menu

Step 3: Change ‘802.11 Mode' to ‘2.4Ghz (N)'

Step 4: Change ‘Tx Power' to ‘High'

Step 5: Change ‘Channel mode' to ‘Manual'

Step 6: Be sure ‘Channel Selection' is set to '11'

Step 7: Now press ‘Update' then ‘Apply' button

How to Increase JioFi WiFi Range

Step 8: Reboot JioFi to save changes.

Above method is software based, if you want to extend WiFi up to 3 to 4 rooms then buy WiFi Range Extender and combine it with JioFi. This device will fix jiofi range issue for long distance.

How to change IPv4/IPv6 mode in JioFi

Step 1: Go to ‘Settings' Tab

Step 2: Select ‘LTE' menu

Step 3: Now find ‘default APN (Default PDN Connection)'

Step 4: Change default value in ‘APN for network attached': from Automatic to Manual

Step 5: Now you can see ‘IPv4/IPv6 mode' > Change value to ‘IPv4/IPv6 ‘ or ‘IPv4' or ‘IPv6'

How to change IPv4:IPv6 mode in JioFi

Step 6: ‘Apply' settings to save changes.

How to Hide JioFi SSID or WiFi Name ?

Step 1: Go to ‘Settings' Tab

Step 2: Select ‘WiFi' menu

Step 3: Now change ‘SSID broadcast' default value ‘Enable' to ‘Disable'

How to Hide JioFi SSID or WiFi Name

Step 4: Click ‘Apply' to reboot module and save changes.

How to change JioFi WiFi password ?

JioFi SSID is password protected by default which means you need to enter default password every time you need to connect to JioFi.

You can easily change password to favorite one and enjoy better access.

Step 1: Go to ‘Settings' Tab

Step 2: Select ‘WiFi' menu

Step 3: Be sure ‘Wireless security' is set to ‘WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK' and ‘Wireless Encryption type' is set to ‘AES+TKIP'

Step 4: Now enter desired password under : ‘Security Key'

How to change JioFi WiFi password

Step 5: Click on ‘Update' the ‘Apply' to save changes.

How to change default login for JioFi Control Panel

By Default, JioFi control panel login is ‘administrator' for both Username/Password. Before changing anything be sure to save login details in safe place if you later forget any details.

Step 1: Go to ‘Settings' Tab

Step 2: Select User Management” menu

Step 3:  Now enter new ‘Username', current password & new Password under ‘Account management'

How to change default login for JioFi Control Panel

Step 4: Click ‘Apply' to reboot & save changes.

How to Access JioFi Storage over Internet or WiFi

Storage sharing feature in JioFi offers great way to get access to data on different platform without copying anything. You can easily share contents with multiple persons just by using JioFi internet or WiFi connection.

Step 1: Go to  ‘Settings'

Step 2: Now select ‘Storage' from menu

Step 3: Now select ‘Enable' option in ‘Storage Account'

Step 4:  Enter ‘Storage Username' & ‘Storage Password'

You can find three types of Storage mode:

  • Local Storage: Access SD card using Data cable in Mac/PC
  • WiFI Storage: Access Storage only over WiFi network
  • Internet Storage: Access Storage from anywhere over Internet

Step 5: Now select appropriate option for getting access to SD card contents.

How to Access JioFi Storage over Internet or WiFi

Step 6: Once everything is entered correctly, click ‘Apply' button to save changes.

How to access SD Card contents ?

You can get access to SD card from both WiFi & Internet using following method :

1 If you give ‘Storage Username' : sdcard (for example) then go to following address :


2. Enter username & password to enter into Storage sharing panel

Access JioFi Storage panel

3. Now you can copy, share, upload data, create/delete folder and can do many more things.

Control panel is very simple but can play audio/video without copying anything.

How to Allow or Deny WiFi device using Mac Address Filter

You can easily deny or allow WiFi connected device by using Mac Filter feature in JioFi. Some old WLAN driver failed to detect WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK security resulting no access to WiFi network.

This can be overcome by creating Open WiFi connection but anyone can connect to Open WiFi and misuse connection – Mac Filter comes very handy in such cases.  You can also deny connection to devices you don't want using Mac Filter. Mac is physical address of any WiFi module.

Step 1: Go to  ‘Settings'

Step 2: Now select ‘Network' from menu

Step 3: Simply select ‘Enable' in ‘MAC Address Filter' option

Step 4: You can either choose ‘Allow' or ‘Deny' under ‘MAC Address Filter Mode'

Step 5: Now select ‘Add' button > Then ‘Select from UserList' and add address you want.

Step 6: You can further enable or disable ‘Status' from here

Ste 7: Click on ‘Submit' button to add to list

How to Allow or Deny WiFi device using Mac Address Filter

Step 8: Now click ‘Apply' button to save changes.

How to enable Power Saving mode in JioFi

Power Saving mode in JioFi helps to save battery when device not in use – It saves power & keep device cool.

You can enable or disable power saving mode anytime. Predefined times slots are available to select from list.

Step 1: Go to  ‘Settings'

Step 2: Now select ‘Advanced' from menu

Step 3: Select time slot available in ‘Power Save' option

How to enable Power Saving mode in JioFi

Step 4: Click ‘Apply' to save changes

After each of predefined time limit, device will go to sleep mode saving backup juice.

How to change JioFi LTE band & set to Band 40 ?

Current Firmware installed in JioFi doesn't allows to change LTE band to preferred one. JioFi automatically select band having strong signal. It may be Band 3, 5 or 40 depending on where you are residing.

Jio already started Band 3 in most of telecom circles which is why Band 3 remains connected  to JioFi in most of time resulting slow 4G speed.

For superior LTE speed, JioFi needs to select Band 40 – 2300Mhz band is widely available in popular city & towns,  for rural areas, users need to place device in a place where signal for band 40 is available.

Jio 4g slow download speed in JioFi

If you are having very slow download speed in JioFi then be sure to movie device in a location where Band40 is available.

If you are getting slow download & browsing speed even after JioFi is connected to Band 40 then your are victim of speed throttling issue. Only solution to Jio 4g speed throttling issue is Speedify


We have tested many fixes but speedify only works – It's strongly recommended for all Jio subscribers. We managed to offer Speedify (Special 75% Off) for limited time, grab unlimited yearly plan for best 4g speed result.

Be sure to check: How to fix Jio Speed Throttling Issue [Solutions]

This app helps to increase JioFi speed to max level, combine multiple WiFi network, helps to manage monthly data usage, as well as work as security manager.

How to Improve JioFi battery backup ?

If you travel a lot – You can't save battery a lot since devices lose much backup when devices changes bands – Home users may place JioFi in a place with good signal but less fluctuation.

Step 1: Go to ‘Settings'

Under ‘WiFi' menu

  • Set ‘802.11 Mode' to ‘2.4 Ghz (B)'
  • Set ‘WMM' to ‘Disable'
  • Set ‘Tx Power' to ‘Low'
  • Set ‘Channel mode' : ‘Automatic'

Under ‘Storage' menu

  • Set ‘Storage account' to ‘Disable'

Under ‘Advanced Settings'

  • Set ‘Power save' to '60 min'

Now you can save battery a lot and extends WiFi usage time.

Does JioFi generate Heat during normal use ?

NO, but Jiofi heats up a little during peak use. In normal use it generate negligible heat. Device heat up when charging too.

Slow Speed in JioFi !

Since Jiofi has no option to select Band 40 which give fastest 4G speed you may face slow browsing or downloading speed when device remains connected to Band 3 or 5.

All you need is to check LTE Status in phone or PC/MAC and place device in a place where Band 40 is available.

Any Speed Throttling Issue in JioFi ?

NO, JioFi has no speed throttling issue !

But you may notice slow download/upload speed when device is connected to Band 3 or 5. You will get maximum 4g speed when device remains connected to band 40.

JioFi Rating : (Out of 5)

  • Price: 3
  • Features: 3
  • Power Backup: 4
  • Ease of use: 4
  • Hardware: 3.5
  • Software: 2.5
  • Signal Reception: 3.5
  • 4G Speed: 4

JioFi has any limit under Preview Offer or Welcome Offer ?

No, JioFi is free from any data limit, you can download data as much as possible from day 1. There is no data limits in Jiofi.

JioFi is a great alternative to LYF phones. If you are going to buy 4G MiFi in near future then JioFi is best choice for now. You will get: JioFi + Jio 4G Sim + 90 Days Preview Offer @ just Rs 1999.

JioFi Complete Setup & FAQ
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