JioFi Review – Check Speed Test, Battery Backup, WiFi Range

JioFi is a 4G MiFi device from Reliance Jio now available at price Rs 2899. Jio launches JioFi along with Jio 4G Preview Offer which allows users to get access to unlimited 4G download, HD Calls & SMS anywhere on-the-go.

You can use JioFi to connect up to 31 WiFi enabled devices to Jio 4G network anytime anywhere. It comes with a 2300mAh battery which lasts up to 8 hours on 4G mode. JioFi is best alternative to LYF 4G phones when use of Jio 4G Sim is concerned.

JioFi successfully overcome power backup problem over LYF phones – You can enjoy 4G Speed as well as make HD Voice calls as well as send SMS using JioJoin app from any Android phone.

jiofi 2 screenshot 1

JioFi Unboxing

JioFi is available in two color variants: Black & Blue. Box includes JioFi module, Battery, Charger-cum-data cable, Power Adapter, Warranty paper & few FAQ documents.

Setup is very simple: Just Insert Sim & battery & close module using Back cover. Once you power on the device it detects signal & automatically starts sharing 4G connection over WiFi.

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JioFi Hardware: JioFi hardware is sturdy & high quality. Device heats up a little at initial setup but problem gone afterwards. Design is cool & attractive. LYF avoids cheap material for JioFi module.

JioFi Light Notifications: JioFi has one power button & four Notification lights: Signal, Data Transfer, WiFi & WPS indicators. Remember Green means strong signal but not always good speed ! – You can get good speed only if JioFi is connected to Band 40, no matter what the color of Signal light is.

JioFi is very light in weight – just 204 grams.  Easy to handle but little slippery.

JioFi 2 features

  • Jio 4G MiFi
  • Support Band 3, 5, 40
  • Connect up to 31 WiFi enabled device
  • 32GB SD card support & Wireless Sharing
  • 2300 mAh battery
  • Up to 8 Hours battery backup
  • HD Voice/Video calls & SMS using JioJoin app

JioFi Pro's

  • Special features for Online Gaming
  • Boots up very Quickly
  • No Heating issue
  • WPS button
  • Auto notification off
  • Special Power Saving mode
  • SD Card Sharing over WiFi & Internet
  • Port Forwarding
  • Strong Wireless Security mode
  • USB tethering

JioFi Con's

  • No option to select particular LTE Band
  • No option to add public or private DNS address
  • Priority over Signal not Speed
  • WiFi Range is low (Can be increased)
  • No option to block specific Device on WiFi

JioFi Review

JioFi is manufactured under LYF brand. It's a great alternative to over-priced LYF handsets. When rest of the 4G MiFi offer Voice calls from ‘Dongle control panel' – JioFi provides better way to control calls & SMS using JioJoin app.

Carrying JioFi in pocket means ultra fast 4G Internet & HD Voice/Video calls are available anywhere anytime.

jiofi 2 screenshot 2

You can share 4G data with up to 31 WiFi enabled devices –  Speed may vary on connected devices – HD calls & SMS using JioJoin app can be accessed from any one of connected Android phone/tablet.

JioFi successfully delivered what users expected – Speed, Quality & Backup. Hardware based setup is very simple – just like mobile phone.

Once you start device it begins sharing Jio 4G over WiFi – You can neglect advanced setups & can continue with default settings except WiFi Login & Control panel admin password – Both are important and be sure to change default details.

Device takes 2 to 3 hours for full charge, depending on available power juice in battery. You ca continuously access JioFi up to 8 Hours. Power Saving mode saves battery a little when device is not in use.

jiofi 2 accessories

Network status is available under LTE menu – You can check status to be sure Band 40 is connected for highest speed.

SD card sharing features will simply amazing – You can add up to 32GB of MicroSD card – Contents in SD Card can be accessed over WiFi & Internet as well as using data cable. Storage is password protected and WMM is supported.

Device boots up very quickly & finds networks faster than expectation ! Be sure to select WiFi Channel 11 for wider WiFi coverage & Tx Power to HIGH for better speed on multiple devices.

HD Voice & Video Calls over JioJoin

We faced no issue on HD Voice & Video calls using JioJoin app from Jio Number attached to JioFi. JioJoin connects to JioFi in seconds after getting OTP. Jio to Jio call is instant and high quality. Video call lags a little due to low network signal otherwise everything is up to mark.

Jio 4G speed test using JioFi module

No change in speed when Speed Tests are compared in between LYF phone & JioFi module.

JioFi Signal reception power is low compared to LYF phone.

You can easily achieve maximum speed in LYF phone but for getting maximum 4G Speed in JioFi, You must move module in a place where Band 40 is available & Signal is strong otherwise module will stay connected to Band 3 or 5 in most of the times and speed will drop to 4mbps to 18 mbps.

jiofi download speed test result

Jio should immediately give update file for JioFi to improve Signal Reception & unlock more features in JioFi Control panel.

Tri SpeedTest App, NetVelocity app & Ooka SpeedTest app showed different speed for both the JioFi & LYF phone but maximum download speed we achieved from both the devices are same.

JioFi Overview

Yes, you can go and buy JioFi @ Rs 2899 without much hesitation ! Getup is very attractive – Hardware is perfect – Control Panel is OK – Battery back as per expectation – Speed depends on 4G Signal & Bands – 4G Data – HD Voice/Video call & SMS via JioJoin – 90 days Jio Preview Offer is plus point.

Signal Reception issue is only con which can be overcome by moving module in a place where Band 40 is available & Signal is strong.

JioFi Review – Check Speed Test, Battery Backup, WiFi Range
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  1. there is a option of MAC FILTERATION SO u can restrict users by specifieng mac address

  2. Brother whats the performance of jiofi
    Whats the singal range and speed

  3. Is there any option of WPA-2 security or setting up of a password for the JioFi MiFi device?

  4. Poor.even it shows 3-18 mbps speed we can’t download fast.below 50 kbps.omg download speed is is in bytes also.i purchased jiofi waste of money. We can’t even contact customer care.

  5. Very poor. Never received the speed un mbps. Downloading speed is always in bytes which shows time required to download in days. Reliance please give us what you promised.

  6. Hello guys,
    For those who wish to buy Jiofi device, here is my personal advice “don’t get fooled buying the device”. Although Jio offers unlimited 4g, there is a cap of 4gb limit even after using 2gb you will receive the messsge that you have crossed your limit. and the speed is like 2g. If you try to call Customercare, you never get connected.. pls don’t buy Jio for cash. Get only free sim until December…

  7. I have been using jiofi for the last 1 month in Bangalore. Initially i saw good speed and disconnected my existing broadband connection. I am now repenting for the mistake of buying it. Speed once in a while goes upto 1 MBPS during downloads. Most of the tubes Facebook and YouTube videos doesn’t play, takes time for buffering. Reached to the frustration level due to low speed. Had referred my frienda to buy earlier, but wouldn’t recommend to buy now,

    1. That’s true. Even i was thinking about closing my MTS connection but luckily i didn’t. Very inconsitent network now.

  8. For the first month speed was good (not super fast). But after that it has dipped to the 2G level. It is frustrating to use specially when you have paid Two Thousands for this garbage. And all you can use it to do is using it in mobile and it is dead slow in that too. Take my advice go for a free sim instead.

  9. very poor speed, i m frusted from jio speed. uninor 2G speed is better than jio speed in muzaffarnagar, up west. i have complain many times but i did not get any response from jio.

    contact num: 8077073813

  10. Jio fi is garbage not even once the speed has gone up to in MB’s and its really frustrating bcoz u expect 4 G speed and what u get in return is not even 2G speed .You tube videos also buffer and browsing and downloading speed is similar to the speed of a tortoise. I recommend u not to buy Jio-Fi.

    1. they give you internet for free, you can complaint when you pay for the service provided

  11. Hi,
    I npersonally thanks all of your genuine review
    i stop thinking about jio

  12. The use of jiofi is frustrating,not even connecting the rediffmail.Initially,the speed was very good but after 15 days there is no speed in so called 4g.I think 2g is better in this speed comparison.Called several times to customer care but of no use.

  13. today only i bought but even am getting signal problem and 2g speed.

    can anybody tell how to increase the speed. what is the difference between jio sim speep (in mobile) and JIOFI. m feeling very bad about jio

  14. Today i brought jiofi, it is total waste.its speed is less than airtel 2g speed.

  15. I have bought jiofi today but after using 1gb data it’s speed converts 4g to 3g.why?

  16. Please Aware,This will be very Useful information for current as well as comming Jio-Customers who should not became in cheat claims unlike me. This is a Type of cheating Because they claim unlimited 4G but PLEASE NOTE THIS INFORMATION which i got from an official customer support recently. The jio customers who take connection After Dec-04-2016,will get only 1GB per day as 4G After that it goes to 128kb(From this you will give only about average 15kb on download which i got) upto March-31st. And customers Before Dec-4-2016 will get 4G speed with 4GB/day upto Dec-31-2016, Then they will also to 1GB/day limit with 128kb after it, upto March-31-2017 like new customers.
    So Please Spread maximum to more caution. Thank-You.

  17. I was just thinking of buying one jiofi…..but now , no chance…….thanks for sharing your experiences.

  18. Waste of money… Cheating …speed is worse than 2g..lost 2400 rupees….thought range issue , tried different places ….please don’t get cheated

  19. I am usin jiofi ..
    yeah u get only 1gb 4g data for after dec 4th buyers
    but its really gud network
    somethin is really goin wrong in ur place..

  20. As expected, Reliance is very good at fooling people. I was promised connection in the range of 7-8 MBPS and 128 kbps post 1 GB data usage per day. I am yet to see my download speed going above 100 kbps on the device under normal usage. If they can suggest one place on earth where they can deliver promised speed, I am willing to move to that place right now. Cheats of highest order.

  21. Tow days before i bought giofi3. its totally waste of money. downloading speed is 50kbbs. please don’t buy this

  22. How to Increase JioFi WiFi Range

    JioFi WiFi range is low by default. You can significantly increase WiFi range by modifying default settings which completely is safe to use.

    All you need is to change few settings to enhance range:

    Step 1: Go to ‘Settings’ Tab

    Step 2: Select ‘WiFi’ menu

    Step 3: Change ‘802.11 Mode’ to ‘2.4Ghz (N)’

    Step 4: Change ‘Tx Power’ to ‘High’

    Step 5: Change ‘Channel mode’ to ‘Manual’

    Step 6: Be sure ‘Channel Selection’ is set to ’11’

    Step 7: Now press ‘Update’ then ‘Apply’ button

  23. Geofi 2 downloading speed is like 2G. It gives only 20 to 25 kb per second.

  24. HOW TO:
    1. Send sms from my PC ?
    2. How to use the memory card (JioFi3) ?

    Thxs in advance

  25. Can i make a call from my PC(laptop) as i had connected it with JioFi ?

  26. Totally waste of money and decieved by company as not actedbas promised.Amounts to unfair trade practice.

  27. Review is excellent,
    Most of the comments are very abrasive
    No carrier in India or elsewhere in the world can satisfy all customers
    Even in USA where I was recently had many issues with many carriers
    Its after all business
    We keep changing service providers
    I have changed at least five in the last seven years viz.. BSNL, Tata Docomo, MTS, BSNL, Reliance and on and on
    This may be an endless process
    Beggars can’t be
    Choosers after all!!!

  28. The network at karol bagh is too poor. bought it to do work but not able to even open gmail.

  29. Sir
    For having made the mistake of buying JioFi I am profusely regretting. Very weak signal..Low speed which cannot be measured at all.Shame on these people who take gullible customers for a ride.Poor Ambani

  30. Never go for reliance product. They actually fool us. I really regret of spending Rs.2800 on this waste product. Pls guys never go for jio WiFi product. I become fool pls gain this experience from me and don’t get cheated.

  31. it is useless I m not getting speed in my laptop connecting JIOFI 4

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