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  1. Joseph

    I have bought a jiofi. Not active yet. If i use my Jiofi to join HD calling with,say Mobile 1. Can I then change to say, Mobile 2, some days later. I mean another 3G mobile phone with different no. Please give a detailed reply to my Email if possible. Thank you.


  2. Rahul

    Hi Hoseph,

    Kindly check this page: http://www.www.newstelecom.info/2016/08/jiofi-complete-setup-faq/

    Yes, you can change : Connect mobile 2 to JioFi >Install JioJoin app and activate it using OTP sent to your alternative number.

    You can use JioJoin app in any phone but it remains activate in single device at a time.



  3. Ruchika

    Hi. So I activated my jio sim today by calling 1977 for tele verification from a friend’s Samsung Galaxy J5. I was just wondering if it’s now possible to use the sim in a jiofi device after activation from phone.


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