Airtel IR Packs : Free Incoming call Plans 499, 649, 2999, 3999, 4999

Airtel IR packs 499, 649, 2999, 3999, 4999 offer free incoming call on International roaming. These pack also includes benefits such as free voice call minutes and unlimited SMS to India and, data usage while roaming across US, Canada, UK, UAE & Singapore.

Finally Airtel subscribers while traveling abroad can take incoming calls without taking worry of being charged a lot for every minutes one consumes on incoming calls coming from India.

Airtel launches a range of International roaming packs with free incoming call priced Rs 4999, Rs 3999, Rs 2999, Rs 649 & Rs 499 for subscribers while traveling US, Canada, UK, UAE & Singapore.


Airel IR pack 4999 is available for US, Canada, UK roaming. It offers free incoming calls on International roaming, 3GB of data usage, 400 free minutes & unlimited SMS to India. Post expiry of free minutes, all local outgoing calls will be charged at Rs 3/minute – IP pack 4999 comes with 30 days of validity.

Airel IR pack 3999 is available only for UAE roaming. Free Incoming call benefit is unavailable here instead 400 mins of incoming call to come bundled. IP pack 3999 offers 400 mins of free calls & free SMS to India, 3GB of data usage and post-free usage a Rs 10/min outgoing call tariff for 30 days.

Airel IR pack 2999 offers free incoming call while on international roaming across Singapore. This pack come bundled with 400 mins free calls and free SMS to India, 3GB of data usage, post-free usage a Rs 3/min outgoing call tariff for 30 days.

Airel IR pack 649 is available while roaming on US, Canada, UK, Singapore & UAE. Airel international roaming pack 649 offers free incoming call tariff across US, Canada, UK, Singapore and 400 free minutes for incoming call across UAE.

IP pack 649 also offers 300MB of data usage, 100 free minutes & unlimited free SMS to India, along with post-free usage a Rs 3/min outgoing call tariff for US, Canada, UK, Singapore and Rs 10/min outgoing call tariff for Singapore. This pack comes with 1 day of validity.

Airel IR pack 499 is available only for Airtel subscribers while traveling Singapore. This is daily international roaming pack comes bundled with free incoming calls, 300MB of data usage, 100 mins free calls & free SMS to India along with Rs 3/mins outgoing call tariff post expiry of free minutes.

Airtel IR PackAvailabilityDataIncomingSMSOutgoingValidity
IR Pack 4999US, Canada, UK3GBFreeFreeRs 3/min30 days
IR Pack 3999UAE3GBFreeFreeRs 10/min30 days
IR Pack 2999Singapore3GBFreeFreeRs 3/min30 days
IR Pack 649US, Canada, UK,
UAE, Singapore
300MBFreeFreeRs 3/min1 day
IR Pack 499Singapore300MB100 minsFreeRs 10/min1 day

1 day & 30 day IR packs specially designed for international roaming subscribers who need to communicate India more often through both Voice & text. Airtel to announce 10 days international roaming pack shortly.

Airtel IR Packs : Free Incoming call Plans 499, 649, 2999, 3999, 4999
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24 Replies to “Airtel IR Packs : Free Incoming call Plans 499, 649, 2999, 3999, 4999”

  1. My airtel cell # 9910015362:

    For the next 6-7 months, I will be in US & Canada. Also now I am in Costa Rica & Nicaragua till may 24 and shall return to Canada on May 24. I don’t use ‘data’. I would like that my family in India can contact me on my cell and via SMS so should I be able to do within some limitations. Can you suggest a package? Thanks.

  2. Airtel cheating customer by giving False Information on Website: International Packs
    (Complaint reference number which is PR110800374)

    I was supposed to visit out of India on 11th November. I visited Airtel website on 7th November and recharged for Rs 3999 International Roaming pack online on their website for my number 9910304657.

    After sometine I was notified on SMS that recharge has been done for some domestic roaming pack.

    Thereafter I contacted Airtel customer care who informed that the international roaming scheme had changed on 4th November but their website was not updated till 7th November.

    Due to urgent travel I had to do international roaming recharge again separately on 11th November for Rs 2998.

    Now Airtel customer care refuses to refund my amount of Rs. 3999 to my bank account saying it is not possible. I also gave option to refund the amount in my Airtel money account which is also refused by the company (complaint reference number which is PR110800374).

    As this is their company mistake, I ask them to refund my Rs. 3999 to either my bank account or Airtel money account. What to boast of India’s Largest and Fastest Network if they cannot fulfill their existing customer needs and supportive on your own wrongdoings? To me it is equivalent to customer fraud (duping money from customer through misleading information on website) and is subject to legal action.

    I expect a speedy action on my complaint. Am I asking too much here?

    Tejinder Singh

  3. I want to visit Hong Kong & Macau on 6th dec. Plz tell me the international roaming plan for Hong Kong for 7days

  4. Hi Airtel team,
    I am Rakesh Raturi, staying in Thailand and travel India 2 or 3 times to India. Recently i purchased a package with phone no +917042138747, having email id.
    this is prepaid purchased through terminal-3, Delhi Airport with a receipt/ memo from Shiv Shakti corporate services Pvt. Ltd/ no. 16765 on 28th-nov-2017 with an assurance that the phone will continue to work.
    now i want to enable international roaming on it for incoming calls, SMS & outgoing call- once in a while.
    please suggest solution.

  5. I want to go at UAE Dubai for 7 daysI want a international roaming plan for prepaid air tel number 7715889405

  6. What is your tariff for prepaid-Kolkata(India) SIM if I would like to continue the incoming sms services only in Dusseldrof, Germany? Please let me know.

  7. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I want to know that if I am going to Indonesia for one month, then which plan will be fine for us to tell us for a prepaid card

  8. Vodafone is better than Air tel.. as vodafone is providing unlimited calls, messages and data as airtel is priving 500 min incomming and 500 min outgoing and only 5 gb data.. Its not that i am a vodafone subscriber but.. I wish I had vodafone number instead of Airtel

  9. I need international roaming package 60 day in Colombo Sri Lanka staying at ship anchor 10 miles from shore.
    Please advise me about package only incoming call roaming unlimited plan.

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