How to upgrade JioFi Firmware to Latest version

Once LYF launch latest Firmware for Jiofi, you can easily upgrade jiofi firmware for more features and stability on speed. Jiofi has no option to manually select LTE bands – Jio 4G speed is only available in Band 40 for now.

Jiofi has a lot of issue from function to features in current firmware version PEG_M2_B20 – Users get less control over customization where Routers under Rs 1500 gives more features & control.

Only solution to slow speed issue in Jiofi is moving device to a place where signal for LTE band 40 is strong. Issue will be fixed once Jio starts 4G speed on band 3 and 5, or LYF send firmware update to Jiofi.

Another two issues found on Jiofi are there is no option to put DNS address manually and MiFi module gets heated when device is working & charging simultaneously.

Jiofi firmware latest version

Jiofi latest firmware version is PEG_M2_B20 – Version will change once LYF send official update.

How to backup Jiofi firmware

No. You can not backup jiofi firmware file on version.

Only configuration backup & restore options are available under ‘Firmware upgrade'.

backup and restore jiofi configuration

How to upgrade JioFi Firmware to Latest version

Before heading over nest steps, Be sure to maintain following terms:

  • Latest version of jiofi firmware
  • Factory defaults logins (Check Jiofi box or test under battery)
  • Jiofi battery is 100% charged

Jiofi firmware download link will be updates once it's available.

Now follow steps below:

Step 1: Power on Jiofi and connect PC or mobile to Jiofi WiFi network

Step 2: Login to Admin panel : http://jiofi.local.html/index.htm

Step 3: Now select ‘Setting' tab then ‘firmware Upgrade' menu

Step 4:  Check installed firmware version under ‘Device Software Version'

Step 5: Select ‘Browse' option under ‘Software Upgrade' > Select location where jiofi firmware is available & select it.

upgrade JioFi Firmware to Latest version

Step 6: Click or Tap ‘Apply' button to start firmware upgrade.

This may take few minute – don't panic !

Once done, Jiofi will reboot automatically.

Step 7: Now, Hard Reset JioFi to Restore Settings Factory default

Step 8: Now connect PC or mobile to Jiofi WiFi network

You need ‘Factory defaults logins' to enter Admin panel for first time after system reset -Be sure to change it later.

Now follow JioFi Complete Setup & FAQ for advanced configurations.

You have successfully upgraded Jiofi firmware to latest version.

How to upgrade JioFi Firmware to Latest version
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60 Replies to “How to upgrade JioFi Firmware to Latest version”

    1. Hi Ash,

      Don’t do that at all until you get original firmware of Jiofi, otherwise you will end up visiting LYF service centers.

      We will update page once official Jiofi firmware comes out.

  1. My Jiofi device still showing software version as PEG_M2_B10. My device is Jiofi 2. So is there any way to upgrade my firmware. If possible then send the link to download firmware for it.

  2. Currently i have the firmware ” FXN_B4W013_R6.5_PLMN_LOCK ” in my JioFi2 device. I am facing a problem of not getting connected / synced to Jio $g Voice when i source internet thru jio fi 2 device to my smartphone.

    By trouble shooting i found out that my device has the problem with the current version. Please let me know if the next firmware update is avlb.

    1. i am also facing the same problem. please let me know if you are able to fix it or mange to get a firmware upgrade file.


  3. The default PIN of Reliance JioFi2 sim is 1234 ; wrong PIN will be allowed just thrice, so please be careful to know the right default PIN.

  4. My firmware is showing as PEG_M2_D01
    is the latest one or the PEG_M2_B01 the latest…

    where can we download the new firmware
    please guide

  5. On connection router to PC and going to Jio.local.html there is no mention of ‘Login’ in the right hand corner. Please help

  6. It seems that PEG_M2_B20 is the current firmware of jiofi. Then by selecting browse where I can find the updated firmware?

  7. the firmware of my jiofi2 router is Peg_M2_B10.
    when i try to update it, a message appears that “version check fail”
    please guide me

  8. This jiofi2 is so annoying it never gives even 10kb speed. I feel like I want to take a hammer and hit it over jiofi2 with my full power

  9. PEG_M2_B34

    please send file or link to work my reliance 4g sim on jio router firmware version PEG_M2_B34

    1. DEAR SIR



  10. sir, my jio wifi do not any work with mry camera DVR,sir please tell me about connectivity
    thank you

  11. i have a jio fi3 and the software version is “FXN_JMR540_R6.11”
    So, i would to get this software version again

  12. Please Provide the firmware for my jio fi 3 model no JMR540 current software version is FXN_JMR540_R6.11 please provide me the firmware link to unlock the device

  13. What’s the point of this if you won’t provide the download link? Don’t you think that’s the most important part? Seriously, anyone who is familiar with laptops will figure out how to update the firmware of a JioFi, it’s not much different from updating the firmware of _ANY_ router, be it cicso or dlink.
    Thank you for re-stating the obvious, and skipping the most important part. Bravo.

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