Zero Voice Tariff Plans & Voice Call Drop : Next Big Thing in India

Telecom operators are planning to launch Zero Voice Tariff Plans for subscribers after Jio announces free voice call for life, which assures a massive voice call drop in coming days due to fact that existing infrastructure are too outdated to route such massive voice traffic.

Jio announces to make all voice call free once subscribers opt in postpaid like monthly prepaid plan starting at Rs 149. This type of voice tariff would definitely destroy ‘Voice specific business' of existing telecom operators.

Subscriber will always prefer to use single plan offering both Voice & Data tariff rather recharging multiple Topups, Internet packs and Voice promo packs to have same benefits.


Next Big thing in India: Zero Voice Tariff Plans & Voice Call drop

Most of existing telecom operators are planning to launch Zero Voice Tariff Plans. These plans will bring free voice calling throughout the months, along the special offering for data & International calling.

Incumbent telecom players are blocking Jio calls because they can't handle such huge voice traffic coming from Jio and, such massive voice traffic also downgrading the services of their own subscribers, as per official statement.

Unlimited Voice call tariff under Rs 200 is very new in India – Due to high pricing of unlimited voice calling packs, few of few subscribers were using such packs which resulted no load on network.

Sudden load in system due to  launch of Jio ‘Preview Offer' or ‘Welcome Offer' helps Big telecom operators in India to discloses real capacity of routing Voice traffic.

Jio invested a lot to build network in such as way that company can easily upgrade infrastructure to 5G even 6G. Existing  telecom infrastructure become outdated but they have no plan to upgrade the notwork in next few years.

Upcoming ‘Spectrum Auction to be held on Oct 2016' will put pressure to existing telecom operators – Both Incumbents & Struggling telecom operators will try best to grab enough chunk of spectrum across both strong & weak circles to compete with Jio.

Existing telecom operators are going to have pressure from three sides:

  • Jio free voice call for life offer
  • Infrastructure upgrade to keep up QoS
  • Spectrum Auction 2016

If existing telecom operators launch Zero Voice Tariff Plans without upgrading existing infrastructure, Indian telecom operators are going to experience huge call drop in coming days for sure.

None can answer correctly whether Incumbents are blocking Jio call intentionally or unwillingly but truth Jio calls to Incumbents as well as struggling operators are being blocked everyday and, feedback for such issue from Incumbents is that infrastructure is no match for Jio's such huge voice traffic.

Zero Voice Tariff Plans & Voice Call Drop : Next Big Thing in India


  1. Initially Jio needs to concentrate on data And free calls within jio network. If cheap and best data available, it will get the big chunk of costamers. Because, the current trend is people spending more for internet than phone calls. The other players do not have infrastructure to provide good speed internet, unless they upgrade it.
    * people buy Jio for cheaper internet
    *people encourage family members and friends and co workers to buy jio for it’s free call within the network.

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