BSNL 10GB per Day Offer with FREE Voice Price Rs 249

BSNL offers 10GB data per day with free voice calls at Rs 249 for all Broadband subscribers. Now download 10gb data daily with speed up to 2mbps using BSNL broadband connection and make unlimited voice calls just by paying a monthly charge of Rs 249.

BSNL announced 2mbps Unlimited Broadband Plan 249 in September 2016 which usually gives 1GB download at 2mbps thereafter 1mbps unlimited. This plan got a massive revision in daily data & speed usage making plan very lucrative & value for money.

BSNL Broadband Offer 249

Constant 2mbps speed over Wireline internet for browsing social & regular pages, watching 460P videos & listening HD music is enough in daily life.

Leading Wireline broadband service providers are still costly even after the launch of Jio 4G plans in Wireless segment. BSNL already created a chaos with 2mbps broadband plan 249 earlier. Latest revision is result of that overwhelming interest from customers end.

1GB/day is history, BNSL goes one step ahead and announce 10gb per day plan in Wireline segment only. BSNL unlimited 3g plan 1099 without any restriction in speed & daily usage is also available for wireless subscribers.

BSNL 10GB per Day Plan 249

BSNL 10gb per day plan 149

BSNL landline broadband subscribers can now opt in BB249 plan to get 10GB data per day at 2mbps speed along with unlimited free calling to any number across India between 9pm to 7am except Sunday.

No limit in download or upload is applied in this plan. landline broadband subscribers can use 10GB data at 2mbps speed daily as well as call any mobile or landline numbers at free of cost from 9pm to 7am won working days and unlimited on Sunday.

BSNL 10gb per day Offer 249 in short:

  • 10GB @2mbps
  • Voice : Unlimited free to any mobile network or wireline number
  • Usage: Voice free from 9pm to 7am from Monday to Saturday, No limit on Sunday
  • Speed : 2mbps for 10GB/day
  • Valdity: 30 days

Post daily data usage subscribers can browse internet at reduced speed till the end of the daily counter. For more, Connect BSNL broadband support number 1800 345 1500 or visit nearest BSNL office.

BSNL 10GB per Day Offer with FREE Voice Price Rs 249


  1. Please explain in detail 249 we are using bb-bbg combould699cs85.
    Which is cheaper

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