Dear Jio, Please Stop Freebies and start upgrading Infrastractures

Jio seems not in mood of stopping freebies services but how long theses types of marketing strategy stand strong when QoS is in danger. To have lucrative freebie services basically free internet, more and more people are being enrolled under Jio 4G network every new days but a few of them are truly interested in continuing the Jio number when it comes to paid services.

Rapid increment in Jio subscribers base becomes possible only for the freebie services company has been offering for last couple of months continuously. With this rapid growth in subscribers base, average speed becomes slow day-by-day and, now-a-days, BSNL 3g becomes much faster than Jio 4g.

Providing freebies is very easy for a company whose main sources of income are GAS & Oil. It's very easy to have a lot of traffic or subscriptions in few days even hours by offering freebie or giveaway services – It's a proven tactics and working for long.

Jio is creating a new type of buzz every new days to keep subscribers coming and engaging in the network but, from last couple of months company only announces to upgrade infrastructure where outcome is under question.

Subscribers already a member of leading telecom operator have started leaving primary number due to unrealistic tariff plans and annoying money deduction methods. Lucrative freebies are not the primary reason for sudden rise in Jio subscribers base but it's the result of over-pricing strategy taken by leading telecom operators for long. A large number of subscribers are ready to pay for Jio services but plans are not according to subscribers need and as per expectation.

Jio failed to understand the amount of data a regular subscriber requires when it comes to paid services. Plan 303 offers 1gb/day where plan 149 offers 2gb/month – 1GB/day is excessive for many subscribers but 2GB/month is too little – Jio announces no 4g plans that offer 4GB/month or 10GB/month or so on. Most of the customers will end up using just few GBs per month when users is subscribed to Prime plans like 303 or 499.

1GB/day is a big gimmick !

Why ?

Subscribers need to keep eyes on data usage tracking constantly via MyJio app. Speed drops after 1GB which is very bad in case of emergency ! It leaves a bad impression on users' experiences.

This strategy won't last long when generating revenue from subscribers is concerned.

Usage based plans will help subscribers to spend data as per need. Subscribers will also make multiple recharges if requires. This strategy will not only saves subscribers money but also help network to stay free and stable.

Opponents are Dead !

Yes, true.

Airtel, Vodafone or Idea can not compete with Jio. If Rivals try to implement Jio's strategy either they will be choked by usage by their own subscribers or by the usage of subscribers from Jio (Point of Interconnections).

Jio is now free of opponents and can do anything for leading telecom industry to a direction that's profitable for company.

Dear Jio,

You can make a huge amount of revenue from subscribers in next couple of months if QoS remains healthy and, you don't forget the fate of rivals.

Rivals are upgrading network silently and subscribers are ready to take opportunities no matter where it comes from.

At the beginning, streaming 4K contents on Jio network was possible and, was smooth as well but things becomes different now-a-days, Subscribers are struggling to stream just 460P contents on YouTube.

Jio is updating tariff plans and new plans will come with a lot of freebies, no doubt.

Dear Jio,

You have a lot of money to spend on freebies but please don't try to collect the from customers. Bring something creative and value-for-money plans.


Dear Jio, Please Stop Freebies and start upgrading Infrastractures


  1. Another article misusing the right of free speech. I am not a jio company executive, but I think Jio have not forced anyone to take its connection. Moreover Jio is also losing customers post March 2017, about which other telecom operators are also aware of. Now your point on adding more towers, is a valid one. But then Jio has just started its operations, it will take some time. Considering the coverage of Aircel, Docomo and Reliance GSM, even after years of business. Jio is still a newbie. Please also don’t try to imagine that Indian consumers are fools. They still use Airtel and Vodafone Sims even though these companies fool them by charging Rs 250/- for just 1GB of 3G data. So please let the ball rolling. And see great competition ahead, and yeah you may too use the Jio sim its great and their service has also vastly improved.

    1. Dear Sam,

      Thanks for adding your personal opinion here.

      We appreciate your statements :

      ” ..misusing the right of free speech”

      “Moreover Jio is also losing customers post March 2017..”

      “But then Jio has just started its operations, it will take some time. Considering the coverage”

      And, Interesting one: “So please let the ball rolling.”

      Welcome Newbie, Go ahead and ‘see great competition’ !

  2. Jio Network is very poor . You can get signals in the house, Need to go to balcony to talk. (Like man climbing tree to talk in Monsoon Wedding)
    When you call other network , it does not connect , but when connected with another SIM , it goes through immediately.
    Jio Service is very poor in quality and appears it works on it’s mood. If you want any calls to be made and received, do not rely on jio. You have to have dual SIM with other provider
    Improve Quality of service

    1. Lol, I work and stay in Bangalore and I do not get signal for Airtel while Vodafone and Docomo have very weak signals making me go out of the house everytime to make calls. I get so many miss call alerts everyday because of the bad coverage. Complaints and requests to add towers over past 3 years never helped. Jio gives me much better reception here.

      One cannot just blame any operator just because their own experience is bad. No one can possibly give 100% reception, just find the one that works and stick with it.

      And I support Sam’s comments. The author then goes on to ridicule it which is really sick. If author has the right to express their own opinion then why cant the readers do the same?

      1. Thanks NotVisitingThisSiteAgain,
        for your great feedback.

        We always encourage users to express their own opinion. We are not blaming anyone or any company.

        Above article only expresses why QoS & healthy competition are necessary.

        We will request you to check this article carefully:

        Even RCom is in trouble ! as per link source.

        Paying for services we are using will not only helps company but also helps to improve infrastructure for the same.

        Ultimately subscribers are boss here & they have right to choose the best.

  3. Surely opponent may vanish, if reliance infrastructure raised. Company owner capable enough to lead telecom industry. no doubt.

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