How Airtel helps Jio to increase Subscribers

Jio finally launches 4G tariff plans for freebie subscribers but at the same time leading telecom operators including Airtel, Vodafone, Idea even BSNL have also started rolling out Data bundled Voice plans in 3g as well as 4g segments but Jio started getting the maximum benefits thanks to leading telecom operators for launching ‘Subscribers specific plans' which come with numerous hidden terms & condition.

Jio is only operator in India with straight forward tariff plans bundled with unlimited voice & quote (daily) based data usage, and without any hidden terms & condition. Jio maintains its transparency for tariff plans and there is no ‘User specific plan' which is why subscribers don't need to be afraid of unnecessary balance deduction or getting charged by any hidden terms.

With the launch of Jio official tariff plans mainly Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer, Airtel started rolling out unlimited voice accompanied by 1GB/day data usage for ‘Special users' with ‘Special Terms.

Unlimited Voice plans come with different terms as follows (example):

  • Unlimited ‘Local' On-net & Landline
  • Unlimited ‘STD' On-net
  • Unlimited All calls
  • Unlimited On-net

Few of above plans also offers 1GB/day data usage, 1GB/month data usage, 300MB/month, even 50MB/month 3g/4g usage. Roaming data charge, Data charge for network switch (3G/4G) and more such complains are coming ahead ever new days.

Airtel launches special offers with pricing such as 148(+/-), 345(+/-) & 349(+/-). These offers comes with little pricing difference but result a huge difference in offering if subscribers make a mistake during the recharge of the offer.

A huge number of complains appeared stating subscribers bad luck of not getting the desired offer with the plan they recharged, check here, also check.

Airtel is famous for its superior voice, wide coverage & stable internet speed which is why after ‘Jio tariff plans' officially comes ahead, a huge number of Airtel subscribers planned to stick to Airtel, the primary number, since the same offer (Unlimited voice & 1gb/day data) is also available in primary network.

Airtel unlimited Voice & 1GB/data plans are available for selected subscribers which is why if any subscriber recharge the same offer being not eligible for the offer will not be given the ‘Unlimited voice & 1GB/day data'.

Loyal Airtel customers are moving to Jio after being countered by such irritating offerings. Subscribers can recharge ‘Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer 303' as well as save some money while avoiding plans like 345 or 349 specially available from leading telecom operator.

BSNL, on the other side, becomes the primary opponent for Jio when data usage & speed are concerned. BSNL too launches unlimited (for on-net voice & 25min/day off-net) with 1GB/day or 2gb/day, even 3gb/day data plans. BSNL also comes ahead with unlimited 3g plan 1099 where no CAP in speed or data usage are applied at all.

BSNL improved network coverage as well as 3g speed in last couple of months, but Jio will lead for its true unlimited voice usage scheme, outstanding 4G coverage and transparent 4g tariff plans.

How Airtel helps Jio to increase Subscribers


  1. Airtel is well-known for looting subscribers with hidden/between the lines charges. Even after jio’ foray Airtel still following the old and original ‘dupe the customer” trend.

  2. My jio network is not available my location please slove it my is :odisha ,dhenkanal ,parjang,sanda,saraberani

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