List of cities for JioFiber Preview Offer [Updated]

Jio finally launches JioFiber Preview Offer for public access. List of cities for Jio Fiber Broadband offer is officially revealed. Fiber based 1gbps broadband service through wireline network is now open for public use across selected cities. Jio will add more cities in list in upcoming days.

Fiber based broadband services is already available in India but JiFiber is exceptional for its speed – JioFiber holds the power to deliver 1Gbps speed constantly and, test results have already proved that earlier. Demand for 4K contents is on high – JiFIber can help to stream 4K videos as well as stream 4K Gaming without any buffering or waiting. JioFiber Preview Offer not only offers ultra fast wireline internet service but also provides unlimited access to add-on packages bundled officially with the service.

Jio has been testing ‘Jio Fiber Preview Offer' for a long period but due to higher demand in 4G segment, JioFiber service remained hidden and, same service is going disrupt Wireline Internet segment in next few months.

TRAI announces new rules for testing telecom services in country. Jio will not make same mistake as did for 4G service. Subscribers interested for JioFiber Preview Offer need to wait few more weeks for getting ‘Jio Fiber Broadband offer' at their premises.

JioFiber Preview Offer

JioFiber is Fiber based broadband service where subscribers can get access to internet with a speed upto 1gbps. When Jio 4G can deliver 25mbps speed in average, JioFuber can easily deliver speed from 800mbps to 900mbps and more without any further issue.

Under JioFiber Preview Offer, subscribers can enjoy unlimited download & upload for 90 days (+/-) sung Jio Fiber Broadband service.

To stop misuse of bandwidth, Jio is silently expanding JoFiber services across selected cities and registration won't come easily as it requires official authentication from Jio.

This is a clear sign of ‘OnePlus Strategy : Invite based access to services', so subscribers interested in JioFiber need to hold their breath and keep eyes on ‘Press release' for getting the list of cities enrolled under next phased launch.

How to get JioFiber Preview Offer

Since service is still under beta phase, public access across India is under question !

Official announcement for JioFiber launch date to come shortly but before that interested users living in the cities listed under ‘JioFiber Preview Offer' can approach Jio through Twitter based customer care and share address with ‘Jio Support' to get a chance for enrolling his/her name.

If a customer becomes lucky enough hi/she will be contacted by ‘Jio Support' to exchange queries about devices, services & accessories.

List of cities for JioFiber Preview Offer

JioFiber Preview OfferMumbaitick-sign
JioFiber Preview OfferDelhi-NCRtick-sign
JioFiber Preview OfferAhmedabadtick-sign
JioFiber Preview OfferJamnagartick-sign
JioFiber Preview OfferSurattick-sign
JioFiber Preview OfferVodadaratick-sign
JioFiber Preview OfferChennaicross sign upcoming
JioFiber Preview OfferBangalorecross sign upcoming
JioFiber Preview OfferPunecross sign upcoming
JioFiber Preview OfferHyderabadcross sign upcoming
JioFiber Preview OfferLucknowcross sign upcoming
JioFiber Preview OfferKanpurcross sign upcoming
JioFiber Preview OfferKolkatacross sign upcoming

Remember to check list for cities those come under the ‘JioFiber Preview Offer' before contacting ‘Jio Support' for registering yourself for interested service, otherwise no queries will be fulfilled.

List of cities for JioFiber Preview Offer [Updated]

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