BSNL 4GB/day Plan 444 : Ookla, IDM & Torrent Speed Test Results

BSNL launches 4gb/day plan at price Rs 444 with 90 days of validity. BSNL ‘Chaukka 444 Offer' generated awesome ‘speed test result' which helps data hungry customers not only to save a lot of money but also enjoy 1200KBps+ speed on-the-go.

Using ‘BSNL Chaukka 444 Offer' subscribers can consume 4gb 3g data per day for 90 days from the date of activation. Once 4GB limit exceeds, Speed will become 80kbps only in theoretically but in reality you can download upto 4.5GB data without any issue and then speed drops as usual.

4GB/day is more than enough for Home use (Both personal & business). BSNL greatly improved 3g network in last couple of months which is why we achieved constant 1.2MBps during test and result is pretty constant.

bsnl 444 plan

BSNL 4gb per day plan is a great alternative to similar plans from Jio. For subscribers having no intention in spending much can opt in BSNL 333 plan which offers 3gb/day 3g data for 90 days.

BSNL also announced 3g unlimited plan 1099 which gives no limitation in speed or data usage for 30 days – This plan has one issue : BSNL restricts speed if a user consumes too much data and, no way to overcome this problem.

BSNL has a lot of blackout point where 3G speed is considerably poor – subscribers can easily fix this by lodging a complain via BSNL support and speed will work within 72 hours.

BSNL 4gb/day Plan at 444 : FAQ

BSNL 3g plan 444 comes with some exciting features and benefits over same offer from leading telecom operators.

Q: Price of BSNL Chaukka Plan

  • Rs 444

Q: BSNL 444 plan Usage limit

  • 4gb /day at 3g speed, then 80kbps

Q: BSNL 444 plan speed result

  • 1.2MBps (Test Result : 1200KBps+)

Q: Upload Speed in BSNL 444 plan

  • BSNL always rocks in upload speed, 3mbps+ upload speed is normal in most of the cases.

Q: BSNL 3G speed is very slow in my area 

  • BSNL improved services a lot, Just lodge a complain, speed will be working within 72 hours

Q: I'm getting 60 days validity with BSNL 444 plan

  • You might, as BSNL has different strategy on different circle

Q: Can I use bsnl 444 plan via HotSpot

  • Absolutely

BSNL 444 3g Plan Speed Test Result

It's bad that BSNL network is very poor in many circles but company has improved coverage a lot after Jio entrance and ‘Support' is also becomes up-to-dated now which means you can now simply lodge a complain to fix any issue across current service area.

BSNL 3G Speed test via Ookla

bsnl 444 plan speed test via Ookla screenshot 1

bsnl 444 plan speed test via Ookla screenshot 2

IDM download Speed on BSNL 3g plan 444

IDM speed test on bsnl 4g per day plan

BSNL 3G speed for Torrent download

torrent speed on bsnl 3g plan 444

BSNL resulted a great speed during test and speed is constant all the time. While most of the popular network restrict streaming speed BSNL has no limitation in speed no matter what the streaming service you are using even JioTv works great while using BSNL 3G via Hotspot.

If you are victim of BSNL low 3G spee, them simply contact BSNL support and company will upgrade infra within 72 hours. BSNL support got a lot of improvement now-a-days. Be sure to use small data pack and check current internet speed in your area if speed remain poor lodge complain > Save ‘Complain ID' > If speed improve only then recharge BSNL 444 plan or any other longer validity data denominations.

BSNL 4GB/day Plan 444 : Ookla, IDM & Torrent Speed Test Results

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  1. BSNl most towers are 2G
    Hence to get the benifit of these scheme they should upgrade mobile towers to 3G immediately to compete with others

  2. sad there’s no 7+mbps or 14+mbps 3g speeds

    most competitors are offering those speeds – and reliance is in a wholly different league of course

  3. Not 9. something download speed in my area..Oakla test in 3a.m and 4a.m in this time every network is very good..So speed test in 9p.m,11p.m and evening.I am a real user of BSNL

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