OnePlus 5 Review : Check This 3 Specs before Upgrade

OnePlus 5 successfully landed in India with pricing hitting highest of its kind. VoLTE phone with 8GB RAM is simply massive, Snapdragon 835 CPU is extra specs that blows mind while users playing with multiple app running in background but still OnePlus 5 missing some important things but one which comes into mind at first is the differences of spec between OnePlus 3/3T and OnPlus 5.

OnePlus 5 is equipped with three important hardware specs including 8GB RAM, SD835 CPU and Dual Camera (16MP+20MP) setup.

Question is : Do customers truly need all these setup for making mobile experience little better ?

Let's discuss things clearly !

Before jumping into review take a look at specs comparison table between OnePlus 5 vs OnePlus 3T

SpecsOnePlus 3TOnePlus 5
SimDual 4G StandbyDual 4G Standby
Display1080P AMOLED1080P AMOLED
GPUAdreno 540Adrenoo 530
Video1080P Recording4K Recording
Battery3400 mAh3300 mAh

If you compare OnePlus 5 specs with OnePlus 3T you can't find anything special for upgrading existing 3T to 5.

oneplus 5

Company simply launches new mobiles in hurry and going out of innovation this time : The devices from OnePlus have a lot of room for optimization, tweaking and tuning which further helps to make it best out of best. After the termination of agreement between Cyanogen and OnePlus , company failed to keep the quality bond between Hardware & software.

OxygenOS is great no doubt for Stock Android OS lover but this version of Android OS is no match for CyanogenMOD ! as long as performance is concerned.

What's new in OnePlus 5 ?


Company is promoting Dual Camera setup more and more but question is does OnePlus 5 has power to deliver the quality equal to the mobile (iPhone 7 Plus) it's following ?

OnePlus 5 comes with dual Camera setup on rear a 16MP along with a 20MP telephoto lens :  Customers are overwhelmed to have a additional 20MP camera but truth is 20MP is telephoto lens and will work when users shoot in Zoom mode. This camera helps to improve photo in Zoom mode. If 20Mp camera is neglected, Quality of OnePlus 5 is same as 3T except some DxO tweaks in effects.

The Bokeh effect which is achieved by tweaking two cameras got some issue with OnePlus 5. Edges in Bokeh becomes very fuzzy; Separation between target and background is very poor and Bokeh in users need to struggle to capture Bokeh in Low light conditions.


No doubt, Snapdragon 835 2.3Ghz has massive power and it's latest for now.  OnePlus showed how users can open multiple at a time and switch between them without losing loaded data at all. As per OnePlus ‘App Priority' feature “It keeps intrusive apps from harming performance or draining battery.” but company never told anything about what CPU clock would become while No app is running .

If SD 835 runs in background at 2.3GHz, OnePlus will become a heater inf few seconds, no doubt. ‘Heat management' in OxygenOS is very poor.


Some may deny that 8GB is gimmick !

6GB RAM in OnePlus 3T is enough, even benchmark showed there is minor differences in performances between 6GB & 8GB version of OnePlus 5. Rest of the performance is achieved from Snapdragon 835 chip.

Running 10+ apps in background will heat up device very quickly. If running multiple app simultaneously is not your primary concern then OnePlus 3T is most cost-effective choice till now.

Why ‘Never Settle' Strategy failed this time !

OnePlus ‘Never Settle' strategy failed this time !

Instead of making some innovative product which stands out of the market, onePlus started promoting its product by comparing specs with other.

OnePlus Dash charge

Simply amazing, no doubt. OnePlus directly challenges Galaxy S8 for quick charge competition. instead of adding more power (mAh) in battery, company reduces battery power and comparing it with galaxy S8 !

Even Mi 3S Prime has loads of power to deliver huge backup after a single charge where heavy users having OnePlus 5 mobile need to carry Dash charge every time for outing and, schedule a 30 minutes waiting for adding more juice in mobile.

3 Years+ to make this design !

OnePlus confessed that they have no access to full size display similar to Galaxy S8 this time. And, If they had, they would definitely launch full screen display with pricing touching the ‘Flagship Pricing' which further made it a ‘Flagship mobile' !

Dual Camera Setup

OnePlus 5 got two cameras for better quality regardless the lighting condition. Camera setup simply follows iPhone 7 Plus setup. Most of the OnePlus devices deliver great Still shooting in bright lighting condition.

This time company follows iPhone 7 Plus configuration and camera app is quite similar to iPhone Camera app !

OnePlus 5 has some issues with Bokeh and low light shooting and quality is average in most cases. OnePlus would definitely deliver some updates to fix this but how long those updates would keep coming !

Go for OnePlus 3T 

  • To save money
  • To have same performance
  • To have same camera quality
  • Even bigger battery and same Dash Charge

Go for OnePlus 5

  • To burn hard earned money on Defective Bokeh effect
  • To burn your hands
  • To satisfy yourself that you own 8GB RAM mobile ! (6GB/8GB benchmarks are quite same for v5)

OnePlus 3T is still a great choice if you are going to upgrade your mobile. OnePlus 5 with 6GB comes under consideration if SD835 is concerned but simply ignore OnePlus 5 with 8GB RAM to save some money if space is not an issue for you.

OnePlus 5 Review : Check This 3 Specs before Upgrade