Read This Before Buying OnePlus 5

Ready to buy OnePlus 5 mobile then wait till you end the reading of this article. OnePlus is famous for its ‘Value for Money' mobiles. OnePlus 5 is next flagship killer, no doubt. Dedication towards highly advanced devices and large community based OS optimization helped OnePlus to build such innovative devices but company has silently ignored few important aspects where consumers need great attention, since the launch of its first flagship Killer gadget OnePlus One.

Mobiles from OnePlus are truly ‘Value for money' gadgets. OnePlus 5 to come with attractive get up, powerful specs and massive power backup for both smooth gaming & quick multitasking.

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Full Specs of OnePlus 5 at a glance

  • Dual Sim 4G VoLTE mobile
  • 5.5 Inch FullHD Display
  • SD 835 CPU clocked at 2.4Ghz OctaCore
  • Android 7
  • 6GB/8GB RAM
  • Adreno 540 GPU
  • 64GB/128GB Storage
  • 15MP Rear and 15MP Front Camera
  • 3500mAh /4000mAh battery

OnePlus to launch version 5 in two variants (RAM/ROM) : 6GB/64GB & 8GB/128GB

Version 5 from OnePlus to become very popular for 30K budget users, no wonder. Few things where company had given a great attention are Camera, Sound, Display and Processing Power since the launch of its first flagship mobile : OnePlus One, which is still the king in many segments.

OnePlus wisely selected 30K segment where most of the leading mobile brands failed to impress its customers. With the launch of OnePlus 5 mobile, company is going to lead the 30K to 40K pricing segments where Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG are fighting with each other.

Why to buy OnePlus 5

Pricing : First thing which comes to mind while buying mobiles is ‘Price of the Device'  – When device from OnePlus are concerned, you can surely go for it, blindly !

Processing : OnePlus has always preferred high processing CPU for its gadgets and no exception for OnePlus 5 too. Latest Qualcomm SD835 CPU along with 6GB/8GB RAM and Adreno 540 GPU will come pre-loaded with v5 mobile.

Great Sound : After SoundFX, OnePlus integrated MaXXAudio : Both the audio enhancements produce a great quality of audio output over both built-in speaker and Headphones.

Worth the Price :  OnePlus mobiles are greatly tuned so that consumers can use its for next few years without any issue in processing or power.

Flagship Phone at Half of Price : When flagship phones are available above 50K pricing segment, OnePlus always delivers same devices with huge improvement in both hardware & software at half of the price of Flagship gadgets.

Why you should avoid OnePlus 5

Few support for accessories : OnePlus simply removes its accessories for older devices when a new device launches and, official accessories went missing from even online shopping sites in few months from the launch of latest OnePlus mobile.

Be sure to buy important extra accessories while buying any new OnePlus One mobile phone. This is official strategy to sell more accessories initially so you can't do nothing but purchasing extra accessories at the time of purchase !

Overheating Issue : OnePlus One always uses high end CPUs normally clocked over 2Ghz. Since the termination between Cyanogen & OnePlus 5, stable releases of CyanogenMod (Now Lineage OS) is dead, which normally helped OnePlus users to control CPU for heat management by optimizing CPU usage.

Most of the OnePlus mobiles are simply heater – This temperature heats up Camera  module most of the time no matter you are using Camera or not – which ultimately downgrade Camera quality in 11 to 13 months of its usage.

Huge charge for Hardware Replacement : If you damage or break any hardware, it will cost you a lot ! Both Lenovo & Mi charge less when services are concerned. Hardware for OnePlus mobiles are very costly and you will end up paying extra charge for additional repair while replacing or repairing something at OnePlus service center.

Just search OnePlus service centers and, call them one-by-one to ask ‘Screen replacement charge' (for example) you will get be shocked to hear different charges at different service point even in same City for same service !

Full Data LOSS during Service : Service centers will wipe whole data in the name of ‘Device Check up' even when you are going to replace just broken screen ! Data backup always recommend while using OnePlus mobiles.

No control over Service centers for service charge : OnePlus has officially fixed pricing of OnePlus hardware but ‘Service Centers' will charge you more no matter you show them official charge list. Worst thing is different service center will charge differently if you ask them to replace or repair same thing.

Limited support for OS (OxygenOS) :  After the termination between OnePlus & Cyanogen, OnePlus brought OxygenOS which is nothing but Stock ROM integrated with limited tweaks. CynogenMod is till great for its older devices. Heat dissipation is a famous drawback for OxygenOS. Even you can get Apple iPhone 6 at just 23K (FlipKart Special Offer) with constant 4 years of OS support but OnePlus simply forget it older devices when OS update is concerned !

Every electronics devices got some good and some bad review, For the case of OnePlus, if you buy new mobiles with additional accessories;  Never break any hardware, Even avoid long waiting of OS updates and, forget Camera overheating & quality downgrade problem then, OnePlus 5 would be the next most ‘Value for money' mobile for you.

Read This Before Buying OnePlus 5
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