Airtel Users Read this before using Unlimited Voice Packs

Airtel subscribers intended to opt-in unlimited voice packs are requested to contact support before activating any voice packs that offer unlimited calls to any networks.  Most of Airtel unlimited voice packs comes with some terms and condition while it comes to ‘Voice calling' towards other networks.

We are getting a huge amount complains from users suggesting other users under same network to avoid such packs because of hidden terms and conditions.

airtel balance deduction complain always encourages our users to check respected ‘Service Providers' before activating any of offers we specified here.

It's great to hear that a huge number of subscribers still have interest in Airtel unlimited voice packs and, they are activating packs instantly with its launch at a time when Jio already launched ‘True unlimited voice packs' for subscribers where no hidden terms & conditions are attached to pack by any means by start-up telecom company.

Most of current telecom subscribers can't leave their primary numbers due to fact that these primary numbers are connected to banks accounts, or mail accounts or social profiles and more.

Many of such activities always connect subscribers via primary number and it's hard for many of us to remember actually in how many services we used our primary numbers, even some services can not be recovered without using this primary number, Airtel.

unlimited voice plans terms

This happened because Airtel always helped subscribers to get superior internet service for long time but at over-priced rate and that's another story.

Even after the launch of HD voice thanks to VoLTE, subscribers are till loyal to leading telecom operators even these operators don't have any type of HD voice facility.

Final report is beyond imagination and mere pathetic. Many such customers still prefer Airtel and using newly launched voice packs to enjoy seamless voice and internet connection without knowing some terms and conditions are kept hidden there to make life exhausted !

Most of the Airtel unlimited voice packs are free to make unlimited voice calls through own network but voice calls to another networks are not actually unlimited free at all. Airtel usually offers 300* mins/day and 1200* mins/week in total voice time to make calls to other numbers (*Free minutes many vary).

Once subscribers reach this limit main balance will start deducting and complains start at this point.

Unlimited voice packs also come with some terms like :

  • Free across Home network
  • Free across certain limit
  • special charge across roaming
  • Data limit and charge across Home & Roam network
  • And son on.

Unlimited services are great as long as subscribers are fully aware of terms the plan attached.

We apologize for any damage that happened to subscribers balance for using some incomplete articles. Most of the telecom operators uses different types of plans and packs for different regions except Jio. Sometimes some of these packs include different pricing which is why it's hard to quota all the terms of any packs valid across multiple circles, at the same time and same article.

Most of users using this site have smartphone and it's great device to help you manage everyday works in efficient way. We always urge our users to muti-check plans before activating it on related mobile number.

We have come to know that many loyal subscribers using leading telecom operator are still facing famous ‘balance deduction issue' after using unlimited voice packs. We are pretty sure that such subscriber won't stick to such primary numbers any more !

A simple solution for you to avoid such balance deduction problem

Please check following methods to avoid any balance loss for using any type of plans having some hidden terms and conditions.

Sol 1: check Play store or Apple App store to down load official app and register yourself. Once you get some new info from internet open this app and double-check if plan is available for you or not.

Sol 2: Register an account at related operator's website and check available plans and packs for your number.

Sol 3: Once you get full details of availability of any plan/pack for your number connect operator support via ‘Customer Care' number obviously paid one. Always aks support representative to speak all terms and conditions clearly. The session during call to Customer care are always recorded and you can use this session to lodge a complain at Consumer Forum to demand any refund of repay.

Sol 4: Every telecom operators (Except Jio) have some IVR or USSD based support system where company announce new offers for customers and also display special offer or available offers. Cross-check this area to get more info on hidden terms.

Sol 5: Write your issue with all details or, Prepare an article for new offer available at your area and send us to this mail id : . We will check back and publish on with your name and related contact details.

We always encourage you to spend money on superior services. Always connect operators support system including Voice Care, Chat Support, Support-desk, offline-center or any other ways to be sure about terms of the offer that you're going to activate on your mobile number.

Airtel Users Read this before using Unlimited Voice Packs


  1. I need best monthly packs from airtel I am also not getting the 399 plan too my number I need 399 plan

  2. Airtel and jio has been in war from the very first day of jio’s launch however the recent announcement about T & C of Jiophone is heart Breaking as terms and conditions are really harsh

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